TONI&GUY Beard Grooming Heroes

TONI&GUY were kind enough to forward on some samples from their new grooming range, beard grooming heroes. With all the grooming products I've been sent recently, my beard would be forgiven for thinking it was growing residing on cheeks of the Sultan of Oman. It's getting spoilt, one day all the beard oils will dry up and we’ll look back to these salad days and say 'we never knew we had it so good'. 

Sorry I digress. Talking hair follicles Carl? I thought this was a serious blog?

TONI&GUY are looking to get out in front of current beard trends, considering not just the gentleman that like to grow full voluminous beards, but different styles and lengths. Second day stubble has been wildly overlooks as a demographic and now we're seeing more retro moustaches come into vogue.

The packaging

I'm all in favour of having different shaped vessels to differentiate the products. It's something of a bugbear of mine when I squeeze out the face wash expecting the face scrub, all because I didn't read the fine print. The pack leader in this field of terrible packaging is LQD.

The only thing I would say is that the product is a little black for a Spring/Summer launch. It's not offending my delicate sensibilities, and it is a stylish look, but it doesn't exactly liven up my shelf. On the flip side it is very masculine and I would be drawn to it on the shelves of Boots.  

The products

The beard oils come in Nourishing Premium Beard and Softening Premium Stubble. Both retail at £11.99, essentially one is a pre-shave, but both are designed to hydrate the hair follicles and soften the skin. Remember only use 2-3 drops and don't over saturate your beard. I can't say I noticed it being any better than recent oils I've tried, it certainly hasn't got the emollient qualities of an Acqua Di Parma Serum, but for the price point I wouldn't expect that. 

The Beard Foam, Shampoo and Balm each bring different qualities to the table. The Shampoo perhaps isn't going to be a repeat purchase for me as it's designed for longer or thicker beards. It feels slightly superfluous for me, however the Beard Foam lathered up nicely and was quite refreshing. 

I should say that these TONI&GUY products are exclusively available at Boots, but the Beard Foam one isn't currently online. The Beard Balm would appeal to someone like me as I have quite a frizzy beard. Although the changes were imperceptible, for the price point this is a decent introduction for anyone looking to get into men’s grooming. 

The moustache wax was a tough one for me to trial as my facial hair in this department isn't long enough to shape. 


Fairly tick the box stuff from TONI&GUY, perhaps an opportunity for innovation missed, but we have to look at what market of the industry they’re targeting. They’re not Aesop or Acqua Di Parma levels of luxury, nor do they pretend to be. Moreover, TONI&GUY have produced what the industry might call accessible products for the everyday man. And they’ve done so comprehensively.

Recreate the Look: The ‘Godfather’ by American Crew

American Crew has created a concept called ‘Mixology’ which is the art of mixing a combination of their products to create a particular look. This week I have been working with them to recreate their iconic ‘The Godfather’ look, which is for guys with a short, mid-length or long beard.  

American Crew has a long-standing, exceptional reputation in the history of men’s grooming. It is the leading salon brand created specifically for men and is the dominant professional men’s grooming brand in the world. The brand develops the latest in men’s hair, body, shave and style products and for more than 20 years, they’ve delivered.

This look and the products that I’ve used perfectly complement each other, so you’ll get the nourishment and hydration of the face balm. Combined that with the softness of the texture lotion and you’ll get a soft smooth finish. Complete the look with the beard serum which has an oil blend that keeps the beard soft, shiny and smoothe.



1.     Massage around 2-3 pumps of All in One Face Balm into the whole face, using a circular motion around forehead, eyes and cheek area.

2.     Apply Light Hold Texture Lotion to damp beard.
a) 2cm on short beards.
b) Up to 4cm on longer beards.

3.     Blow dry into the beard on a low heat, to condition and smooth.

4.     Finish by applying 3-4 pumps of Beard Serum to the blow dried beard, depending on the length and thickness of the beard.



