Just For Men | Tips, Q&A and a New Product Release at the Gentleman's Grooming & Lifestyle Show

Just For Men were the proud sponsors for The Gentleman's Grooming & Lifestyle Show that was hosted at the Old Truman Brewery last weekend. It was a truly a memorable event, galvanising so many grooming experts and likeminded individuals. 

It almost felt serendipitous that it happened on the weekend when there were no premier league games. For one rare lunar eclipse in the football calendar men had to find other modes of conversation and Just For Men offered a tremendous landscape for us to converse, share tips, beard-enlightenment I'd like to call it. 

Just For Men were just one of 50 Exhibitors that varied from fashion, male beauty and surgical cosmetics. 

Carli Q+A.jpg

We were given a live demonstration by Just For Men ambassador Carlie Firth of RUGER barbers. A man that had an uncanny resemblance to a bearded Jake Gyllenhaal sat patiently as Carlie weaved a Just For Men Moustache & Beard application brush evenly through his beard. 

At first I was slightly bemused as to why he needed any treatment at all. The gentleman's beard was not grey. But as Carlie proceeded to highlight, it's not just grey hair that some guys could do with addressing.

Someone with a light or pale beard will also benefit in having their beard enlivened with a richer colour. As you'll see in the before and after pictures, the beard looks richer, thicker and healthier.


Bonus tip

If unsure on your shade, go for the lighter option first - you can always go darker later on.

Just for Men Beard Products.jpg

New Products

As well as the traditional Just For Men Moustache & Beard and the Control GX grey reducing shampoo and conditioner that I was kindly gifted at the event, I also got my hands on the brand new Just For Men Best Ever Beard Oil. 

It smells fantastic and feels like it was engineered specifically for me because it delivers a high performance solution for managing and manipulating course facial hair. Made from natural oils, with Jojoba oil, Eucalyptus, Rosemary and Vitamin E. Keep an eye out for this one, a great gift for someone looking to promote their grooming game.

Any tips? 

After the demonstration the VIP's (yep, I made it passed the velvet rope) I attended the Q&A to get some useful tips from Carli. 

Q> How much beard oil should I use? We all have varying lengths of facial hair and I'm always mindful of not putting enough in, or too much? For a medium length hair like mine how much should I apply? 

So after you've applied the Just For Men Best Face and Beard Wash Ever and Best Beard Conditioner Ever, you should apply the beard oil by hand. It's always down to personal choice on how much you apply. Some people like having the oil enable a glistening beard, but bear in mind the oil is designed to be absorbed by the follicles. 

I normally recommend 3-4 drops of the Just For Men Beard Oil as a starting base, for dark beards like yours (mine) I would say start at 4 to give it a shine and lift. If it has too much glow then reduce as required but always spread evenly and apply last in your grooming regime. 

Just for Men Products.jpg

Huge thanks to all the team at Just For Men for inviting me down to the event. I certainly hope the Truman Brewery will play host again next year and I recommend every man come down, there's something for everyone. 

 *This sponsored post was created in collaboration with Just For Men.

American Crew Introduce ACUMEN | Premium Men's Grooming Products

It's not every day you get to meet a legend. But it's been something of a 'meet the legend week' for me so far. Check out my blog post about my night at the GQ Awards, but for now let me talk about meeting David Ruccuglia, the founder of American Crew! 

One of the most charismatic, unassuming, yet at the same time wildly fascinating and gregarious souls I've yet to encounter. David started American Crew mixing products in his house, playing a various assortment of fragrances and scents. The backstory reads like a Roald Dahl novel (Georges Marvellous Medicine reference there for you Millennials) and he struck gold when he went to Japan and chanced across a water based pomade that didn't exist back in the US. 

The US pomades long ago were very greasy and you commit to several washing to get the residue from your scalp. Not a pleasant experience. With this discovery David began his obsession with male grooming and launched his Brand American Crew in 1990. 

Since then American Crew's styling products have all centred around the expression of excellence and attaining masterful poise the American Crew acumen assembly of products was created with the successful man in mind.

