Clinique For Men | Maximum Hydrator Eye 96-Hour Hydro-Filler Concentrate Review


If you're like me then you're constantly asking yourself two questions. How do I reduce under eye bags and wrinkles? Can I legally register my fists as weapons?

Today I'm going to focus on the former and coincide that with a look at the all new Maximum Hydrator eye 96 hour hydro filler concentrate from Clinique For Men.

I loathe my under eye bags and constantly by drinking plenty of water to release the high salt concentration in the area. 

I'm also interrogating brands beauty bloggers on tips on good ways to remove eye bags. 

The Clinique For Men Maximum Hydrator is a light water-gel that helps eye-area skin replenish its own moisture using Auto-Replenishing Lipid-Sphere Technology.


Sounds good right? 

Well maybe not as cool as putting cool green tea bags under your eyes first thing in the morning. (Yes I have tried that. Apparently it’s the cool temperature that helps reduce eye bags. That's why you have people doing the whole cucumber thing). 

What's the science behind it? 

Auto-Replenishing Lipid-Sphere Technology with pure aloe butter helps rebuild skin’s lipid barrier to minimise moisture loss while encapsulated antioxidants break the cycle of environmental stress that can lead to premature ageing.

Does it work? 

I've been using it for a couple of weeks now and I'm starting to notice some difference. My eyes look a little less dark and my skin under my eyes has more of a glow. 

If you're looking to remove the bags under your eyes entirely then that's going to take surgery. That's a separate blog entirely. 

Do men find under eye bags ugly? 

Whilst most of the advice in this blog I've cobbled together from female researchers. The best one telling me I should just separate egg whites and rub those into my skin. AMAZING! 

However, to finish I want to tell you ladies, that men don't really give two hoots about your wrinkles or bags under your eyes. 

Think about it

Ladies when you're sizing up guys coming toward you on the street, you check out their height first, their general appearance (not got muddy shoes or carrying an axe) then it's looks and swagger. 

Same with guys. Check out this scene in the movie Shame where the guy at the bar is explaining to a girl at the bar that he has an amazing eye for detail. She then closes her eyes and proceeds to ask what colour they are. He fails. 


It's not on the top of our list. We're more consumed with how we're coming across in the conversation. Figuring out what we can say next so we don't look like dumbasses. And talking of asses, we're probably looking at yours in a reflection somewhere. We're guys. We're not complex, we're easily distracted. 

Introducing Super Facialist: The Rise of Cactus Water


Today I'm going to introduce you to a new-to-market men's grooming range called Super Facialist. 

Not only have I been road testing these products this past week, but I've also been humming Super Facialist-califragilisticexpialidocious to myself like Mary Poppins all week. 

They are an Award-winning high street skincare brand Super Facialist that expertly blends Vitamin B3 and Hyaluronic Acid alongside natural extracts of Cactus Water and Volcanic Sand.

Furthermore they don't come in at lofty Gwyneth Paltrow prices. The Performance driven formulations combining science and nature deliver real results at affordable prices on the high street. 

What does the range consist of? 

There are three grooming products in the cleanse and prepare that all contain the crucial ingredient of Vitamin B3 and cactus water; face wash, face scrub, cleanse face mask. 

Once you've prepared and cleansed the skin you will need to moisturise and protect. Super Facialist offers three products to aid this process; the Hyaluronic Acid SPF10 moisturiser, the Hyaluronic Acid anti-ageing moisturiser and the Hyaluronic Acid firming eye cream. 

What are the benefits of the ingredients used in the products? 

 Vitamin B3 is a great rejuvenator for the skin. I wish my skin could live in a permanent translucent mold lined with Vitamin B3 so I could defy age like Keanu Reeves. It helps to reduce the appearance of imperfections and improves skin tone for healthier looking skin. 

Hyalronic Acid on the other hand has the unique ability to lock in the moisture and acts as a chemical hard nut-bodyguard creating a barrier between skin cells. This facilitates hydration for the skin. 

Then there is the cactus water. Cactus water is rich in vitamins and anti-oxidants to help prevent UV damage. I guess that's why you get so many young looking Cacti in the desert right? I'll show myself out. The whole range uses Cactus water for its anti-oxidant and deeply hydrating properties.

