Every so often I have to head out of the comfort of my Clapham home office into town for a meeting and I always struggle to know what to wear. London's office style is changing and it is no longer as simple as putting on a shirt, suit and shoes. With more traditionally corporate offices adopting casual-Fridays, some opting for no-tie smart attire, some smart-casual and others just wear what you feel comfortable in...it makes dressing for a meeting a bit of mission. 

On this occasion I was visiting digital design agency Vitamin London to discuss some major changes to the ascetics and functionality of my website hawkinsandshepherd.com. Digital, creative...hmmm...that sounds casual right? Probably but then again I don't want to turn up looking like I haven't made any effort and after all I have another meeting afterwards in a traditional office block. What to do? 

More often than not, we worry about things that actually don't matter much at all and this meeting was one of those occasions as Jacob (Vitamin's Founder) greeted me in a floral bomber jacket over the top of a navy check shirt (see above images). Talk about creative!

What I tend to do is dress in dark black jeans with no rips, or a pair of slim-fitted fashion trousers, what I mean by fashion trousers is not just a pair of baggy trousers that you wear with a suit but instead a tailored pair of grey prince of wales check for example. Shoes, but a type that can bridge the gap between smart and casual, like a pair of brogues. Then a button-down shirt as it is the perfect shirt to look smart but also casual with the sleeves rolled, lastly a big long smart overcoat. You might feel a little over dressed for the most casual and fashionable offices. You might also feel too under dressed in a hedge funds head office but generally speaking you'll tick all the boxes. Now just concentrate on the meeting itself!