Like many relationships, its not over until, well, its over and summer is no different! It's NOT over people - be positive maybe an Indian summer is just around the corner (*maybe). I for one am not giving up, I actually refuse to. So to get you all in the same happy summery mentality I have put together this floral print look with some of my favourite pieces this summer. 

I know it is struggs when waking up to the same old grey cloudy days but thats what holidays are for. Do you really think someone from Rio, Monaco or Dubai has the same buzz we get about going on holiday...I think not! So if my weather predictions are incorrect take this look abroad, it is perfect.

Throughout Spring Summer 2015 (SS15) from the catwalks of London Collections:Men to the high-street labels, bold floral/tropical prints have been used in abundance. 

Floral prints are the main focus of this outfit yet I didn't want to over do it. For me styling prints on prints is a bit much...therefore I've opted for a plain pair of navy shorts from my favourite newly discovered brand The floral short sleeved shirt is from ASOS which is a white shirt with black stencil print and it even matches my floral tattoos...sorted. The bag is from Herschel purchased again through ASOS, again it's floral print and perfect for the beach. The look is finished off with my pair of Hudson Pierre tassel loafers which makes the look a tad more smart, although replace with some flip-flops or canvas trainers for a beach vibe.



I have been banging on for a while about a look which I call 'Summer Tailoring' which is in essence, wearing your suit attire as you would normally but replacing the trousers with tailored shorts. It's a simple look but looks great and is very versatile. 

Whether you are going to the races, a polo event, summer weddings or even out for an evening on holiday - this look is stylish, comfortable and different. This trend is very formal, however to give something extra to the look, incorporate prints and different fabrics such an linen.

The important aspects of this look are to pick a nice pair of tailored shorts, I prefer contrasting the colours between your shorts and blazer. Then a formal pair of comfortable shoes, my preference would be a worn in pair of brogues. For the more confident of us, go bold with a pair of colourful socks.

It looks like the designers at London Collections: Men have agreed and used this look in their SS16 collections. Above are from Richard James SS16 collection.

Above Left: Tiger of Sweden SS16 collection. Above Right: Margaret Howell SS16 Collection.

Above Left: Thomas Pink SS16 collection - this is a more casual twist on the Summer Tailoring look, but I have added it to show how versatile the look is.

Above Right: Oliver Spencer SS16 Collection.



Without sounding too much like a broken record, I love mint. Mint choc-chip ice-cream, mint aero, spearmint, peppermint, mint tea and especially that mint tea-tree shower gel that tingles your balls! More than all of that I love this Mint Extreme Cutaway Shirt that I have crafted for Hawkins & Shepherd SS15.

I love so many of the shirts I create but this one is my current favourite, the mint stripe is so subtle and the touch of peach on the last button hole goes so well.

In this post I wanted to show you how you can utilise one shirt both formally and casually. If you would like to read the 'Mint Green Formal Look' post, click on the picture below:



Being Summer, I think the subtle mint green in the shirt goes best with pale tones which is why I have styled the shirt with light jeans, a light grey cardigan, tan brogues and sea foam socks.

Does it work? Let me know your thoughts in the comments.



Hawkins & Shepherd Shirt | ASOS Jeans | Diesel Cardigan | Hawkins & Shepherd Socks | Tan Brogues

Photo Credit Sophie Milner


We all know that Spring can be a tough month to dress due to the changeable weather and with Summer creeping slowly into the picture it may be time to refresh your wardrobe with some new shirt offerings.

Spring and Summer shirts need to be breathable so you’ll have to choose the correct weave for the weather. My recommendation would be to go for a poplin weave, which is simple in design, light and breathable. Avoid heavy weaves such as herringbone or Oxford.

Now that I have saved you from those embarrassing sweat patches, it is time to work on your style. So make an effort guys, don’t follow the norm and always take pride in your appearance whilst feeling comfortable in what you are wearing.

Here are my must have shirt styles this season:

The Gingham check

Let the iconic gingham check take centre stage. This distinctive design is perfect for your Friday shirt as it looks great styled with a plain tie or unbuttoned during your well deserved after work pint.

Go Green

I’m not expecting the greens to light up any records in the polls but they get my vote for the colour of the season. Green has been the most underrated shirt colour for a few seasons but with luxury shirt makers Hawkins & Shepherd and Eton Shirts coming out with some beautiful designs, its time for change.

