Dressing my age and not my shoe size!

By all accounts according to my parents, I was a bit of a whiney, crying, bad tempered little brat when I was young. One of the crackers I recall my Dad using all the time with me was "CARL, act your age and not your shoe size"...total Pete classic and I'll be using that one when I eventually have kids! Well I guess the same applies to what you wear too.

The above was an attempt to dress my age and not my shoe size, at an initial glance I didn't really like what I'm wearing here. However the more I look at it, I'm on the right track as there are good aspects to it. For example the top half is good, shirt, blazer, sunnies nice. 

I think the issue comes with the trousers, they were too loose, too long, I forgot my belt and the colour wasn't what I was expecting, so the shoes were swamped by them. Take this outfit, change the trousers with some desert coloured slim chinos or stone/grey ones and I think you are on to a winner.



Photography by Rebecca Spencer