When The Stars Align | The Male Grooming Constellation Gift Set

Male Grooming Advice by Carl Thompson.jpg

I know you'll all be inundated with Christmas Wishlist's and gift guides this year. However, I only want to deliver the gifting ideas that will save you time and save you money. Today I want to introduce you to The Grooming Constellation by Estee Lauder Companies.

I constantly talk about how you can't go wrong with skin care, grooming and hair care products for Christmas gifts. I personally only wish people buy me these products as I can guarantee they'll get used. (The same can't always be said for that random snow globe that gets swiftly moved onto the charity shops). 

The Grooming Constellation is the perfect gift for the man in your life. Wait wait wait, that's press release talk. That sentence makes me sound like I'm writing for Beefcake Magazine. Please allow me to start over. 

If you're looking to get some Christmas gifts for him this year, The Grooming Constellation has just launched an exclusively designed limited edition box featuring iconic products from some of the world’s leading men’s brands such as Clinique for men lab, Lab Series, Aveda & More…

How it arrives? 

This is the best thing. You don't have to burn any extra calories wrapping up these gifts individually. Be a little greener this year people. This Grooming Constellation gift set comes in a neat square cubed box, adorned with an intriguing constellation motif. 

Who should I get this for? 

Ladies, your other half will thank you kindly for this. Us guys aren't one for cosmetic shopping, although we love the products, we like the baby without the birth if you get the expression. 

This screams great buddy gift. Dispense with those useless drinking hats or 'Best Dad' mugs this year and get him something he can truly utilise. 

The perfect gift with an amazing saving!

Launching Tuesday 6th November for only £39, worth over £114. 

Heath Grooming Products | Fighting the Urban Sprawl

Health London.jpg

Back in the Summer I spoke about one of my hero finds, Heath Skincare and Grooming products. I appreciate the value of a working family relationship and knowing that Heath was is run by a father-and-son duo, only further enamoured me towards the brand.

A quick sidebar on the father son thing. Think on how many hours you spend a week feeding what I call the virtual farm. As a public figure I have to dedicate a fair slice of my diary keeping up appearances on social media. Posting, replying, commenting, retweeting, thumbs up etc 

Which is fine, I don't mind. 

But how about you shave just five minutes off that time, can give your old man a call. You never know a call could lead to something, an idea could snowball and who knows, you could both be launching your own version of Heath someday. 

I digress. 

In just a few short months, Heath have now expanded the range to seven products – Face Wash, Cream Shave, Post Shave Repair, Moisturiser, Hair + Body Wash, Rescue: Hair + Body Wash, and Hand Salve – all of which fit into the modern man’s daily routine. 

I've also been mindful of this dreaded Blue Light that has been keeping me awake at night. I wrote about the cause and effects of Blue Light in another article. With that in mind I was pleased to discover the Heath Moisturiser has been formulated with Soliberine® NAT to help protect skin from Blue Light.

As an antidote to the mundanity of city sprawl, us men often pursue more natural environments for our headspace, and this includes our grooming choices.

HEATH has been formulated with high potency natural ingredients and new-generation actives (derived from naturals) in a range that’s ideally suited to the daily skin concerns of the modern urban man.

The Panasonic ER-GB86 Review | Game Changer for Long Beards?

The Panasonic ER-GB86.jpg

Finding the right beard trimmer for you is no easy feat. Sometimes I feel like beard trimmers could be listed on tinder. So many to choose from, so many false starts, empty promises, inevitable disappointments, fleeting moments of delight, good on the surface, nothing underneath, great legs, jutting breasts. Only kidding, just making sure you're paying attention. 

Out of the diaspora of beard trimmers I was introduced to the Panasonic ER-GB86 -K, designed to cut smoothly through longer beards without the snagging or pulling. 


The Panasonic ER-GB86 Guards.jpg


I have a long beard, how will this work for me? 

The Panasonic ER-GB86 -K comes equipped with a high-torque motor ensuring there is no power lost or hair missed while cutting, enabling a smooth trimming of even hard, dense beards. 

By no means do I have the biggest beard on the block, but I do like to keep a longer than average length which can be problematic for normal trimmers not designed to cope with my dense whiskers. This trimmer however safely negotiates my tough voluminous beard, I use the 30mm attachment which delivers a uniform length, allowing me to shape it accordingly. 