Cue the music and the dry ice, tonight Matthew, I'm going to be Mr Success. (Rapturous applause). That at least was the inner dialogue as David snapped away. Can you believe he was taking pictures of me? The day couldn't get any more surreal. 



American Crew introduce ACUMEN

I'm already a huge proponent of American Crew grooming products, so was buoyed by the news of a new product launch; ACUMEN,  a line of scientifically formulated products with proprietary ingredients to fit a mans grooming needs, available exclusively in Selfridges

American Crew, the official supplier to men, is proud to announce the latest innovation in men's personal care.

'As the official supplier to men we hope to inspire men to groom with confidence each day,' said David. 'Acumen brings a level of sharpness, sophistication and aspiration to the skin care beard grooming and body care routine.'

Being the unyielding gatekeepers to Grooming tradition, the Acumen collection  of grooming and skincare products are formulated exclusively for men who have specific issues and needs due to their male hormone levels, oily skin, thick skin, large pores, sweating and the inevitable dreaded ageing. 



What's so different about Acumen? 

You might want to know a couple of the ingredients so I've sketched some down for you. The Acumen products contain both Vitamin B5 and E and are fused with superior performance hyaluronic acid, ginger root extract, bisabolol and cranberry extract to increase blood flow retain moisture fight free radicals. How do you like those apples?

In total there are 15 products in the range specifically engineered to fit a man’s tone texture and grooming needs designed as a regime of 4 steps covering shower, shave care and style. 

Introducing the Evo Square Pucks | Men's Haircare

These past couple of weeks I've been road testing some of the professional hair products from EVO. Recently EVO have revamped their packaging and dispensed with the cardboard boxes and round packaging and have introduced a new and improved square look for box o’ bollox, cassius, crop strutters and the newly formulated casual act.

(Box o' bollox eh? Sure why not I'll have a box o’ bollox please. It sounds better if you order it in a Noel Coward voice). 


Who are EVO? 

EVO hold a strong party line on innovation. They manufacturer with individuality and integrity; and want to be seen as a manufacturer that speaks the truth. If Abraham Lincoln was around he'd be calling EVO a professional hair product by the people, for the people. Of course he'd need to take off his top hat for the promo adverts. 


Do they have organic ingredients? 

I know it's all the rage, we have to know exactly where everything is sourced and precisely how many monkeys were killed in the process of making it.

I'm happy to announce no animals were harmed, in fact you’ll find certified cruelty free products that are gluten, sulphate, paraben, dea, tea and propylene glycol free.


What other products are in the EVO range? 

Aside from the aforementioned box o’ bollox, you'll also find cassius, crop strutters and the newly formulated casual act. Box o’ bollox, (I can't stop saying that, I do hope Googles spiders won't be punishing me. Away with you Google spiders, go knock on Tom Ford's door. He's got real swear words in his perfume range) cassius and crop strutters contain the same great formulas while causal act has undergone a complete revamp. think better shape, better formula.


My thoughts on the EVO range

I'm pro saving the planet, like the move guys. As far as the products go I also like how it's water soluble, non greasy. The new formula provides increased separation, almost reupholsters my hair with texture and style versatility.

They are fairly ubiquitous these days. Readily available in most reputable salons.


The La Mer Moisturiser Products that are Perfect for Summer

La Mer Products 2.jpg

These past couple of weeks I've been experimenting with the latest La Mer moisturiser. As a side note, the bathroom shelf has become overrun with products of late. The products that I'm becoming inundated with have now started to bleed into other areas of the house and shortly I'll need a conversion to accommodate them. But how about that? Not just a wardrobe for clothes, but a walk in wardrobe for grooming products. 

I digress. 

Anyone knows anything about La Mer, knows they're an indomitable force in the moisturising market. In March they announced the release of their latest innovation The Moisturizing Cool Gel Cream. As with all La Mer products, the Moisturizing Cool Gel Cream features La Mer's signature ferment, the Miracle Broth, as well as the powerful antioxidant the Lime Tea Concentrate, which helps defend the skin from environmental stressors such as pollution.

La Mer Products 1.jpg

Since its inception, La Mer has incorporated the renewing powers of the Miracle Broth in all of its products. Designed to leave the skin with an even and balanced looking complexion. Its worthy to note that they have decreased the percentage down to 5% from 10% for this product, which might not sit well with some of La Mer's ardent fans.

