The Worlds Lightest Eyewear Company Silhouette Introduce the Alpha Collection

One day when my poor archivist will endure the laborious task of trawling through my scribbles, they'll find two consistent themes. 1. He talks about his dog a lot. 2. He talks about eyewear equally so, if not more than. Today I'm going to talk about my recent trial of The Alpha Collection from Austrian eyewear brand Silhouette, the lightest eyewear in the world. 

In 1999, Silhouette revolutionised the world of eyewear with their Titan Minimal Art range weighing just 1.8 grams, with no rims, screws or hinges. Now the much anticipated collection of frames for men and women offers a range of innovative features and a suave metallic finish designed to complement the contemporary aesthetic of Silhouette’s core collections.

You have to consider two important factors when choosing eyewear, the comfort and the identity. What does the design say about you? Opting for the right eyewear is not too dissimilar to having a made to measure suit; (did that sound too Swiss Toni?) there is a fine line between comfort and fit. If you like the fashionable skinny look then regardless of the fabric, you'll be compromising on the comfort because you won't be as dexterous in a tight fitting suit. 

With eyewear, I always opt for a veneer of contemporary. I've been seeing a lot of Rose Metal in recent collections from Dior and Michael Kors and I was pleased to see that Silhouette has introduced this vogue aesthetic into its collection. The men’s collection offers a sleek variety of cleverly contrasted colour options and a unique bridge design with a silky matte finish. In addition, Silhouette has invested in a trend-led option, with a distinctive double-bar style on its Ruthenium / Space Blue frame.

Silhouette do have a reputation for being a very durable brand, but like most glasses you have to handle them with respect. You have to use both hands when removing and placing them on your head, otherwise the action will create weakness in the arms of the frames, therefore leading to breakage. You remember how Tom Cruise rumbles John Voight at the end of the Mission Impossible by putting his video glasses on carefully with both hands? "Good morning Mr Phelps". That's how you should treat your glasses. 

Both frames and lenses are new available under the Silhouette Vision Sensation™ programme: the brands new supplier initiative to provide frames and lenses from a single source. Under the Silhouette Vision Sensation™ programme, each stage of production will be carried out under the roof of the newly built Lens Lab in Linz. They're readily available through the Silhouette website as well as several London eye ateliers. If you are after other opticals (not this new Alpha collection) can be purchased via the brand’s luxury online retailer

The Alpha collection is a range of rimless glasses, aimed at the style-conscious male, that offers a selection of unique, dynamic lens shapes in a variety of cool, sophisticated colour contrasts. From a contemporary brown matte frame to a bolder leafy-green and brass design, the Alpha collection caters for a range of styles. Beautifully made, the Alpha frame offers a sleek, minimalist look, with the addition of a double-bar nose bridge for a more contemporary aviator style design. 

Worn by some of the world’s most stylish men including Brad Pitt, Johnny Depp and Patrick Dempsey – Silhouette is even worn by NASA astronauts when on space missions, so the brand has a proven heritage! 



Photo Credit Andrew Barber

My Eyewear Style Edit

Accessorising an outfit has always been a way of adding extra personality and can be done perfectly by selecting a pair of stylish frames from David Clulow opticians. These incredible, tortoiseshell coloured eyewear are from Oliver Peoples latest collection and are extremely versatile. There are so many decisions that you need to make when choosing the perfect glasses for yourself and it can be very overwhelming. Different face shapes suit certain frame shapes, large frames, small frames, do they fit correctly on your nose etc are amongst some of the most common questions asked. Often it is good to bring a friend along when choosing the right glasses for you or of course you can always go into David Clulow opticians and discuss everything with one of their style experts.

The glasses style experts at David Clulow will be able to give you expert advise to make absolute sure that you choose the perfect pair or pairs. Personally when choosing glasses or sunglasses for that matter, I also look at my style of clothing and what palettes I like to wear most. Also when will I wear these glasses? For work, watching TV, going out or a utility pair? All these questions need to be answered. If I'm buying a pair for work, I would want a solid colour such a black frame which would work well with any coloured suit. Whereas, my indoors pair would have to be more flexible and light in weight. Finally a going-out pair would be where I choose something a bit more risky, a bit more stylish to stand out from the crowd.

This outfit of the day is focusing on mixing tan tones with black and therefore I've accessorised perfectly with my Oliver People glasses and Harrys of London tan sneakers. If you imagined this outfit with a pair of green or red framed glasses, I'm pretty sure it wouldn't work as well. So getting the right pair of glasses for your own personal style is something you should take time to get right. 

Recently I collaborated on a 'day in the life of' type video with David Clulow. So make sure you head over to their website (link below) to watch the video and read my full interview discussing eyewear and style.



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Photography by Ella H

*This post was created in collaboration with David Clulow*