5 Ways How to Overcome Rejection Like a Champ

First off it's always a bummer being on the receiving end of rejection. You have all the messy red tape and acrimony that comes with the division of equity. There's the sudden loneliness. Then of course you see them on social media with their new found love doing keepy-ups in their new Barcelona kit. God I'll never forgive you Phillip Coutinho. I digress. 

But there are ways we can handle being dumped like an absolute champ. Believe me I'm a seasoned veteran, I've been sent out on loan and told to never come back plenty of times. Here's 5 tips for you guys that will ease your suffering and get you back in the saddle. 


I always thought that being dumped was an entirely one sided defeat. That the dumper was always significantly 'better off' emotionally, than the dumpee. But it's not the case. Unless you're Alec Wildenstein having to shell out a cool $5.6 Billion dollars in a divorce settlement (yes I googled, most expensive divorce in history) chances are you'll both be better off. How? Because whilst you might be feeling the rejection, the heartache, become suddenly riddled with self-doubt, you're newly christened EX will be experiencing another horrible stew of emotions. She'll also be feeling insecure; questioning her decision making in the process (she didn't back a winner in you). She'll feel that void also of not having you around, a lot more than you think. 


Whenever someone sh*t-canned me in a relationship I always vowed to come back stronger. You'd always see that scene in movies where the guy bumps into his ex, six months down the road and he'd be in phenomenal physical shape, in a new suit with a new hair-do, maybe ordering a Chinese meal in fluent Mandarin, you get my point. 

Call it one-upmanship, call it egocentric, who cares. You have to envisage that moment where you meet your ex, possibly by engineered circumstances and you are just on top of your game. Do what you have to. Get a personal trainer, a personal stylist, a life coach, but life is a game and you have to play to win. (Think I read that on a tweet somewhere last week). 


To her and to yourself. Now is the time to compartmentalise and figure out what it is that you're lacking. Are you getting repeatedly dumped? Not getting past the 3-month part of the relationship? If this scenario is pattern-forming, then something is off. It can't be because your penis too big every time right? Go away, have a think, don't get hammered every night. 


Get her off your phonebook, your Facebook, your Christmas card list the lot! Trust me out of sight out of mind is the best way to go. You need time to grieve, she needs time to do one and think about her role in this fiasco. If she texts you and says its churlish, congratulate her on using a brilliant word, then tell her to leave you alone. If you want to be dumped like a pro just watch Clive Owen chuck Julia Roberts out of his flat in that movie Closer


Grieving and reflection, internalising and all these new-man actions will only get you so far down the road. You might want to also consider that you're not that bad, someone will have you. A new pursuit and something shiny and new to replace that void could be just the ticket. After all, we can't just stick with what we have to use the transfer window wisely, wait.. I think I'm still talking about Coutinho. God damn, how could you leave me Phil!! 

Why It's Time for a Life & Body Detox

My life 'Online' is great. Just head over to my Instagram account and you'll see that for yourself, but is it really that great in 'real life'? If you peel back those Instagram filters and Photoshop layers you'll uncover the truth. Just a normal guy who experiences the same highs and lows as everyone else, battling through life. Trying to be successful in work, experiencing different cultures through travel, searching for 'the one', trying to find time for friends and family whilst forever thinking what the fuck am I doing with my life?

This weekend started on a Thursday for me, as I was an usher at one of my friends wedding which was taking place on Friday. Being freelance taking time off work is always quite stressful as you have no holiday pay, no sick pay and no pay in general if you don't put in the effort and hours. Right now I'm working so hard creating content and have a variety of different collaborations of which are focused on creating advertorial and editorial content for the brands. Interesting but time-consuming. Having a few days off work made me think about the blogging industry in general, is it really worth all the work for the reward and why I continue to do it? 

