WAHL – The Innovators of Beard Trimming Technology

Today I'm going to wax lyrical about Wahl, the pioneers and trailblazers of hair clippers and beard trimmers. This year they celebrate 100 years of successfully innovating beard trimming technology, so I'm taking a moment to doth my proverbial hat to Leo Wahl, who in 1919, created the first electric hair clipper, revolutionising the way we sculpt our beards and facial hair today. 

Leo Wahl was to beard trimmers, what Dr Emmet Brown was to time travel. I think that analogy works better in my head. I digress. 

As many of you know I'm a patron of Ruffians barbers, (free plug) and like to maintain the upkeep of my beard and hair by visiting them on a fortnightly basis. It has not gone unnoticed by this Lifestyle Blogger that the barbers in Ruffians whom I consider to be connoisseurs, swear by the Wahl products

There is no greater endorsement in my mind for a hair clipper or beard trimmer than when you find your respected barber eulogising about its merits. 

How often should I go to the barber? 

The reason why I go to the barber so frequently, is because it's important for me to feel good about myself. My face is my business card. It needs to impress. I also feel really awesome after a good visit to the barbers. 

Do you ever get that? You feel like a million bucks when you get a trim, you want to take 1000 pictures, you want to send them all to your ex-girlfriend and say, 'look at me now woman!' 

It was not a surprise to me when I read Wahl’s recent study that shows 81% of men feel most confident in the two-week period after a haircut and/or beard trim, but 70% still leave it for over a month between trims.

This means that up to half of some men’s life is spent feeling less positive than he could do, all while a simple solution is close to hand. Drop me a comment in the box below if you'd like to read the rest of that study, I'll forward it on. 

Simon Shaw, Global Artistic Director at Wahl, said: “From the survey results, it is clear to see the affect that maintained personal grooming can have on positive life situations and a man’s overall wellbeing. At Wahl, we have been at the centre of men’s grooming for the past 100 years and have seen the impact that our products have had on people’s happiness after a new haircut, beard trim or in between cuts. We look forward to more of these moments over the next 100 years.”

I'm also a flagbearer for Wahl, using their products in my own home. I still have and use the first one I ever had - it works exactly the same today as it did back as new. I also use one that is waterproof in the shower and a cool vacuum one that collects the hair as you shave! 

So you get the idea, I love Wahl. They're awesome, that's why they've been around for 100 years and still continue to be on the vanguard of beard trimming technology and innovation. Do yourself a favour and get one for yourself, get one for your Dad while you're at it. (Father's Day plug, nudge nudge). 

I've done some Vlogs over on my YouTube channel about male grooming, but when it comes to hair and beard trimming, you should go straight to the top and head to www.wahl.co.uk for the latest grooming tips straight from the barbershop.

To celebrate its 100 Year Anniversary, Wahl is giving you and a friend the chance to win a trip to Chicago – where the brand began. You can find details on how the enter here

*This paid sponsored post was created in collaboration with Wahl UK & Ruffians.

London's best barbers | Men's grooming @ Ruffians

I think too many of us gents out there are settling for substandard haircuts from poorly trained hairdressers or barbers and the reason I think this is because about 5 years ago I used to be a 1 in that statistic. Getting your haircut can seem like a chore and therefore we spend less time researching good places and just go to the nearest one around where we live or from work. A quick 30 minutes and I can get on with the rest of my day kind of mentality. 

That has to change because barbering has come a long way in the last few years and places like Ruffians are at the forefront of this revolution. The shift from a quick "short back and sides please" to an experience where you can relax, work, have a drink, purchase some men's grooming products and of course get your hair cut are becoming the new normal.

Although Edinburgh is their true home, Ruffians now have 3 locations throughout London which are Covent Garden, Shoreditch and Marylebone and I'm sure their growth is going to continue so keep an eye out on their website for future openings. I went to the Marylebone branch which is just off Oxford Street on Wigmore Street, a perfect location to do some shopping, have some food around St Christopher's Place and now get an epic haircut and shave from Ruffians all a stones throw away from each other.

The store interior is low mood lighting, wooden paneling with a touch of industrial and copper finishing touches, whilst still being light and spacious - quite a feat. The staff are as expected polite, friendly and absolute, unquestioned masters of their craft. 

Just touching on the 'experience' aspect that I talked about earlier, whilst you are waiting to get your haircut just pull up a stall, get your laptop, macbook or phone out. Connect to their fast wifi and catch up on emails, stream a film, listen to music, whilst sipping away at a complimentary Ruffians pale ale or Monkey47 gin & tonic. I mean you had me won over at 'fast wifi'!

A full list of their services can be found here. Although an example of a couple are a 45 minute haircut package, which includes a consultation, shampoo & condition with a scalp massage, cut, finish and style. Or how about just popping in for a 15 minute quick beard tidy up? 

Gone are the days of booking yourself in for a haircut a week in advance of a special event because you had to 'give it time to grow out' - a haircut should be perfect the moment a barber has finished with their cut, finish & styling. 




Photography by myself & Adam Bodini