Gillette Subscription Service: One to consider?

Today I'm going to be highlighting the Gillette Subscription Service. The idea of subscription packages is designed to be mutually beneficial for both consumer and customer. 

I run my own shirt subscription service for shirt enthusiasts whom enjoy a rotation of quality shirts. So you could say I'm well drilled. 

Of many of the subscription services out there, this to me is the one that makes the most sense. Men who have an established ritualistic grooming regime will always require quality razors. 

Step 1

With Gillette you have the options of 3 quality blades. Whether it’s the Mach3, our five-bladed Fusion5 or Proglide with Flexball technology, they have the right razor for you. 

Step 2

After you select your blade, choose how often you want to receive your refill blades.

I have a short beard but do like to wet shave certain areas like I've mentioned on previous posts. So as I have regular, yet modest use for a razor, my refill subscription would be lower than most.

Gillette base the frequency of blade refill deliveries on how often you shave in a week. Every refill pack we send has 4 blades from your chosen razor that you can attach to your razor handle so you never run out of blades. 

After you sign up

After you place your order, you will receive a starter kit including the razor of your choosing, a shave prep, travel case and one replacement blade. 

After 15 days Gillette dispatch your first blade refill pack and they will keep sending them out at your chosen frequency.

Can I cancel anytime? 

This is actually the best bit. So many times we get roped into yearlong subscriptions. Phone contracts, Gym, SKY TV etc. I think some of these companies act immorally. 

Why do I need to be tied to a Gym for a year? Imagine starting every relationship like that. Your first Tinder date. The girl seems nice but then after five minutes she whips out a contract that means you'll be buying her drinks for the next year.' 

I digress. 

The Gillette Subscription is one to consider. There are others out there of course but I approve of the concept and the products. 

*This paid sponsored post was created in collaboration with Gillette UK and The Hut Group. All views are of my own.


NEW Bergamot & Basil Post Shave Balm by Dermot O'Leary for M&S REVIEW

Today I'm going to wax lyrical about the NEW Bergamot & Basil Post Shave Balm by Dermot O'Leary for M&S

As regular readers of the blog will know I'm a fan of the Dermot O'Leary X M&S's collaborations. I've reviewed the Earl Grey & Sandalwood fragrances previously on my blog and I'm continually buying and replenishing the range. 

Dermot has once again teamed up with the in-house team over at M&S to create a soothing balm to reduce the effects of shaving. In his own words Dermot echoes my thoughts on the frustration that can come with shaving. 

"It's been collaborating with the team at M&S to further expand the collection and bring another fantastic new product to launch. I'm really proud of the family of grooming products we've developed together, and I'm looking forward to adding the Post Shave Balm to my daily routine - shaving can be a nuisance, but your skin shouldn't suffer for it!"

Shaving can be a joyless experience because of the irritation it causes. I've come accustomed to using an assortment of beard trimmers overtime, however still use the razor for the bib of the neckline and cheek bones. 

This past week I've road-tested the NEW Bergamot & Basil Post Shave Balm by Dermot O'Leary for M&S in some sensitive areas around my collarbone, high cheek and general neck area. 

For those unfamiliar with the bergamot bitter it yields a citrus-like fragrance, with a distinctive spicy-floral quality. It's this spicy and sweet opening that will grab you first. Like most post shave balms it will hydrate your skin, and this one is rich enough that you can feel your skin accept the balm. 

Others I've tried can have a tendency to gloss over the skin, leaving an oily finish which isn't very satisfying. This post shave balm is specially formulated to soothe and calm, the balm features the uplifting notes of the best-selling Bergamot & Basil fragrance; a gentle scent of citrus, layered with undertones of precious amber. 

M&S x Dermot O’Leary Bergamot & Basil Post Shave Balm 75ml ONLY £15 Available HERE.

*This paid sponsored post was created in collaboration with Marks & Spencer.

The Ultimate Shaving & Grooming Experience for Men

With so many men’s grooming products on the market these days, how can one tell what the hell he is buying and is it really any better or different from all the other shaving and grooming treatments out there? Well in all honesty, it is very difficult to know without buying up like-for-like products from every brand and physically testing each one but that will hurt your bank balance and of course reduce your time doing something meaningful like seeing friends and family.

I personally looked into launching a men’s grooming range about 5 years ago and was going to be something unique which meant spending money on formulations and testing. And people, trust me it costs a lot and it takes a long time, there’s formulations, testing and licensing to overcome before finally launching. So what you’ll find is that a lot of the newly launched men’s grooming brands claiming to be the next big thing are actually just a repackaged version of the last ‘next biggest thing’ with just a different fragrance added and of course different branding. This means that a new brand’s route to market is significantly reduced however without a USP, your product is basically just branding and marketing. 

With this in mind, when choosing your favourite men’s grooming products, simply choose something that .1. You can afford .2. Does the desired job .3. Has a fragrance that you like and .4. A brand that has a story or history that resonates with you. For me that brand is The Bluebeards Revenge, a no-nonsense men’s shaving and grooming brand whose values and products I admire.

Men the world over (and more in the last few years!) have had to share a common problem of how to tame that beard. For some it’s a daily battle, for others weekly or if you are my best mate Bodger, you’ll just have to step outside on a windy day and that solves his shaving woes…sorry mate! The Bluebeards Revenge has a massive variety of products from hair to moustache, beard to body and everything in between, making your morning routine as streamlined as possible whilst leaving you smelling and feeling your absolute best.

Here are some of my favourite products from their range, so why not give them a go.