What to Wear at This Year's Summer Festivals

Summer in the UK is awesome. Yes, winter can be long and based on this current summer, it can also be a little bit unpredictable. Although when the sun has put its hat on (on weekends in particular!) there is no better place to be. As a nation, we love to party, we love music, we love fashion and thats why we love festivals. I'm heading off to Reading Festival this year and would like to share with you my Festival Fashion Must Haves.

Who else is going to Reading Festival (check the lineup here) this year, let me know and maybe we can meet up for a cider? This is my first time to this festival and can not wait, I love the difference in music genres that Reading Festival offers, there is something for everyone. There are just too many artists to mention but personally I can not wait to see the Red Hot Chili Peppers on the main stage Saturday 27th August. Other artists I will defiantly watch are Imagine Dragons, The Courteeners and Biffy Clyro as I love their song Many Of Horror SO MUCH!

Last week, I headed to Bluewater Shopping Centre in Kent to shop for this years festival wear. If you are a festival goer pop along and try on some pieces, grab a coffee or a bite to eat. Have a read of this blog as I have done all the hard work for you, so read, relax and visit Bluewater knowing exactly where to go and what to buy. New Look Men has just opened doors there and I know they have some amazing festival pieces. Bluewater also houses other top brands such as Urban Outfitters, Topman, River Island and Zara - all under one roof and to top it all off, I could go and visit my parents afterwards who only live 5 minutes away - bonus!

Head over to New Look Men as they have some great festival print t-shirts, whilst visit River Island and shop their extensive camo collection. In both stores, you'll also find a large selection of festival fashion accessories such as bracelets, neckerchiefs, sunglasses, hats and jewellery.

Urban Outfitters offers an extensive collection of affordable sunglasses that will not break the bank. The grey granddad collar shirt and grey backpack in the images below are other festival must haves.

When choosing what footwear to wear at this summers festivals - try to look beyond just wellies. Of course, check the weather forecast first because if you are expecting a lot of rain then expect above the ankle in mud. In that scenario, the only real option is wellies. However if you are lucky enough to have sun or just light showers, opt of a pair of Converse boots or my personal favourite, a pair of hardy wearing and super comfortable Timberland (non-suede) boots. 

In terms of out there, bold, bright festival wear - head over to Zara and shop their awesome collection below. They also have some great denim shirts and jackets. Denim is a great fabric to wear for festivals because it requires less washing than other fabrics.


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Photo Credit Kylie Eyra


I feel that packing for a festival should be a master of arts degree. We are well and truly in the middle of the UK festival season so here are my list of things to pack for a festival so you'll be ready to hit the fields in style and comfort.


Now there is something to be said about having a massive 8-man tent that has its own east and west wings and a place where you can get changed standing up. What to remember is that these tents and pretty heavy to carry and take an age to put up, so leave that to one of your mates and just reap the benefits of their hard work. What you should do is invest in a 2 second pop-up tent from Quechua as they are made extremely well and are dual skinned which means you wont get all the condensation on the inside of your tent. Arrive, throw your tent up and crack open an a beer whilst watching and maybe filming your mate struggle with his 8-man'er.


Lets be honest, its England and it will rain so you'll probably end up wearing your wellies most of the time - so you need to have a pair that are cool and comfortable. Hunter have a vast range of quality comfortable wellington boots but are expensive so an alternative would be to purchase a pair from Barbour at half the price. Another alternative if space is an issue, you could opt for a pair of mid-calf smaller wellies.





Don't be that person. You know the laughable fool dragging their massive suitcase through the mud whilst finding a suitable place to pitch up. They can be quite expensive, so if you have a friend who has done a bit to travelling...shotgun to borrow theirs. 


If you are the sort of person like myself that once the seal has broken needs a piss a pint. So I'm forever leaving my mates and going to the toilet and losing them on my return. I need my phone and it charged at all times. Check out the chargers from ANKER, they also have battery cases that will clip on to your phone...winning!


Party hard and sleep well. Take a single air-bed but remember if you have the normal air-beds they will require a foot pump. So opt for these self-inflating single mattresses with a cheap pillow that you can throw away at the end of the festival.


Fed up of drinking cider, beer and who buys a vodka and coke at a festival?! Dip into your hip flask filled to the brim with your favourite spirit, probably saving you money at the same time.


Unless you are glamping, you'll probably not going to queue a couple of hours to have a cold shower. So take a packet of wet-wipes and lots of deodorant.


To mop up all that alcohol!



If there is one place where you can get away with wearing the most out there, wackiest print t-shirt or shirt - its at a festival. ASOS currently do some awesome floral prints and have hand-picked a few choices below.


Fancy that hot girl to my 5 o'clock, the one with the flowers in her hair? Nope don't turn around just yet, put on your sunglasses and have a cheeky glance over. Don't bring your £200 vintage Ray-Bans, you'll only lose them and it will ruin your festival experience. Opt for a cheap under £10 pair and if you lose them, its probably for the best anyway. Topman have a large selection of cheap sunglasses, so check them out.