The Panasonic ER-GB86 Washable.jpg


Can I use it in the shower? 

Yes, you can, the trimmer is suitable for both wet and dry use and can also work with shaving gel or foam. It's 100% waterproof, allowing you to have excellent and easy hygienic maintenance as you can simply rinse the trimmer under running water.  



Love this. It feels tailor made for my beard as there was zero pulling and it gave my beard a great shape. I have experimented with the settings, there are 58 cutting lengths from 0.5mm to 30mm (in 0.5mm steps). And depending on my mood will vary the length between 25-30mm. 



It's an investment. The price point warrants that but I believe it to be justified. People that take pride in their beard won't baulk at the price, but casual beard growers might. 


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Buy the Panasonic ER-GB86 Wet&Dry Ultimate Beard Trimmer from Boots £99.99

*The sponsored post has been created in collaboration with Panasonic.

Introducing the New Redken Brews Grooming for Men

It is fair to say that the male grooming category is booming at a faster rate than ever expected. Yet with new men's haircare and skincare ranges launching monthly, the competition is greater for the brands in that sector. As a consumer, this level of competition is a good thing as it means lower prices, better quality products and more money invested into developing unique new formulations. One of those new male grooming ranges launched is the new Redken Brews collection. 

The new Redken Brews grooming for men range is considered a one-stop-shop for men's care, as their range caters for all the man areas such as style, colour and skin. Redken Brews is a New York crafted and barber inspired range of 4 new hair cleansers for everyday use. 7 new styling solutions for everyday use including a hairspray. 2 new skincare solutions including a beard oil and shave cream. In addition, the Redken Brews range now includes Camo colour shades (available in 5 shades) for men. Camo is a no foil, no fuss five-minute colour service for men who want to camouflage greys, not colour. 



Introducing ESPA | A GQ Grooming Awards Winner 2018

Many of you may have already heard about ESPA, maybe through their massive expanse of spa treatments around the globe. In fact ESPA recently won the award for 'Best Wellness Experience' at the GQ Grooming Awards 2018 for ESPA Life at Corinthia Hotel. It seems the brand is building on it core strengths of holistic wellbeing, natural beauty and inner calm with its mens range of products. Find out more about the range on offer and my top two picks from their collection.

The ESPA MEN collection is specifically formulated for the modern man who likes to look after his skin. Designed to cleanse, shave, protect and moisturise with these hard-working men's groomers, arming you with everything you need for smooth, supple, youthful looking skin.

The ESPA MEN range consists of eye care, moisturisers, exfoliators, cleanser, shampoo and conditioner is bottles that are designed to look great in your bathroom without having to cost an absolute fortune. In fact the price range for all products is from £21 to £40. 

I've selected two products that would be the essentials from their range and if you are buying only 2, these would be the staples. A cleanser and a moisturiser.

ESPA MEN - Invigorating Face Wash - 150ml - £25

This refreshing foam face wash will deeply clean and cleanse the skin, leaving it soft, vibrant and ready for the day ahead. Use daily with two pumps of the product and massage into the skin softly using your fingers. Use prior to the moisturiser below.

Buy Here.


ESPA MEN - The Hydrator - 35ml - £32

This is a lightweight moisturiser which means it is great for everyday use, in the morning before tackling the day ahead, after the gym or before a night out. The long lasting formula with nourish and smoothen the skin and in mineral rich which helps with protection and replenishment. Apply after cleansing with the above product to dry skin.  

Buy Here.



View the ESPA MEN entire range of products here.

What to Buy Him for Valentines Day

I posted earlier today on what to buy HER for valentines day and now here is a post to help  the girls with what to buy us guys. If you are struggling with inspiration for what to buy the guy in your life for valentines day luckily for you, I have done all of the hard work for you. If your boyfriend likes to be wearing the latest fashion trends, is a gym or sports fanatic or is a gent who looks after himself through grooming products and scents, I have it all and nicely categorised for you below. 








