My Morning Regime with American Crew

American Crew Clay Exfoliater + Shave Oil.jpg

Today I'm going to walk you through my morning regime with American Crew. I will be posting a YouTube video to this article that will also help. I've been using American Crew products for over two years now. Many things have come and gone in my grooming rituals, but American Crew has been one of the few mainstays. 

Before jumping into the shower I apply the Clay Exfoliator. Get a coffee whilst it dries and read some news, social posts etc.

I then hit the showers, switch the dial to cold and put my body into shock for 30 seconds. It's like having ten cans of red bull. 

After I switch the dial back to a more realistic temperature I apply the following:

  • Daily Moisturising Shampoo

  • Daily Conditioner

  • Rinse off the clay exfoliating Cleanser

The Daily Moisturising Shampoo is suitable for all hair types, it offers volume and has a nice subtle fragrance. The conditioner stimulates the scalp and gives it a healthy look. 

NOTE - I won't lie, if I'm pressed for time I'll just use the clay exfoliator as a facial wash and scrub evenly under the hot water for a few minutes. 


You're probably thinking, 'Jeez-Louise Carl, doesn't this eat into your day?' You'd be right. But I don't actually mind the maintenance. I take pride in my appearance and I enjoy the process of looking good.

Much like you need to enjoy the process of cooking to appreciate the meal. Wait did someone say Deliveroo? Only messin'. 

For my beard I wash my face with warm water, then apply the ultra-gliding shave oil. It's important to get the oil into the beard. You don't need to apply more than a drop or two. But get it right in there. Oils of eucalyptus and clove are antibacterial and counter nicks, razor bumps and ingrown hairs for a clean shave.

Then after I do any trimming or maintenance, I apply the serum which softens the beard.

Skin Care:

As Scaramanga would say 'this is the part I really like'. My face is like a puppy waiting for the return of his master. It can't wait to be hydrated and recharged. 

Don't forget to apply the hydrating cream over your face AND neckline. Your neck needs some loving too. 

Lastly the eyes, the windows to your soul, why not give those windows a little gloss. The eye hydrating gel It diminishes the puffiness and I feel like I can look myself in the mirror and brave the world and all its beauty. 

Hair Styling:

And for the headline act, (pun intended) we have the forming cream for the hair. I have medium yet, quite curly hair so this forming cream is perfect. It provides hold, excellent pliability, and a natural shine. 

Check out my YouTube video for a full demonstration and make sure you hit subscribe. 

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post but all thoughts are my own. As I alluded to earlier I've been a long-time user of American Crew and am proud to be an ambassador for them in the UK. 


The La Mer Moisturiser Products that are Perfect for Summer

La Mer Products 2.jpg

These past couple of weeks I've been experimenting with the latest La Mer moisturiser. As a side note, the bathroom shelf has become overrun with products of late. The products that I'm becoming inundated with have now started to bleed into other areas of the house and shortly I'll need a conversion to accommodate them. But how about that? Not just a wardrobe for clothes, but a walk in wardrobe for grooming products. 

I digress. 

Anyone knows anything about La Mer, knows they're an indomitable force in the moisturising market. In March they announced the release of their latest innovation The Moisturizing Cool Gel Cream. As with all La Mer products, the Moisturizing Cool Gel Cream features La Mer's signature ferment, the Miracle Broth, as well as the powerful antioxidant the Lime Tea Concentrate, which helps defend the skin from environmental stressors such as pollution.

La Mer Products 1.jpg

Since its inception, La Mer has incorporated the renewing powers of the Miracle Broth in all of its products. Designed to leave the skin with an even and balanced looking complexion. Its worthy to note that they have decreased the percentage down to 5% from 10% for this product, which might not sit well with some of La Mer's ardent fans.

Anyone that has been reading some recent grooming product reviews will discover I've got a somewhat unstable fetishism for an emollient. Will it manage to penetrate your pores and hydrate your skin? Or simply sit on top of your skin and claim squatter’s rights? 

As I'd expect for the price point it does penetrate well, it does enrich and has calmed some mild blemishes I've experience recently. (Easter Eggs take their toll people). It has a citrusy finish, which is satiating but not as pleasant as the Aesop Mandarin Facial Hydrating Creme, believe me it’s yet to be usurped in the great smelling moisturiser department.

I'm not entirely sure if this is designed for oily skin or people prone to bursts of acne, I haven't seen indications or slug lines from the campaign telling me so. So I'm dubious of some of the product reviews on the La Mer site. However, I will say the adverts featuring Kate Hudson are seriously highfalutin. Reminds me of those empty calorie signs you'd see hanging in corner coffee houses reminding you to smile and the world will smile with you

La Mer is really the Mike Tyson of Moisturisers, you might not like all the publicity surrounding him, but he does all his talking in the ring. Not sure if that analogy works but I'm sticking with it.