5 years ago I left a very successful career in IT working for a privately owned commodities trading house where I was the global head of networks, network security and voice communications. A role that took me around the globe, from DR Congo in Central Africa to the bright lights of Singapore in Asia and everywhere in-between. If only I knew what a travel blogger was back then! I left this career to pursue a better work/life balance, something that, looking back over the last 5 years I've yet to achieve and although blogging isn't the most challenging in terms of intellect it is extremely challenging creatively and mentally. I now work from home 7 days a week from 7.30am to about 10pm most days, if not later. 

The blogging industry is an odd one, it's relatively new in terms of a career and most of the time it is very individual, a bunch of very ambitious, competitive people all contesting in a saturated market place. I've been creating content on my blog since 2014 and built it from a handful of page views to one that now competes with some of the biggest men's lifestyle publications in the UK. I'm really proud of where I've got in this new workspace, but I'm also immensely proud for each and every single men's or women's blogger out there. The very early adopters of the blogging life deserve so much credit, they were the visionaries of what created the industry that many of us work in today. Then you have the remarkable creative bloggers who have refined blogging with their professionalism and exceptional content. This selection of people are the ones who have elevated blogging into editorial content creation, a segment of this industry that is arguably the most cost effective and desirable for brands. Finally you have the late-adopters trying to make it, who are incredible; their desire and ambition keeps us all on our toes. The way we consume data has changed year on year and is going to continue to evolve over time, so who knows where we'll all be in 5 or 10 years time. Each and every blogger deserves credit as you've seen a gap in the market and capitalised on it.

This year I've been working really long hours creating content for men's lifestyle brands as I feel things have really taken off with not only my blogging but my business too and I need to capitalise on the good times. My business is London shirt makers Hawkins & Shepherd and I'm currently in the final stages of creating a new collection of 'Country Shirts' perfect to wear with a tweed jacket and in the early stages of designing a new premium Made-in-Britain range of shirts. It is all taking it's toll on my work life balance as right now there is very little 'life' going on as it is all 'work'. Even events which seem great on Instagram Stories are actually considered as 'work'. 

At 37 and what seems like a great life, I've been successful in my career, I've started a year-on-year growing business and have capitalised on a new industry in blogging. I've met some incredible people, some intelligent people, some people that make me belly laugh for hours and some amazingly beautiful people. All that said I'm still single and spending the weekend at a wedding with incredible couples and families really hit home. Is work effecting my ability to find a girlfriend? Am I concentrating on work too much, that my life and what I desire in my future are being affected? Is work stopping me from seeing my friends and family? Why does work take up every spare hour of every day I have? And is this the reason why I can't seem to give even what 'on paper' is the perfect girl for me a chance? Am I going to be eternally single and 'Uncle Carl' to all of my friends kids? Work has taken over, fact. Which is why I've decided to take a life detox, that doesn't mean that I'm going to stop working - hell no! It just means that my priority's need to change slightly and I'm going to look at delegating more so that I can focus on life again. 

If I look back at my relationship history in the last 7 years, it's been pretty shocking on all accounts. Other than one relationship that we brought out the worst in each other I've only really had a few two months flings (I don't really know what the call them) as they had potential but went nowhere. But it's not only my love life that has taken a backseat due to work commitments but it is also my fitness. Today I felt normal again after a couple of days of insane drinking, so decided to do a boot camp class on Clapham Common with British Military Fitness. How have I got so unfit?! So it's also time for a body detox which I'm going to record my progress as of tomorrow for a couple of months and see how far I can transform in a relatively short timescale of 8 weeks.



Photography by Sophie Milner

MYZONE Exercise Monitor | Product Review

The product I've been trialling for the last month is the MYZONE MZ-3. First question, what is MYZONE MZ-3? Well, it an accurate exercise tracker that helps you get the most out of your workouts. The MYZONE belt fits comfortably around your chest with the small tracker device around the sternum area. The idea is to wear the belt whenever you do any fitness activity and the belt will track your heart rate during the workout, you can then view live stats or analyse via the MYZONE app after your workout.