Anyone that has been reading some recent grooming product reviews will discover I've got a somewhat unstable fetishism for an emollient. Will it manage to penetrate your pores and hydrate your skin? Or simply sit on top of your skin and claim squatter’s rights? 

As I'd expect for the price point it does penetrate well, it does enrich and has calmed some mild blemishes I've experience recently. (Easter Eggs take their toll people). It has a citrusy finish, which is satiating but not as pleasant as the Aesop Mandarin Facial Hydrating Creme, believe me it’s yet to be usurped in the great smelling moisturiser department.

I'm not entirely sure if this is designed for oily skin or people prone to bursts of acne, I haven't seen indications or slug lines from the campaign telling me so. So I'm dubious of some of the product reviews on the La Mer site. However, I will say the adverts featuring Kate Hudson are seriously highfalutin. Reminds me of those empty calorie signs you'd see hanging in corner coffee houses reminding you to smile and the world will smile with you

La Mer is really the Mike Tyson of Moisturisers, you might not like all the publicity surrounding him, but he does all his talking in the ring. Not sure if that analogy works but I'm sticking with it. 



HOUSE 99 Male Grooming Products Created by David Beckham in Partnership with L'Oreal

HOUSE 99, is a complete collection of 21 grooming products created by David Beckham in partnership with L'Oreal.

'Lovely party, pity I wasn't invited'. Remember that from Ace Ventura? That would have been me watching every other blogger under the sun attend the launch of David Beckham's new grooming range House 99 on my social news reel if I wasn't invited, lucky I was! The launch was down in Knightsbridge earlier this month, but I didn't get time to trial the products on the night so I've decided to try out some of his new products over the last couple of weeks and create a more meaningful review.

What's with the name? 

The name 'House' is his idea of community and 99 is the year when he won the treble for Man United, got married, had a child (Brooklyn) and it also mirrors his philosophy that we can always do one better.

It's not a question of why has Beckham released a grooming range, more like why has it taken this long? When you think the male grooming industry was worth $50 billion in 2015 and has seen steady incremental increases since then. I know from personal experience that the grooming reviews and vlogs draw many people to my site. US online magazine Primer that writes about practical style and grooming advice for young men boasts numbers like 1.5m monthly page views. So there is an audience, has been for quite a while. It belies his seemingly omnipresent persona, but it could be a genuine case of Becks simply not having enough hours in the day to do everything. Why hasn't Becks played James Bond? Why hasn't Becks released a rap album? Why hasn't Becks saved the rainforest?

House 99 by David Beckham.jpg

So let’s get one with some product reviews. Up first:

Smooth Back Shaping Pomade £15 90ml,

According to Harvey Nichols this is a personal favourite for Beckham who cites 'there is no shine to speak of, which is important when you’re looking to get a natural look, and the hold is good. It’s very thick, so a little goes a long way.'

The packaging isn't as bad as other bloggers have made out. I saw quite an excoriating review by another blogger on the packaging and it's really surprised me. In my mind it's inoffensive, passable, risk averse. It's not as perfunctory as LQD or as lavish as L'Occitane, it's middle of the road, where it should be for this price point.

There is a slight scent but by no means invasive, very creamy to the touch and easy to apply. I got some good definition and as it's water based it was easy to wash out. However, after about 6-7 hours it ran out of puff and lost some of its lustre. It doesn't hold like a wax and a pomade won't, but it's something to note if you're thinking of going straight out after a day’s work.

Going Big Thickening Daily Shampoo 250ml

This shampoo is infused with styling polymers; designed to instantly purify and thicken hair. It has peppermint notes and comes out black (that's the charcoal) which is a funny colour for shampoo but gives the verisimilitude of containing something 'sciencey'. Truth is, and I hate to brag, but I have a lustrous head of hair, thus it's not a product that really speaks to me. I'd be interested to know why there isn't an accompanying conditioner with this also? Take two bottles in the shower? YES. DO! It makes sense, always has.

