Why is the Trench Coat Perfect for Spring?

Like a girlfriend that's been on holiday or a car that's been in the garage, when you get them back into your live you feel comfort, warmth and excitement. Thats kind of how I feel when spring time hits and I pack away my wool coats and unpack my lovable trench. But what makes the trench coat perfect for spring I hear you screaming out!

Take today for example, freezing in the morning, yet when the wind eases it feels 10 degrees warmer. In the afternoon it rained every 15 minutes in-between bright uninterrupted sunshine. Then just as you think the weather couldn't get weirder, it thunders and rains massive hailstones and as I look out of my window now, it's sunny without a cloud in the sky! 

The trench coat is always lightweight, always on trend and always sophisticated. The lightweight nature of this coat makes it perfect in spring when layering your clothing. Most trench coats have a cotton mix fabric which keeps it breathable and quick drying if you get caught in an April shower. If you prefer a more durable, water proof jacket the mac coat could be a better option. The trench coat is also easy to pack away in your bag when the spring sun comes out and you need to take layers off.

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Photography by Rebecca Spencer