Gillette Subscription Service: One to consider?

Today I'm going to be highlighting the Gillette Subscription Service. The idea of subscription packages is designed to be mutually beneficial for both consumer and customer. 

I run my own shirt subscription service for shirt enthusiasts whom enjoy a rotation of quality shirts. So you could say I'm well drilled. 

Of many of the subscription services out there, this to me is the one that makes the most sense. Men who have an established ritualistic grooming regime will always require quality razors. 

Step 1

With Gillette you have the options of 3 quality blades. Whether it’s the Mach3, our five-bladed Fusion5 or Proglide with Flexball technology, they have the right razor for you. 

Step 2

After you select your blade, choose how often you want to receive your refill blades.

I have a short beard but do like to wet shave certain areas like I've mentioned on previous posts. So as I have regular, yet modest use for a razor, my refill subscription would be lower than most.

Gillette base the frequency of blade refill deliveries on how often you shave in a week. Every refill pack we send has 4 blades from your chosen razor that you can attach to your razor handle so you never run out of blades. 

After you sign up

After you place your order, you will receive a starter kit including the razor of your choosing, a shave prep, travel case and one replacement blade. 

After 15 days Gillette dispatch your first blade refill pack and they will keep sending them out at your chosen frequency.

Can I cancel anytime? 

This is actually the best bit. So many times we get roped into yearlong subscriptions. Phone contracts, Gym, SKY TV etc. I think some of these companies act immorally. 

Why do I need to be tied to a Gym for a year? Imagine starting every relationship like that. Your first Tinder date. The girl seems nice but then after five minutes she whips out a contract that means you'll be buying her drinks for the next year.' 

I digress. 

The Gillette Subscription is one to consider. There are others out there of course but I approve of the concept and the products. 

*This paid sponsored post was created in collaboration with Gillette UK and The Hut Group. All views are of my own.


Start Your Day Off the Right Way: With Cornerstone #StartYourDayRight

P7080456 copy.jpg

How do you start off your day? I always like to start the day off in a positive manner and run with that positiveness throughout the day. I'm pretty routine with my morning 'chores' and it goes something like this. I don't normally set an alarm, however I don't wake up naturally either - I have a needy French Bulldog that sleeps in the front room and whines for attention between 06:30 and 07:30 everyday without fail, so that is my alarm clock. Seriously if you want an alarm sound that is soooooo annoying, it is the whine of a French Bulldog.

So I'm awake (kind of), what next? Well like pretty much everyone out there, I hit the snooze button a couple of times - but for me the snooze button is shouting out 'BED' to Charlie-dog until I can hear his paws tip-tap back into his own bed. He'll then go back to sleep for about 30 minutes and then whine for attention again - perfect as I'm actually ready to get up now. Coffee has to be the first thing of my morning routine, I mean I just can't function without one, then feed myself, feed Charlie, put on the news, check my emails, whatsapp, social media and thats all done in my pants! 

Being a menswear blogger, appearance is key so I do have a morning grooming regime. Regime makes it sound like an absolute chore but it isn't and only takes 5-10 minutes. I like to have a bit of stubble, however on occasions I clean shave and when I do the only razor I use is Cornerstone to achieve a smoother, more comfortable shave than I have previously been able to. If you are normally clean shaven, I would recommend shaving daily and adding it to your routine, then shaving will become habit and less tiresome.

I have very thick, curly, course stubble (give or take a couple of bald patches!) and often get ingrown hairs, so when I shave it is crucial to always start with the Cornerstone pre-shave face scrub which is a thick cream with cedarwood & volcanic sand to help prevent nicks, cuts and shaving bumps. The grains, when massaged into your beard/stubble helps release ingrowing hairs, unblock pores and lifts away dead skin cells.

P7080448 copy.jpg

Forget cheap shaving foams, this shaving gel from Cornerstone is the real deal, as soon as you apply to your face you can feel it soothing the skin. Their sensitive shave gel has ginger & eucalyptus to protect, rehydrate and help reduce shaving irritation.

All of the Cornerstone skincare products have been formulated and made in the UK specifically for people with sensitive skin so they’re paraben free, soap free, don’t contain any harsh chemicals. The face scrub and shave gel are vegan friendly and post-shave balm is vegetarian friendly.

The final post shave step is often the most forgotten but is a vital last step in your shaving routine - it will calm and soothe irritated skin as well as put back any lost moisture in your skin. It will also leave your face protected throughout the day. The post-shave balm by Cornerstone is refreshing, lightweight and non-greasy with mint & honey to soothe.

As I mentioned earlier, I don't shave too often but what I like about Cornerstone is that they have a subscription package whether you are a daily shaver or like myself shave as and when. So I receive 1 box every 18 months, which only costs £30 and that includes delivery. 

I know my face is in good care with Cornerstone as they have won the 'Best Razor Award' at last year’s 'Shortlist Grooming Awards' where they beat the bigger, more well-known brands. Quite a success story.



1. HOW OFTEN? Choose between daily (they'll send 1 box every 6 weeks), now & then (they'll send 1 box every 12 weeks) or not often (they'll send 1 box every 18 weeks). However is their pre-set delivery schedule is not to your liking, you can simply customise this by moving a sliding bar left or right.

2. WHICH PRODUCTS? Time to choose what you would like to include in your subscription box. Pick and choose any of the 3 shaving products - Pre-Shave Face Scrub (£5), Shave Gel (£6) and the Post-Shave Balm (£5). Select the 6 Razor Blades and you'll receive, a free engraved aluminium razor handle with your first delivery.

3. PERSONALISE YOUR RAZOR. Finally you can choose to engrave your razor with up to 3 letters.