Movember & Decembeard Grooming Guide

For the grizzly bears of us out there, a whole year has been passing by in preparation for one of these months...Movember (which runs throughout November) and Decembeard (through December, but I'm pretty sure you already knew that!). If it is Movember you are going for, its always a good shout to grow a decent beard or stubble in preparation for shaving your facial hair into an epic handle-bar moustache so you don't have to go through the baby fluff stage! As for Decembeard, it's simple, just keep on growing that mane.

What is Movember?

During the month of November, you have to grow your moustache in aid of raising awareness and charity donations for prostate cancer. The rule are that everywhere other than your 'mo' has to be clean shaven.

What is Decembeard?

During the month of December, it's simple, grow your beard to raise awareness and as much money as possible but this time for bowel cancer support.

For these months it is essential to have the right equipment to keep your beard or mo in tip top condition, especially to trim those pesky, random stray hairs that seem to grow 10 times faster and thicker than the rest of your hair! 

My beard trimmer of choice is this Philips Beard Trimmer 7000 and there was one main reason why I decided to upgrade my current basic one for this cutting edge design. The reason is for their high-tech vacuum which is built-in to the trimmer, which will suck up most of your beard trimmings as you shave, leaving your bathroom sink and all around it clean and hair free.

I've used beard trimmers for years and years, I can't even recall the last time I was clean shaven. This trimmer from Philips, fits nicely in the hand and glides across the face with ease. I was surprised at how small it was considering all the technology that is in it's casing. The Philips Beard Trimmer 7000 has a dial that you turn left or right with your thumb which raises or lowers the stainless steel blades, making it easy to cut to a hair length that you require. As well as that, it gives it's users the freedom to select up to 20 different length settings from 0.5 to 10mm for that perfect precision trim. 

As well as keeping your facial hair under control, it is also just as important to keep in hydrated and loved, so here are a few products from Bulldog Skincare for Men, that I have picked for you. 

Keep it clean
Original Beard Shampoo and Conditioner, 200ml (RRP £6.00)

If your beard has achieved majestic volume, you might experience itching and dandruff. Giving your beard a good wash will help remove any build-up of dead skin and all the unpleasant stuff it can accumulate from the outside world. Bulldog’s Original 2in1 Beard Shampoo and Conditioner, enriched with aloe vera, cleanses, softens and untangles hair.

Soften it
Original Beard Oil, 30ml (RRP £5.50)

For extra moisture and shine, massage some oil in to your beard. Bulldog’s Original Beard Oil creates the perfect conditions for a healthy beard. The combination of aloe vera, camelina oil and borage oil softens and conditions.

Style it
Original Beard Balm, 75ml (RRP £8.00)

The fast-absorbing Original Beard Balm should be man’s first port of call when going in search of an all-in-one beard moisturiser, conditioner and styling aid. The specially formulated product contains cocoa butter to deliver a non-greasy shine to the hair, flanked by shea butter, which acts as a moisturiser.

Much needed Grooming with Pall Mall Barbers

Men's grooming is one of the largest growing sectors in the UK currently, along with tattoo cover-ups, craft beers and London-Dry gins - supposedly! Which is why I headed over to Pall Mall Barbers to get a haircut, beard trim and beard shaping. Shaving is always something I normally do stark bolluck naked at home in a poorly lit bathroom so as you can imagine, I never really do my beard justice or give it the treatment that it deserves. Having someone look at your beard (stubble in my case) and shape it based on how the facial hairs grows and your face structure can transform your look.

Pall Ball Barbers are in 4 locations around London - Fitzrovia, Bishopsgate, Trafalgar Square and Westminster, which was the one that I personally visited. My barber was Dil who has been cutting hair and throats (not literally) since he was 17 years old...I'm in good hands! 

My Barber Dil was friendly and extremely knowledgable and listened to what I wanted in a haircut, which is incredibly important trait in a barber. I feel that barbers need to totally understand your style, your lifestyle and your personality to be able to cut your hair appropriately. 

The style of haircut I was given was a modern pompadour, which suits my wire-like mane! One the sides we went for a 0.5 grade.

Haircut done and it was time for my beard shaping, which I was very nervous about - as although my beard isn't in great shape and has a few patches in it...I'm very protective over how it is trimmed. I normally like the hair grow how it wishes and trim it with my clippers to the same length to keep it quite natural. So having straight lines and a perfect beard trim is quite different to what I normal look like.