Bold Statement Tattoo Body Moisturiser 

David Beckham has 40 tattoos! One every year, where's he going to put them when he runs out of square footage? I've only used the Tattoo Body Moisturiser for a couple weeks and it's hard to tell if it's had any effect reviving any discolouration on my tattoos. I'll be honest and say it's imperceptible if it has, but it's a non-greasy formula, attacks the skin well and doesn't feel like I need to jump back in shower to get the residue off. It's a spray lotion, with SPF 30 so will protect you against the elements.

That’s it for now, if I get any more products from House 99 I’ll be sure to review them here. I’ll be interested to know if you have any thoughts, maybe you’ve tried a few. Let me know in the comment bar below.

Introducing the New Redken Brews Grooming for Men

It is fair to say that the male grooming category is booming at a faster rate than ever expected. Yet with new men's haircare and skincare ranges launching monthly, the competition is greater for the brands in that sector. As a consumer, this level of competition is a good thing as it means lower prices, better quality products and more money invested into developing unique new formulations. One of those new male grooming ranges launched is the new Redken Brews collection. 

The new Redken Brews grooming for men range is considered a one-stop-shop for men's care, as their range caters for all the man areas such as style, colour and skin. Redken Brews is a New York crafted and barber inspired range of 4 new hair cleansers for everyday use. 7 new styling solutions for everyday use including a hairspray. 2 new skincare solutions including a beard oil and shave cream. In addition, the Redken Brews range now includes Camo colour shades (available in 5 shades) for men. Camo is a no foil, no fuss five-minute colour service for men who want to camouflage greys, not colour. 



Top 7 Skincare Products as Recommended by Menswear Bloggers


We can't be too hard on God. It's what happens when you try and take something as wondrous and complex as the human body from concept to market in a single day. You might forget that we'll need identical thumb prints so we can unlock our iPhones with both hands. That Appendix thing? Yeah no need for that cheers. Oh and why haven't we got a built in moisturiser for our face? Oh we have? Sorry, yes of course, as you were God.

That's right, our body is clever enough to produce its own moisturiser in the form of this fat produced by the Sebaceous gland, a small oil-producing gland present in the skin of mammals. (Check out the brains on ..... Wikipedia).

However, we strip our natural oils when we use detergent cleansers on our face, or when our glands are under performing or when we just like to compete with the missus for time-territory in the bathroom.

So I've done the honourable thing and got my mates to research the best moisturiser on the market right now. Or moreover, what works for them. Here are the Top 6 men’s moisturiser as recommend by menswear bloggers.

My Recommendation - Carl Thompson

Personally the most important step of my skincare regime is eye care and I think the majority of men would agree. Reducing puffiness and dark circles under the eyes is something that I would spend good money on a product that can help with this issue for many men. I’ve used many eye creams and this Phormula 3-9 eye repair from Erno Laszlo is my top pick due to the luxurious, rich, silky texture and it’s smooth finish.

Craig Landale - MenswearStyle

I got married last year and went to South Korea as part of my honeymoon. I was amazed with the skincare game in Seoul, with a facial bar on every corner. They certainly seem to be ahead of the curve over there when it comes to skincare. As a true tourist I picked up a few souvenirs from one of the most prominent skincare stores 'innisfree'. This serum is so good for my skin that I recently asked one of my friends who was working in Seoul to bring back a bulk amount of the stuff. Craig Landale - MenswearStyle

Adam TanousThe Dapper Chapper

REN V-Cense Revitalising Night Cream is the product I’ve used consistently on my face for a while now. It’s designed to recharge and intensively hydrate the skin overnight and is suitable for all skin types. An indulgent way to finish the day. Adam TanousThe Dapper Chapper

Charlie Irons - Man About Town

In the colder months there is less moisture in the atmosphere and your skin can become dehydrated, dry and flaky.  To add insult to injury, the heating in your office and at home can further create problems and ultimately dry things out even more.  All this means your skin is constantly fighting a battle against the elements and it's important you 'equip' it with some firepower to fight back. Charlie Irons - Man About Town

