Summer Holiday Evening Wear | Men's Style Edit

A few weeks ago I was luckily enough to visit one of my bucket list places, Zanzibar in Tanzania. I booked it in Jan 2018 after getting the winter blues! A holiday for one if needs be, but I wanted to back myself that a) I'll manage to get a girlfriend during the 5 months before I had to fly or (b) I could get a friend to come with me! 

Dressing for a summer holiday can be a challenge, quite stressful and costly and if you are anything like me, you'll want a whole new wardrobe for it. In this Men's Style Edit, I've chosen an outfit where each item of clothing can be reused in another outfit and therefore you'll get the most out of your 20KG baggage limit.

So for this Summer Holiday Evening Outfit, I've worn a pair of white slim jeans from ASOS, navy loafers from REISS and a black shirt from ZARA. The jeans (if you keep them clean) can be worn a few times with floral shirts, polos or t-shirts. The loafers should be your evening wear footwear of choose and navy pretty much goes with anything. Then as the shirt is black, depending on humidity you'll be able to wear this during the day open buttoned.



The Cuban Collar Shirt | Men's Style Edit

Okay so we're forecasted continuous rain in the UK for the next 10 days, so I couldn't feel less Cuban right now if I'm honest! Some people say that I have an over imaginative mind and I'm harnessing all of it's power right now in the attempt to imagine this shirt on the beaches of Cuba or in-fact anywhere remotely sunny. Instead I've thrown off my large warm jacket, umbrella and photographed this outfit during a brief break in the weather on the streets of London.

It's quite hard trying to showcase new SS18 (Spring/Summer 2018) collections when the weather just isn't playing ball...but as a predominately fashion blogger, I have to persevere, adapt and carry on regardless. I love the simplicity of this look, a basic monochrome palette and on-trend Cuban collar shirt completes a very summer look. Imagine this on a tropical paradise sipping a cocktail.

Starting from top to bottom, I'm wearing sunglasses from Finlay & Co, a white Cuban shirt from Reiss, watch from Rotary, skinny black jeans from ASOS and white trainers from Cole Haan.



Photography by Rebecca Spencer