Just For Men | Tips, Q&A and a New Product Release at the Gentleman's Grooming & Lifestyle Show

Just For Men were the proud sponsors for The Gentleman's Grooming & Lifestyle Show that was hosted at the Old Truman Brewery last weekend. It was a truly a memorable event, galvanising so many grooming experts and likeminded individuals. 

It almost felt serendipitous that it happened on the weekend when there were no premier league games. For one rare lunar eclipse in the football calendar men had to find other modes of conversation and Just For Men offered a tremendous landscape for us to converse, share tips, beard-enlightenment I'd like to call it. 

Just For Men were just one of 50 Exhibitors that varied from fashion, male beauty and surgical cosmetics. 

Carli Q+A.jpg

We were given a live demonstration by Just For Men ambassador Carlie Firth of RUGER barbers. A man that had an uncanny resemblance to a bearded Jake Gyllenhaal sat patiently as Carlie weaved a Just For Men Moustache & Beard application brush evenly through his beard. 

At first I was slightly bemused as to why he needed any treatment at all. The gentleman's beard was not grey. But as Carlie proceeded to highlight, it's not just grey hair that some guys could do with addressing.

Someone with a light or pale beard will also benefit in having their beard enlivened with a richer colour. As you'll see in the before and after pictures, the beard looks richer, thicker and healthier.


Bonus tip

If unsure on your shade, go for the lighter option first - you can always go darker later on.

Just for Men Beard Products.jpg

New Products

As well as the traditional Just For Men Moustache & Beard and the Control GX grey reducing shampoo and conditioner that I was kindly gifted at the event, I also got my hands on the brand new Just For Men Best Ever Beard Oil. 

It smells fantastic and feels like it was engineered specifically for me because it delivers a high performance solution for managing and manipulating course facial hair. Made from natural oils, with Jojoba oil, Eucalyptus, Rosemary and Vitamin E. Keep an eye out for this one, a great gift for someone looking to promote their grooming game.

Any tips? 

After the demonstration the VIP's (yep, I made it passed the velvet rope) I attended the Q&A to get some useful tips from Carli. 

Q> How much beard oil should I use? We all have varying lengths of facial hair and I'm always mindful of not putting enough in, or too much? For a medium length hair like mine how much should I apply? 

So after you've applied the Just For Men Best Face and Beard Wash Ever and Best Beard Conditioner Ever, you should apply the beard oil by hand. It's always down to personal choice on how much you apply. Some people like having the oil enable a glistening beard, but bear in mind the oil is designed to be absorbed by the follicles. 

I normally recommend 3-4 drops of the Just For Men Beard Oil as a starting base, for dark beards like yours (mine) I would say start at 4 to give it a shine and lift. If it has too much glow then reduce as required but always spread evenly and apply last in your grooming regime. 

Just for Men Products.jpg

Huge thanks to all the team at Just For Men for inviting me down to the event. I certainly hope the Truman Brewery will play host again next year and I recommend every man come down, there's something for everyone. 

 *This sponsored post was created in collaboration with Just For Men.

What I Think it Means to be a Stylish Modern Man & Grooming Tips for How to Look Your Best

Someone tell Jim Chapman he was right all along. I've just got wind that Norwich is home to the most style conscious men in the UK, according to a recent survey undertaken by Just For Men. Of course Jim, who heralds from Norwich, has been banging that drum for years. The survey, which spoke to 1,000 men, is pretty damning of guys from Cambridge who spend a dismal £11 a month on hair and wet shaves, compared to £45 for the average man from Norwich.

Other results state Norwich guys will splurge £77 on clothes each month, that’s £15 more than men from London. But what about Norwich guys that live in London eh? Jim Chapman wore a £1,500 Alfred Dunhill Jacket to LFWM. Does that aggregate a bigger score because he's living in London now? Anyway, well done Norwich. They're obviously putting something in the water down there. 

The survey was quite interesting in a lot of ways: 

"Four in ten said you know a man cares for his appearance when his teeth look white." 

I've said for a long time that your smile is your business card. Guys, we need to look at the teeth situation. My biggest bit of advice in this area is not do teeth whitening at home, leave it to the professionals. 

The poll also found that 32 percent said having the right facial hair was fundamental to looking good. The right facial hair is incredibly important. It's not only a fine line between looking well-groomed and looking slovenly.

We all remember Ricky Gervais dying his facial hair back in 2010, apparently succumbing to the pressure of Hollywood. 

I'd say it’s a great move and with the right products, highly effective for knocking some years off. 

“Since 2016 the emphasis has shifted from simply having the facial hair, to how well-kept that facial hair is, particularly in terms of being neat and full – both signs of stylishness according to this research.

“Just for Men Moustache & Beard brush in gel eliminates grey hairs, but it can also be used to enhance lacklustre beards, making them appear fuller and thicker – perfect for style conscious UK men.” A spokesman for Just for Men Moustache & Beard.