Most peoples facial hair grows at different lengths and in different directions which is why having someone professional care for it makes all the difference as it is very hard (impossible) to replicate at home what a barber can create.

The shave started with a pre-shave exfoliate, followed by a trim, then the hot towel treatment - which makes you look ridiculous (see above) but was the most relaxing minute ever! Following on with the razored beard shaping and finally a soothing post-shave treatment.

So there you have the final look, what do you think? You too can book yourself in for a spot of men's grooming here...go on treat yourself.




Tom Ford - Salon De Parfums

Tom Ford - Salon De Parfums

I've been on a bit of a hunt for a new signature fragrance of late, something unique, something that not every one is wearing, something you cant buy in Boots! So I headed over to the hidden gem that is the Salon De Parfums in Harrods - tucked away on the 6th floor accessed only via the escalators near door 3. At the Tom Ford display, I was greeted by a lovely lady who knew every single ingredient in every single of Tom's created fragrances. Not only that but also the travel story that Tom Ford was on which influenced the creation of many scents.

The sheer number of fragrances available was a little overwhelming, so choosing your favourite can take time. Luckily, at Tom Ford's Salon De Parfums, they offer an experinece and not just a shopping trip. Sit down, read, or take some champagne. All good things have to come to an end and after smelling so many of the fragrances and about half an hour later, I finally chose my two favourites which were Noir De Noir and Soleil Blanc

Fine grooming is the mark of a modern gentleman. It is the way a man presents the best version
of himself to the world.
— Tom Ford

On the way home from a stag do in Liverpool last weekend, some poor 21 year old girl reserved her seat in the middle of a stinky team of 14 guys, who have been drinking for 3 days straight. So what do a bunch of 30 something year old guys with limited chat get her to do....guess our ages of course. Lucky for me, she shaved 7 years off me suggesting I was 28, maybe the sunlight hid my ever expanding patches of grey hair! We are all going to get old at some point but we can look after ourselves better so that we keep that youthful look for longer. I do have quite a strict grooming regime but I've now tweaked and improved it with these new Tom Ford products. Knowing how Tom Ford uses only the highest quality ingredients in his fragrances, his skincare and grooming range was always going to top notch and luckily for me, I managed to get my hands on a few new mens grooming products which will be on sale from 1st June 2016, a day before my birthday (hint hint!).

Tom Ford developed the Tom Ford for Men Skincare and Grooming collection based on the products and grooming regimen he uses himself – a regimen that is simple, straightforward and intuitive. New innovations include Tom Ford for Men Brow Gelcomb, exclusively designed for men’s brows, Shave Oil and Exfoliator, launching June 2016.

TOM FORD FOR MEN BROW GELCOMB - The key to refinement is in the brows. Tom Ford for Men Brow Gelcomb is exclusively designed to groom and refine while giving balance and symmetry to a man’s most masculine facial features. RRP: £32.00

TOM FORD FOR MEN SHAVE OIL - Simple yet multifunctional, Tom Ford for Men Shave Oil conditions and moisturises the skin while creating a smooth surface for a polished, clean shave. Natural oils complement the skin’s need for ultra-hydration and leave a smooth, clean surface for the ultimate polished look. RRP: £45.00

TOM FORD FOR MEN EXFOLIATOR - To maintain healthy and well-groomed skin, a man needs a strong exfoliant to slough off dead skin cells and create a clean base for a smooth shave. Tom Ford for Men Exfoliator gives the skin a fresh, clean feeling leaving the skin feeling bright with revitalised energy. RRP: £35.00


Looking back at 2015, which has been my first full year of menswear blogging, went so much better than I ever imagined. I love looking back through my early blogs and compare how I'm improving all the time. I take so much time planning outfits and most importantly writing engaging written content. I hope you have enjoyed the journey as much as I are my top posts of 2015.
















There is so much more to come in 2016 with continued style posts, more brand collaborations, I'll also be posting more Travel Blogging and lifestyle articles and reviews. Please follow me on this journey. 