John Robertson - The Everyday Man

At the moment, I’m using Gentleman's Tonic I went for a facial a couple of months back and the therapist told me I was using the wrong things on my skin. I was exfoliating too much and using a very thick moisturiser. On her recommendation, I switched to this and have already seen a positive improvement. My skin feels firmer and looks a lot healthier. John Robertson - The Everyday Man

Peter Brooker - Human Research

I once got sent a load of Aesop stuff for a review article. I wish I hadn't now because this stuff is like Moisturiser Heroin. I've blitzed through the samples now and will shortly have to be forking out real money to keep this much needed ritual going. It has lime extract which just makes my grill smell like a citrus farm. I've leant it to a couple of mates on various events and stag dos and they're hooked now. Does that me a peddler? I guess so. Peter Brooker - Human Research

Ben Heath - Twenty First Century Gent

This is by no means my complete guide to grooming, but the final product that I use religiously in my five-minute daily routine is the Tom Ford Anti-Fatigue Eye Treatment. Physiologically, it helps to reduce puffiness around the eyes, and psychologically it leaves me feeling alert and mentally ready when I leave the house. Ben Heath - Twenty First Century Gent

The Ultimate Shaving & Grooming Experience for Men

With so many men’s grooming products on the market these days, how can one tell what the hell he is buying and is it really any better or different from all the other shaving and grooming treatments out there? Well in all honesty, it is very difficult to know without buying up like-for-like products from every brand and physically testing each one but that will hurt your bank balance and of course reduce your time doing something meaningful like seeing friends and family.

I personally looked into launching a men’s grooming range about 5 years ago and was going to be something unique which meant spending money on formulations and testing. And people, trust me it costs a lot and it takes a long time, there’s formulations, testing and licensing to overcome before finally launching. So what you’ll find is that a lot of the newly launched men’s grooming brands claiming to be the next big thing are actually just a repackaged version of the last ‘next biggest thing’ with just a different fragrance added and of course different branding. This means that a new brand’s route to market is significantly reduced however without a USP, your product is basically just branding and marketing. 

With this in mind, when choosing your favourite men’s grooming products, simply choose something that .1. You can afford .2. Does the desired job .3. Has a fragrance that you like and .4. A brand that has a story or history that resonates with you. For me that brand is The Bluebeards Revenge, a no-nonsense men’s shaving and grooming brand whose values and products I admire.

Men the world over (and more in the last few years!) have had to share a common problem of how to tame that beard. For some it’s a daily battle, for others weekly or if you are my best mate Bodger, you’ll just have to step outside on a windy day and that solves his shaving woes…sorry mate! The Bluebeards Revenge has a massive variety of products from hair to moustache, beard to body and everything in between, making your morning routine as streamlined as possible whilst leaving you smelling and feeling your absolute best.

Here are some of my favourite products from their range, so why not give them a go.


NEW: Lynx & Radox Instant Shower Foams

Who said "guys can't multi-task" as I sit here typing one handed, drinking a coffee and listening to a recorded Match of the Day, have some of that! Lets be honest, multi-tasking is a way of life. How many times do you wish there was more than 24 hours in the day to fit in everything you need to get done? We multi-task in every aspect our lives, watching TV whilst swiping on Bumble, voice-noting friends whilst walking your dog or naughtily doing your weekly food shop online whilst in a boring presentation. So why not take this one stage further by letting your shower routine work harder for you with this new multi-tasking product from Lynx and Radox.

We've all heard and used Lynx and/or Radox products in our lives and I'm certainly in that group. Lynx have reinvented themselves with two new incredible scents and offering men an exceptional shower product that can be used everyday. Radox shower gels have always been my go-to choice due to the price, quality and the massive range of products...they also smell great too. I can see these products working extremely well in families where the morning bathroom time is hectic with kids getting ready for school and parents for work. Invest in a variety of Lynx and Radox shower foams and you'll have fragrances for every personality and maybe even shave off minutes your the morning routine.

The Lynx and Radox shower foams are formulated as a 3-in-1 masterful product, clean, shave and smell great. Shave minutes off your morning routine and leave feeling and smelling incredible with their new scents:

Lynx Gold:

A sophisticated scent of oud wood and fresh vanilla.

Lynx Copper:

A powerful scent of bergamont and sandalwood.

