April is one of those transition months, where wind, rain and sun battle it out for supremacy. Then there is the dilemma between wether to have the heating on or off, the windows open or not. In fact March and now April are two months where I have been struggling between being so hot and sweaty that I can start to smell myself and too cold that my willy has gone into hibernation.

So it is important to dress with layers so you can strip off or layer-up depending on the situation. The key to my look is to choose lightweight fabrics. You'll see more lightweight trench coats making an appearance, as they are warm yet airy and perfect for the changeable British weather. 

When choosing a lightweight shirt, try to opt for a breathable poplin cotton weave. Layer that with a thin merino wool jumper and you have the perfect three upper body layers for Spring 2015.


Jack & Jones Boots | ASOS Belted Trench Coat | ASOS Merino Crew Cut Jumper | Blue Skinny Jeans | Hawkins & Shepherd White Shirt | Hawkins & Shepherd Black Tie