A year and a half ago, I only had two coats that I would wear all of the time, a black leather jacket and a navy pea coat. They ticked all of the boxes…so I thought. Fast forward to the present Carl and he is a little bit ‘coat obsessed’. How can I go from being content with wearing my navy pea coat with absolutely every outfit possible and thinking it looks great to having more coats and jackets than I have boxer shorts (I actually do!). What have I become? I blame Sophie. She is a coat person and has somehow brainwashed me into being the same, pea, trench, camel, shearing, denim, tick tick tick and now even one colour will not do. Because of course you need a denim shearling jacket in tan suede, black denim and mid-wash denim (insert manly hand up emoji here).

During AW15 I plan my outfits based on one investment piece and more often than not it is great coat. This season Zara have some exceptional jackets and coats for men and right now most are in their Winter Sale.

My outfit of the day comprises of a Zara window pane coat, a ASOS cable knit navy jumper which I brought a size too big so it could appear oversize. Finished off with ASOS black rip jeans and Topman black boots.



Photo Credit Sophie Milner


This season is the perfect time to try something different. As the sunlight is shorter therefore if you get it wrong, you can just hide in the shadows of darkness. For these reasons, I've attempted a double denim/double camel look for you. 

It seems like quite a while since I have done an outfit post, which is strange because I love autumn winter fashion. I have been buying more clothes than normal and naturally would want to show them off! 

There are a couple of men's clothing items that I'm seeing everywhere right now - online, on the high-street and designer showrooms. Those items are denim shirts and the camel overcoat so why not double them up and just see what happens! Making my double camel look complete, I have picked up a camel coloured bobble hat from ASOS, in fact all of the items I have used in this post are from ASOS, except the socks which are Hawkins & Shepherd.

Of course double denim is one of those subjects that can make most hardened stylist spill their skinny flat whites. In fact the other day whilst shopping, a guy in the queue behind me decided to comment on my style with "Oooooo double denim...bold" which was said not in a 'nailed it!' tone but in a 'you shouldn't have gone there' tone. Which made me think, although I'm a double denim addict, this actually isn't the norm - especially around Clapham. 

With DD, there is a couple of simple rules that I work on. The first is that the denim has to fit perfectly and secondly, do not match the same denim tones. So in this outfit-of-the-day what I have done is styled a dark wash denim with black washed skinny jeans.

Does the look work for you? I would love to hear your thoughts?



Photo Credit Sophie Milner