Radox Feel Vibrant - Blood Orange & Ginger:

An instant energy boost. Feel upbeat and vibrant all day.

Radox Feel Vivacious - Apple Blossom & Cranberry:

The uplifting choice. Feel vivacious and outgoing all day.

Radox Feel Bright - Mango & Mandarin:

The zesty choice. Feel bright and breezy all day

New Radox Shower Mousse.JPG

Grooming at Home with Ted Baker & Ted's Grooming Room

When you find a great barber, keep them, cherish them and trust them...do not cheat on them, just watch the parody video below and you'll realise why! The service that I received on my recent visit to Ted's Grooming Room in Covent Garden was absolutely top notch and one that would keep me a customer forever. Over time I've built a great relationship with Ted's Grooming Room and my barber Bruno (book him, trust me!) so when Ted Baker develops a grooming range I trust them to deliver an exceptional collection. They'll use in the collection in their barbers as well as in Ted Baker stores for you to purchase to use at home. I trust they have created something incredible, with their customers at the fore front of the product design.

Firstly lets look at the product packaging, which takes inspiration from the traditional barbershop pole with a luxurious update with metallic chevrons, contrasted against a pearlised base that leaps off the shelf - making it look great in your bathroom or bedroom at home. The collection itself includes shave gel, cologne, hair & beard shampoo, face wash, moisturiser, beard oil and hair mud. Infused with ingredients inspired by the ancient Ottoman Empire, this performance-led treatment regime by Ted's Grooming Room has been authentically crafted to recreate the master barber experience.

The collection has been perfected in London with a emphasis on the traditional Turkish shave, using powerful, naturally active ingredients to transform the grooming ritual.

Ted’s Grooming Room range includes:

COLOGNE, 200ml, £40 Inspired by the traditional Turkish aftershave, Ted created an invigorating cologne to complete a shave and turn heads. Top notes of grapefruit and lemon are balanced with leather, black pepper, amber and musk to deliver a clean, masculine scent that lingers long after shaving. Salon tip: Splash face post-shave to close pores and prevent razor burn.

MOISTURISER, 75ml, £18 This lightweight moisturiser absorbs quickly to leave skin feeling soft and hydrated. Sour Cherry fruit oil and Moringa extract help to protect skin cells against ageing and everyday pollution. Suitable for all skin types. Salon Tip: Use post-shave to calm and protect skin.

HAIR & BEARD SHAMPOO, 300ml, £15 Ted’s Hair & Beard Shampoo offers a thorough cleansing and conditioning treatment. Aloe Vera and cumin seed extract help to protect the sensitive skin beneath beards while taming follicles for a smoother, more nourished texture. Salon Tip: Leave on beard for 1-2 minutes for extra softness.

SHAVE GEL, 200ml, £18 Ted’s moisturising Shave Gel is formulated to deliver a close and comfortable shave. Containing antioxidant vitamin E to help moisturise and reduce razor burn, this active gel leaves skin soft and fresh, while an invigorating scent of citrus and spices energises the senses. Suitable for all skin types. Salon Tip: Wash face ahead of shaving to open pores and soften hair.

BEARD OIL, 45ml, £20 Ted’s Beard Oil leaves beards at their best. This lightweight formula with Meadowfoam seed and Jojoba Oil softens and smoothes facial hair while moisturising the sensitive skin underneath. Salon Tip: Ideal for twirling moustaches.

HAIR MUD, 100g, £14 Ted’s Hair Mud offers a firm, lasting hold and matt finish to shape and define hair. Cumin seed extract and olive fruit oil help to improve hair health, while adding texture and style. Salon tip: Style hair when wet for a naturally textured finish.


GROOMING AT HOME...Coming soon.

The range will be available from at all Ted’s Grooming Room locations and online exclusively to tedsgroomingroom.com from September 21st and in Ted Baker stores from October.