Like many of my friends I wanted to get super fit this year and motivation is the key to everything which is why I've trialled the MYZONE tracker to assist with that side of things. Getting started is simple. First, of course you'll need to purchase one of the trackers which are £129.99 from their online store. Sorry I should have said the MZ-3 is £129.99 however they also have lots of other trackers such as a watch, or fitness clothing which the tracker attaches to varying in price. Next, get the MYZONE app downloaded to your smart phone which is available on Apple & Android. Register your belt via the app. Put on you MYZONE MZ-3, then enable bluetooth on your smart phone. Simply workout and enjoy the live stream or if you want to leave your phone at home or in a locker whilst you workout, the MYZONE belt will upload the data that it has stored from your workout to the MYZONE app the next time it is in close proximity to your phone and bluetooth is on.

The MZ-3 belt is an innovative monitoring system that reads your heart rate, calories burned and overall effort accurately in real-time. Take your exercise to a new level by ensuring that your heart rate is always exactly where it needs to be. Register your belt online to participate in challenges, track your progress and see your efforts rewarded. 

There are two main things that I personally do for fitness and that is a) the gym to work on muscle mass and b) British Military Fitness to work on core and cardiovascular. I've worn the MYZONE belt to the gym, however I personally just do weights at the gym, in that scenario the stats were not that useful because my heart rate stayed pretty low. 

British Military Fitness is a group HIIT outdoors fitness camp run by ex-military professionals. I do this between 3-5 times per week and some days I really put everything I have into it but other days I kind of hide at the back of the class, not really working to my maximum. I wanted to use the MYZONE belt to track 'actually' how hard I am working and if there is room to push myself further. Below is a typical session that I have recorded:

British Military Fitness HIIT Training - Clapham Common

British Military Fitness HIIT Training - Clapham Common

The class run from 09:30 - 10:30 with a warm-up, water break sometime in the middle and a cool-down. The red bars indicate that you are working above 90% of you maximum heart rate (mine is set to 182 beats per minute) and the MYZONE belt sets this for you based on a number of statistics. The yellow is above 80% and the green above 70%. 

Overall I can tell that I'm actually working to my maximum in patches, which is nice to see...I'm not taking it as easy as I thought I was. Obviously there are peaks and troths but that is normal when doing HIIT or circuit training over an hour. 

What I found the most motivating when using the MYZONE tracker is earning MEPS (MYZONE Exercise Points) and trying to reach the daily, weekly & monthly targets as well as topping the charts against all of your peers. Go ahead and give it a try yourself.



Transform your living spaces with a feature wall

I'm presuming most of us if not all of us have been given some new personal belongings for Christmas recently and if you are anything like myself - I don't like clutter. If I bring anything new into my small Clapham, London flat it means I'll have to get rid of some older stuff to make space. This morning I did just that. A total declutter, tidy up of my bedroom and in doing so I felt much more in control and stress free...however in turn it exposed how bare my room was. I decided today was the perfect day to construct a feature wall, hopefully transforming my bedroom into somewhere a little more comfortable. So here is what I created...



1. Go online to desenio.co.uk and check out all of the sizes of frames possible for when you are designing your feature wall.

2. Measure the usable space for your feature wall and note down the height and width of the area.

3. Get a piece of plain A4 paper and design your feature wall. What I did was printed out the posters to scale from images the Desenio's website and moved them around the paper to create my perfect feature wall design.

4. Commit to your design and buy to posters & frames. I would recommend getting an extra couple of smaller sizes, as they may come in handy to fill in any gaps if your measurements weren't spot on!

5. Once you have received everything through the post, put the posters into the frames you picked. Then place each picture on your bed in the exact placement according to your design. Here is where you can move things around if it doesn't quite work.

6. Go grab some nails, a hammer and a spirit-level and put some basic DIY skills to the test. Time to assemble your feature wall to transform your living space.