Is it just me or does Movember seem to be fading a little this year? Its probably just me as I have been living in my little home office bubble and haven't got out much recently, but I havent seen many people sporting epic 'mos'. It made me wonder why? The only reason I could come up with is that the current facial hair trend has taken the spontaneity out of the fund-raising event. If you have spent months growing an epic beard - it becomes part of you - many name it and for that reason are less inclined to shave down the the skin. 

For those of you who have done the good thing and supported Movember this year - its now just over midway through your challenge and depending on your facial growth you may be at the 'slight stubble' phase or maybe the 'this is annoyingly itchy' phase or maybe even the 'acceptance' phase. Whatever stage you are at, it is probably time to start and properly maintain your new found facial hair.

I think Dickies Store blog has summed up some great 'Facial Hair Care Tips' and here they are:

I'm currently growing my beard for a December campaign and I'm going through the horrible stage of an itchy, unkept, bristly, mess! So I thought it was time to take my own advice and get shopping for some men's grooming products. Any product that can tame my thick curly beard will work wonders on yours.

My first stop (as I was in the area) was a newly opened barbers in Spitalfields market. 'Barber Barber' are not newcomers to the grooming industry as they already have had major success in Liverpool, Leeds & Manchester...and now London. Spearheaded by award-winning barber Johnny BaBa this store is a sure-fire success story especially with their secret downstairs 'relaxation' area. I'll leave the details for you to find out - head down there and take a look for will be worth it! 

Whilst in the shop, I purchased this Beard Oil 'ZEUS' by First Olympian which was very pricy at £45 - you can also buy online here.

Next I needed some moisturiser...I wanted one that wasn't too thick, its needs to spread easily over my beard and still moistures the skin underneath. I found this daily mosturiser at the Dandy Lab by a brand called 'The Gentle-Man' and I also got an awesome moustache comb by 'Carter and Bond'.

I have always been one of those people who are a little lazy when it comes to beard maintenance, I wash it and leave it to do whatever it so wishes. After only two days of using the beard oil, I can notice the texture of my beard hair is softened, it now has a nice shine to it and smells much better than before! My facial hair is better kept and shaped due to the moustache comb and I find myself possibly over-combing it as it has become a comfort thing...all being said, it's most certainly an improvement on my old un-kept self.


I've often been labelled 'too groomed' which I can understand but in all honesty my grooming regime is pretty much non-existent. I leave my eyebrows unkept, naturally bushy with their own personality to do what the hell they want...recently one single eyebrow hair decides to grow thicker and longer than the rest and I let it. Then there is my ear hair, which is fine right now so not a major issue but the main point here is that I cant see it, so don't really care. My nose hair I pluck with my fingers (gross I know) every now and then if I'm bored. As for skincare...ha...I wash my face with water only, moisturising is a once a year event and when on holiday I stare directly at the sun to soak up all it's rays!

So when asked by the lovely Facialist at Paul Edmonds Salon in Knightsbridge what my grooming regime was, I obviously lied - moisturising once a day after exfoliating during a warm shower  - see I know the spiel! 

Paul Edmonds - Facialist - Gene Tevari

Paul Edmonds - Facialist - Gene Tevari

Unfortunately my smug, confident aura soon dwindled when I put my head in to a skin analyser that scanned my face for dehydration, sun spots and signs of ageing. The analytics said that I have dark circles around my eyes, redness on the cheeks and dry lips.

For my first ever facial treatment, I was treated to a mild skin peel. Which I think took around 45 minutes, which included a relaxing shoulder massage and head massage. I could get used to this!

Feeling relaxed and with the skin on my face screaming "I've just had a facial" - I then headed downstairs to my hair appointment which is something I'm much more used to.

As soon as I sat down in the Senior Stylist's chair, I was offered a drink and GQ magazine...perfect! I was made to feel incredibly welcome and the hair stylist listened to my vague request of what I actually want done to my hair. I think it went something like this "Yeah...I normally have my hair swished back or to the side and shortish on the back and sides - so just do what you want"! Very me...a very wishy washy description! Yet I walked out of the salon with the perfect haircut, nice one.

Paul Edmonds - Senior Stylist - Siobhan Baynes

Paul Edmonds - Senior Stylist - Siobhan Baynes

On refection, I'm not getting any younger and need to start looking after myself a little bit better. I'm not saying to anyone to suddenly go and get their eyebrows threaded, back crack and sack waxed, weekly facials & epic haircuts. I think its something that you should phase in. If you don't have a grooming regime, start one, but start simple with a daily face scrub and moisturiser - then build on that. Right time for a pina colada...errrr I meant beer!