My Men’s Grooming Top 4 Picks From MR PORTER

Men’s grooming has been and still is in a boom period, there are now many men’s grooming products on the market and with established brands launching men’s ranges and new brands launching completely new ranges. It is becoming increasing difficult to decide which products to use and which brands offer the highest quality results for fair prices. I’ve been reviewing men’s grooming products for a few years mainly working directly with the brands that make the products to give my feedback pre or post launch. Many of my favourite grooming brands are on sale at MR PORTER, your one-stop online resource for the best men’s grooming products. Recently I have been shopping at MR PORTER to trial a number of men’s grooming products and I wanted to share my Top 4 favourites with you.


LA MER, The Treatment Lotion, 150ml, £100.

Very aptly named The Treatment Lotion. After cleansing with a daily face wash, this product is the vital first step in my facial daily regime. Deeply hydrating, it comforts skin, soothes sensitivities and improves visual tone and texture. The formulation of this incredible product includes an extract from a remarkable marine algae originally found in the desert. This dormant algae has a naturally protective response system to help defend against extreme conditions and can be revived by a single drop of water. £100 for 150ml of this product is extremely good value and even with daily use it will last a long time. When applying to your face, this product initially has a smooth texture which feels like a light oil/water mix and therefore is easy to apply but what I love the most is that the shine then turns into a matte finish leaving your skin hydrated yet not shiny or wet in the slightest. To use: After cleansing, sprinkle a small amount onto fingertips or saturate a cotton pad. Press into skin. Massage outward from centre of forehead to temples, and then circle eyes gently 3 times. Sweep upwards from nose to cheekbones and from corners of the month to nose.


ERNO LASZLO, Phormula 3-9 Eye Repair, 15ml, £150.

Personally the most important step of my skincare regime is eye care and I think the majority of men would agree. Reducing puffiness and dark circles under the eyes is something that I would spend good money on a product that can help with this issue for many men. I’ve used many eye creams and this Phormula 3-9 eye repair from Erno Laszlo is my top pick due to the luxurious, rich, silky texture and it’s smooth finish.

It has the unique ability to hydrate and balance stressed skin. Its rich formulation of botanical oils and advance nourishing ingredients create a health dome over the skin. Phormula 3-9 deeply penetrates and saturates the skin to repair environmental damage, effectively improving tone, texture and hydration. To use: Twice daily, apply on cleansed and toned eye contour area. Using the ring finger, apply delicately around the ocular bone.


DR SEBAGH, Serum Repair, 20ml, £69.

As I mentioned earlier, eye care is my number one concern for my skin so in my top 4 MR PORTER men’s grooming products I have included this eye care serum formulated by Dr Sebagh. As this product is a serum, it will penetrate deep into the skin at the lower layers repairing any damage and can be used together with the above eye cream, or individually. If used with another eye cream, apply the serum first. This Dr Sebagh Serum Repair deeply moisturise and repairs your skin with this intensive treatment. Collagen levels and boosted and moisture retained for a fresher, plumper look. Use under your day or night cream, around the eyes for an instant tightening effect. To use: Apply morning and night to your perfectly cleansed face prior to moisturiser. Use any time for an instant radiant look. Shake before use.


ALLIES OF SKIN, 1A Overnight Mask, 50ml, £87.

Nighttime/Overnight care is as important as your daytime skincare routine. During sleep we lose a lot of hydration from our bodies and therefore from our skin. Keeping our skin hydrated during sleep time will majorly improve your skins health and look. Therefore this targeted Overnight Mask formulated by Allies of Skin is my final recommendation. In the 4 weeks I have trialled this product, it has become the first product I put in my wash-bag when packing to go travelling on holiday or for a work trip away. Not only during a nights sleep, this product protects and repairs your skin during air-conditioned flights or hotels rooms when you really need a luxury product you can trust.

Allies of Skin 1A Overnight Mask stimulates cellular renewal, regenerates and repairs skin whilst it sleeps, protects against dehydrating conditions. This leave-on mask works overnight to repair tired, stressed skin as it forms a protective shield against dehydrating heat, cabin air and pollution. It syncs with your skins sleep cycle to erase the effects of too much travel, partying, alcohol and too little sleep. Think of it as the most non-judgmental companion your skin with ever know. To use: Apply this treatment mask nightly to clean skin. For best results, use after misting face with Molecular Saviour Mist. Always use SPF the morning after.