Prince of Wales Check

Often voted as one of GQ’s best dressed men, the Prince of Wales check is fabrics best dressed weave. Classic and versatile, this royal style should be in everyone’s wardrobe.

Bold Stripes

Evolution, from fine stripes to medium stripes, its time to go bold or go home.

Floral Prints

The marmite of shirts! These shirts will turn heads good or bad. Wear these styles with confidence and you’ll be fine.


I have been banging on about Spring Layering for a couple of weeks now, as we are in the months where we can have 4 seasons in one week. 

Think of your typical work day, how many times are you too hot or too cold? If you wear thin layers, you have the ability to control your body temperature in many situations easily with the added bonus of looking great - layering a t-shirt, jumper and a smart jacket always looks more presentable than a bog standard t-shirt and jeans.

With this look, I have tried to go for more casual layering and opting for brighter colours such as tan brogues and a yellow t-shirt, as well as bringing out my lighter shade jeans that only work in sunnier days.

I have two trench coats which are perfect for these colder mornings yet warmer days and today I opted for the navy in order to contrast against the jeans and with yellow/navy working well together.

Finally, I have gone for no socks. 'No socks with brogues'! is possible but only if they are VERY worn in. Don't be stupid and buy a new pair and wear them on day 1 without shoes as you'll be wearing flip-flops for a week after.


Vintage Tan Brogues Similar Here | ASOS Skinny Jeans | Topman Navy Trench Coat | T-Shirt Similar Here | Grey Knitted Bomber Jumper


It feels like spring is finally here in London. The sun’s out and the weather is definitely warming up, so what better time than to give your wardrobe a bit of a refresh. Here are my 5 must haves for men’s style this spring.

Lightweight jumper

Finally it’s time to say goodbye to chunky knits. Nobody wants to be getting hot and sweaty wrapped up in a heavy knitted jumper when you’re spending the weekend in a beer garden, so one of my must haves for spring is a lightweight jumper. Thin merino wool is an ideal springtime alternative and can easily be layered over a shirt.

Lightweight trench coat 

It’s starting to get a bit too warm for leather and it certainly feels like there’s no need for heavy wool blend coats anymore. My second must have for spring is a timeless trench coat. This is a classic menswear piece that nobody should be without. Shorter style trench coats that fit just below the hip are an easy option and look less formal. Beige will look classic and the neutral colour is ideal for springtime, but navy and black are other versatile and wearable options. It’s lightweight and easy to take off when you’re on the tube and hold in your hands for when things do get a bit warmer.

IMG_5538 copy.jpg


Heavier blend shirts need to be put to the back of your wardrobe in favour of lighter more breathable weaves for spring. Poplin is always a good option, or lighter cotton. Now the weather is warming up it’s easier to ditch the coat and just wear a shirt and blazer to work.

Roll necks

Just because it’s warming up doesn’t mean it’s time to ditch this classic knit. The key to making roll necks work for spring is by keeping the knit light and by not over layering. The roll neck works as a great alternative to a shirt under a jacket or blazer and was seen across major menswear shows for SS15 such as Louis Vuitton, Katie Eary and Alexander McQueen. Ditch the darker colours in favour of lighter shades of greys and neutrals.  

Desert boots

My final must have for spring is the Desert Boot. Lying in-between casual and formal, desert boots are an easy way to smarten up an outfit that would have looked too casual with trainers, or dress down a slightly more formal look. 

Men's Spring Layering

Men's Spring Layering


April is one of those transition months, where wind, rain and sun battle it out for supremacy. Then there is the dilemma between wether to have the heating on or off, the windows open or not. In fact March and now April are two months where I have been struggling between being so hot and sweaty that I can start to smell myself and too cold that my willy has gone into hibernation.

So it is important to dress with layers so you can strip off or layer-up depending on the situation. The key to my look is to choose lightweight fabrics. You'll see more lightweight trench coats making an appearance, as they are warm yet airy and perfect for the changeable British weather. 

When choosing a lightweight shirt, try to opt for a breathable poplin cotton weave. Layer that with a thin merino wool jumper and you have the perfect three upper body layers for Spring 2015.


Jack & Jones Boots | ASOS Belted Trench Coat | ASOS Merino Crew Cut Jumper | Blue Skinny Jeans | Hawkins & Shepherd White Shirt | Hawkins & Shepherd Black Tie