I purchased the below products from Paul Edmonds which I would recommend.

A special thanks to RKM Communications and Paul Edmonds for this amazing experience.


Male grooming should be simple and effective. That’s why I have teamed up with MANCAVE, the performance-led natural grooming brand to bring you some common men's grooming myths.


Myth #1 - The more shaving gel, the better the shave

False. When it comes to shaving gel, less is more. Smothering your chin in gel could leave you with dry skin and an empty shaving cream bottle sooner than you'd expected. The key is finding a cream that will provide even coverage and allow the blade to glide smoothly across the face with a small amount of product.

Myth #2 - Moisturisers will make oily skin oilier

Wrong! Contrary to popular belief, using moisturiser on oily skin will not increase oiliness. Moisturisers are designed to lock in the skin's naturally occurring moisture, as well as protect the skin from the daily elements.

Myth #3 - Men's and women's products are the same

False. Men’s skin is up to 20% thicker than women's. It's much oilier and ages differently too, so it needs different vitamins and minerals, which means different products.  

Myth #4 - Shaving after a shower is better

Curveball. This one is actually true. Shower steam opens up the pores for a closer, cleaner shave and to minimise skin irritation.


ManCave Products to Accompany the Above Tips


#1 - ManCave ShaveGel is infused with a Pre-Shave treatment to soften the beard while preparing skin for a close and comfortable shave, using only a small amount of product.

#2 - ManCave’s natural face Moisturiser is enriched with bioactives to create a soothing easily absorbed formula, which rejuvenates, retextures and helps firm skin leaving a smooth matte finish.

#3 - ManCave’s products are developed specifically for men and the bold branding is an unapologetic statement of masculinity. 

#4 - To get even more out of your shower, use an invigorating shower gel such as ManCave’s Lemon & Oak ShowerGel which has been developed to uplift and stimulate with a range of essential oils serving to prepare you for whatever the day holds.



If you work in banking, law or any other establishment who are still backward enough that they insist on you being clean shaven and have an army short back and sides haircut - this post is probably not for you.

Is curly hair the new beard trend? It's a fair question. The beard trend seems to have been around forever and although it is not likely to die anytime soon, it is time for change. 

Curly hair on men is making a comeback. We are going wild for waves, whether it’s the tousled tresses of Harry Styles, the corkscrew curls of Game of Thrones Kit Harington or the bedhead of Orlando Bloom, never before has it been cooler to be curly.

Poldark star, Aidan Turner can probably take full credit for the curl revival thanks to his portrayal of the British Army officer and with a further five series commissioned we think it is fair to say curly hair is set to be the new beard.

So how to seduce, rather than repulse, with your mop top? Hair pro and Aidan Turner’s go-to-guy, Oscar Alexander, gives his top tips on keeping those curls under control.

Most guys with curly hair have always cut it short as they just don’t know what to do with it but with the right products and a bit of know-how it can look amazing. I’m a huge fan of JOICO, the world-renowned hair care range, which has just launched a new, seven product, Curl Range to make the most of all curl and hair types. Don’t try to fight your curls, embrace them!
— Oscar Alexander

Here are his tips and product recommendations:

Get the right cut

Curly hair needs cut properly so get yourself a good hairdresser who understands and respects the natural shape and formation of your particular curl. Explain the look you are hoping for and listen to the stylist if they say your wave isn’t going that way. 

Keep it clean

No need to wash every day as this will dry out the curly hair texture as well as make the hair get greasy quicker. JOICO CURL CRÈME WASH (300ml RRP£13.95) is a sulphate-free co and wash, this is the new way to cleanse hair, using a moisturising emulsion opposed to a drying shampoo. Once a week cleanse hair thoroughly of product with O&M Original Detox Shampoo (350ml RRP £23).

Gently does it 

Roughly towel-drying hair can only lead to damage. Curly hair is more fragile than other hair types so gently squeezing hair with a towel or a linen muslin post shower is better for it.