My tips on grooming for the modern man

I'll start with Just For Men Moustache and Beard. Men shouldn't loathe their grey hair, but if it increases one’s confidence to look younger, then I'm all for it. What's more, you don't need to block out any time in the diary, the easy brush-in application gets to work in just five minutes.

Whilst I'm on the topic of beards, invest in a decent beard oil to prevent itchiness, Just For Men also do a Face & Beard Oil made with soothing oatmeal, aloe, camomile and jojoba oil. The benefits of jojoba oil by Susan Patterson is a decent read. It's basically a liquid wax and doesn’t have as much of a greasy feel as other oils.


My Style tips for the modern Man? 

If you want style tips, ask the ladies what they look for in a man. Half the women I know will notice two things about a guy walking towards them in the street: 1, their height, 2. their shoes.

Your new 2k a tooth veneers and coral-coloured Tiger of Sweden suit won't mean much if your shoes look like they were bought in the 80's and last cleaned in the 90's.

If you're tardy with your trainers, simply don't buy white ones or ones with white crepes.


What trends are in right now? 

Notice that trends aren't big into motifs or logos. You can gauge what the big fashion houses are doing in recent years. Burberry has completely transformed themselves by putting the check on the inside of their garments. 

Ralph Lauren has shrunk its logo size to something completely imperceptible nowadays. People are striving for esoteric individuality, not tribal collectivism. 

I'm noticing the boating stripes are flooding in. I think the people that dress up for the Henley Royal Regatta don't want their Hackett jackets exclusive for one weekend of the year. 


My ultimate styling tip? 

You don't have to be the most stylish dude in the room to stand out, but the fit of your clothes will speak volumes about you. 

In the Just For Men survey 38 percent said a stylish chap would always wear jeans that fitted well. In a way it's sad that only 38 percent said that. 

Get to know your tailor or your local dry cleaner really well. Have all your old jeans nipped in, tucked or hemmed. Your body shape will change over the years and your jeans need to inflate or deflate accordingly. 

That's all I have for today, let me know your thoughts on this article and in particular, if you have any style or grooming habits of your own. 

The Just For Men Moustache & Beard is available to buy nationwide from Boots, Superdrug, most Major Supermarkets and Wilkinsons, while the Just For Men Beard Care range is available exclusively from Amazon. You can learn more about the brand here.

*This sponsored post was created in collaboration with Just For Men.



There were two in the bed and the little one said roll over, roll over moustaches (you've had your month) and make way for the beard, as today is the start of DECEMBEARD. For those of you who haven't grasped the concept of DECEMBEARD yet. For the month of December you have to grow your beard to raise awareness for bowel cancer. 

Unfortunately most, if not all of us have experienced, either directly or indirectly someone who has been effected by cancer. Every 15 minutes someone will be diagnosed with bowel cancer, which means by the time I have written this article, 8 people would have been given the awful news and that hurts deep inside. So lets sign up to decembeard now and share beard selfies, concerns, grooming advice etc using the comments at the bottom of this blog or via my instagram or twitter

The best thing about growing a beard is that I'm pretty sure many of us have either a) already grown a beard or stubble of some sort or b) would like to see what you would look like with a beard. And lets be honest, its not as if the beard trend is going anywhere - so not only are you doing good for charity but I'm actually helping you look like a total epic dude! 

For me the month is going to be a little bit of a struggle because my facial hair is wiry, curly, patchy and going grey. All that said I'm totally looking forward to it, as I have already been growing my beard for a few weeks and have got past the itchy stage now. Even my girlfriend now loves it...bonus, it means I might actually keep it until DECEMBEARD 2016! Now that would be instagramable! 

I'm not sure if you have noticed from my photos but I'm getting a serious number of grey hairs on my head and recently they have long-jumped down to my beard. So I just wanted to address this subject, as I know many of you may have the same issue as me with a partial grey beard. Well I have a solution and it's Just For Men. 

I used 'Just For Men Moustache & Beard' yesterday as I wanted to kick DECEMBEARD off with a vibrant beard with zero greys. The product is great as it can help cover the greys whilst also enhancing the colour of your beard and therefore making them look thicker. Its also very simple to use.

  1. Important: always remember to do the allergy patch test 48 hours before using the product.
  2. Apply to a dry beard.
  3. Put a line of the colour base and the natural colour developer into the mixing tray.
  4. Mix together well.
  5. Apply to your beard using the brush, targeting the greys first. 
  6. Leave for 5 minutes.
  7. Rinse off.

Here is my before and after shot. Although for me it doesnt look much difference from afar, I can assure you that there were greys but not anymore!

Just For Men Moustache & Beard is the only male facial hair dye that can help men cover their greys and ensure their moustache and/or beard is looking its best. Just For Men can help men achieve the look they want, with ease. By using Just For Men Moustache & Beard facial hair looks fuller, more even and well-groomed. Just For Men Moustache & Beard gets rid of the scraggly look of grey facial hairs and its ammonia-free formula is made to penetrate coarse facial hair.

Disclosure: Compensation was provided by Just For Men via Mode Media. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Just For Men.