The Ultimate Shaving & Grooming Experience for Men

With so many men’s grooming products on the market these days, how can one tell what the hell he is buying and is it really any better or different from all the other shaving and grooming treatments out there? Well in all honesty, it is very difficult to know without buying up like-for-like products from every brand and physically testing each one but that will hurt your bank balance and of course reduce your time doing something meaningful like seeing friends and family.

I personally looked into launching a men’s grooming range about 5 years ago and was going to be something unique which meant spending money on formulations and testing. And people, trust me it costs a lot and it takes a long time, there’s formulations, testing and licensing to overcome before finally launching. So what you’ll find is that a lot of the newly launched men’s grooming brands claiming to be the next big thing are actually just a repackaged version of the last ‘next biggest thing’ with just a different fragrance added and of course different branding. This means that a new brand’s route to market is significantly reduced however without a USP, your product is basically just branding and marketing. 

With this in mind, when choosing your favourite men’s grooming products, simply choose something that .1. You can afford .2. Does the desired job .3. Has a fragrance that you like and .4. A brand that has a story or history that resonates with you. For me that brand is The Bluebeards Revenge, a no-nonsense men’s shaving and grooming brand whose values and products I admire.

Men the world over (and more in the last few years!) have had to share a common problem of how to tame that beard. For some it’s a daily battle, for others weekly or if you are my best mate Bodger, you’ll just have to step outside on a windy day and that solves his shaving woes…sorry mate! The Bluebeards Revenge has a massive variety of products from hair to moustache, beard to body and everything in between, making your morning routine as streamlined as possible whilst leaving you smelling and feeling your absolute best.

Here are some of my favourite products from their range, so why not give them a go.


Top 5 Beard Oils for Men

Top 5 Beard Oils for Men.jpg

Does your beard look shiny and groomed or dusty, flaky and unkempt?
Many gentlemen use beard oil to remedy this.
What is beard oil and what do we need it for?
When is the best time to apply beard oil?


It might come as news for some but what does Beard Oil actually do? Why do we need it? Firstly; a little bit of science. Each beard follicle has a pair of glands called the sebaceous glands. These glands enable your beard to stay nourished by secreting called sebum oil. As your beard follicle gets longer it demands more sebum oil to coat the follicle. This is why we apply beard oil, to act as a sebum oil and nourish and moisturise the hair follicle. 

What I look for in a Beard Oil is one that softens my beard, gives it a nice shine and above all, keeps the itchiness levels down to zero. I have an interchangeable beard oil collection, below are my top 5 beard oils for men. 

1# Gentlemen's Chuckaboo - The Gigglemug Beard Oil - £19.99

Whilst this list is in no discernible order, I'd have to rate this number one on the name alone. It has a mixture of mint, zest and spice. I like the fact it contains Sandalwood Oil, which has been widely used for its anti-aging properties. When shopping for beard oil try and find one with Vitamin E (which The Gigglemug Beard Oil has) as it stimulates the hair follicle.

2# Tom Ford Conditioning Beard Oil - £36.50

Bringing in the big guns now. The Tom Ford beard oil has a very soft appliance without being greasy. It's probably the punchiest and longest-lasting fragranced beard oil I’ve tried and possibly the most potent. You'll definitely get a whiff of almond, maybe a little grape seed, but the Oud oil will deliver the most impact. Quite pricey but you get what you pay for. 

3# Jonny's Chop Shop Beard Oil - £6

I'm not sure if this is a best kept secret or not but it's definitely my top bargain pick. It has some interesting core oils (sweet almond, olive, wheat germ and apricot kernel), I like bottle - very voguish-retro. There is a mild scent, although it says it's un-fragranced. The best thing is the price, can't go wrong for £6. 

4# American Crew Beard Serum - £12.95

Another inexpensive bottle from a trusted brand that's been going over 20 years. Not as thin and spreadable as some of the others, but it still does the job and leaves my beard feeling soft. I have this as my emergency go-to serum if the others are running low or misplaced. 

5# Susanne Kaufmann Beard Oil Line M - £32

Who wouldn't trust someone with a name like Kaufmann? I use this one when my beard feels a little itchier than usual. Its active ingredients strengthens the elasticity of my skin and it also delivers a nice shine.