Keep hydrated 

As curly hair is a much more dry hair type than other hair types, JOICO CURL CORRECTING MILK (150ml RRP £12.95) or O&M Know Knott Conditioning Detangler (250ml RRP £19) will nourish and balance the hair. A light spritz on damp hair and gently combed through will help keep hair frizz free.

Bin the brush

Combing through damp hair is fine but taking a brush anywhere near curly hair is a no-go. JOICO CURL CONTROLLING ANTI-FRIZZ STYLER (100ml RRP £12.95) is the best way to tame erratic curls. A tiny amount eased through damp hair from the ends up gives curls definition and hold. O&M Style Guru Styling Cream (150ml £18) is rich in amino acids and vitamins A, C and E which will help keep locks looking luxe.

Get in style

Try Osmo Shaper Maker (100ml £8.45) or O&M K-GRAVEL Texture Clay (100g £19) to give curls shape, texture and hold.

Stay bouncy

Even with the best cut and products, hair can drop and need a pick-me-up. JOICO CURL REFRESHED REANIMATING MIST (150ml RRP £12.95) restores curls between washes and reactivates styling products to keep your curls looking fresher, longer. Osmo Curl Spray (250ml £9.10) is also a great product to revitalise curls without stickiness.






To me the word Wingman reminds me of nights out with mates 'wingmaning' me on my quest to pull. It was about them making it easier for me and in so many ways this product lives up to its name.

What I loved most was the convenience and easy to understand branding. It is totally no nonsense and in a world when I always seem to be rushing, that was refreshing. 

For someone who has slight OCD like myself, everything (especially the bathroom) has to have its place. The shower gel, shampoo, conditioner and shaving cream all have to be aligned parallel to the wall with a gap of a millimetre between them! With the 3-in-1 products on offer from Wingman it certainly helps alleviate my OCD, with only 1 bottle to align!

The first couple of things I noticed and loved about the Men's Grooming Wingman products were that the product is developed and made in Britain and they support the Help For Heroes charity.

Once using the products over the week, I noticed a major difference. I think this is due to the quality natural ingredients they use. The shower 3-in-1 range was thick and luxurious whilst smelling manly and the moisturiser left my skin with a nice matt look rather than a greasy shine.

At Wingman they favour a no nonsense approach. They make awesome products that are easy to understand and do exactly what men need them to do.

Made by men for men, they keep it credible and know what works for a fast paced life. Minimising the technobabble, maximising the quality. Always focused on making life that little bit better.



FACE SCRUB: Purifying cream scrub exfoliates dead skin cells, unclogs pores and removes impurities like oil and dirt. Ginseng helps stimulate and activate the ski, leaving it looking fresh and feeling smooth.

FACE WASH: Foaming gel cleanses, nourishes and conditions without drying out. With stimulating ginseng, it counteracts dryness and restores balance for clean and energised skin.

MOISTURISER: Hydrating gel with ginseng gives a cooling energy boost to revive and brighten tired skin. It helps moisturise, repair and mattify with a non-greasy finish.

SENSITIVE FACE WASH: Foaming gel cleanses dirt and debris from sensitive, dry or easily irritated skin. With soothing aloa vera to help reinforce natural defences, skin will be nourished and refreshed.

SENSITIVE MOISTURISER: Hydrating gel with aloe vera helps soothe sensitive, dry or easily irritated skin. Actively supporting natural defences, it moisturises and mattifies with a non-greasy finish.



Rooted in the theory that less is more, our innovative 3-in-1 products allow you to shower, shampoo and shave all from one bottle. An invigorating shower and shampoo gel that is enriched with aloe vera to deliver a super close shave as well. Simple yet effective in 3 great scents:

CITRUS CHARGE - Lemon, Mandarin + Coconut

JET FUEL - Wood, Spice + Aviation Fuel

MINT BOOM - Spearming + Peppermint

Lifestyle meets performance. Save time, effort and space.
— World of Wingman

If you want to buy their products you can purchase direct at and they are also stocked in Tesco, Sainsbury's, Waitrose, Asda & Superdrug. 

So when you are next looking down the bathroom aisle at you local supermarket, I urge you to give the small niche brands like Wingman a chance, you would be buying British and your custom means a great deal to them.