7. Stand back and admire your creation!



Vauxhall ADAM S | The Perfect London Runaround | Car Review

I've had a long history with Vauxhall motors all the way back when I was 17 and passed my driving test. In fact my first car was a Vauxhall Corsa Breeze, if I recall correctly. It was a lovely 1.0 litre beast in a colour crossed between yellow and green. My love for the Vauxhall Corsa continued as my second car which was an upgrade to the first and was a black Vauxhall Corsa 1.2 litre...although I don't recall the exact model, I do recall driving it around in my early twenties, arrrr we had some good times together! As I grew older and my career was progressing, I wanted a sports car...ideally, 2-seater, soft-top, something a little bit impractical for the time in my life when I could be as I had zero commitments. I've always had a great experience with Vauxhall cars, and I read plenty of reviews on what a great car it was....so I brought a Lightning Yellow Vauxhall VX220, an incredible car and one that I wish I still owned.

Fast forward a few years when I moved from the sweeping free flowing country roads of the Kent countryside, to the gridlock of London. It was an exciting time but also a sad time in my life where I reluctantly sold the VX220 and decided to rely on public transport to get around.

However, having a car in London is very handy to have and I soon realised that I couldn't live without some form of personal transport. Especially when you like to head out of the Big Smoke for weekends away, take your dog to the park or a summer trip to the beach. So I have been looking for a small London run-around car. Something easy to park, is practical enough to go about everyday life as well as having a little oomph to it...because well its nice to get some feedback when you press the accelerator peddle! 

For me, the perfect London Car is the Vauxhall ADAM S which I have been test driving for the last week. Starting from £17,935 without seeing the car can seem expensive, but after having had the car for a week - I can see and feel exactly where that money is spent. 


  • 18” alloy wheels
  • Red painted calipers (disc front 16”, rear discs 15”)
  • Performance chassis
  • VXR Styling Pack
  • Rear-mounted roof spoiler
  • Rear lower spoiler extended with cut-out and visible chrome exhaust
  • Roof Colour Pack
  • ESP switch off button
  • Aluminium sports pedals
  • Dark-tinted rear windows
  • Sports suspension
  • Electronic climate control
  • CD player with USB facility and aux-in socket
  • Digital radio
  • Bluetooth® connectivity
  • Steering wheel-mounted audio controls
  • Leather-covered steering wheel
  • Black Cloth/Morrocana seats
  • Cruise-control and trip computer
  • ESP-plus
  • ABS brakes
  • Tyre pressure monitoring system
  • Six airbags.

The Vauxhall ADAM is also customisable allowing you to add your own style and personality to your next motor. Here are some examples, which one do you prefer? Or could you create something better? Open the car configurator to design your own.

England's Beautiful Beaches - Camber Sands

We all have childhood memories of going to the beach. Growing up in Kent, I was lucky enough to be about an hour to most of England's south east beaches. I remember as a kid going to Whitstable beach eating cockles and ocean pinkies. Hastings was a favourite of mine because of the crazy golf course. Then there was Dymchurch where I recall spending all day in the amusement park. Camber Sands was also always one of my favourites, although there isn't too much to keep you entertained, it does have an incredible beach and sand dunes that you can roll down and play hide-n-seek in...ohhhh I wish I was young again!

With Summer officially ending the chances of getting a hot, cloud free day to head to the beach is going to get harder so on this sunny Monday morning Rebecca and I headed down to do this photoshoot. Camber Sands is approximately 1 hour and 45 minutes from London, so a little bit of a journey but well worth it. 

Camber Sands has a vast sandy beach and at low tide the water is so far out making the beach seem much larger. Lining the beach are some amazing picturesque sand dunes, a seemingly perfect place for the locals to grab their metal detectors and start searching for lost engagement rings and other lost personal treasures. Im guessing the local job market isn't that great. 

In this Camber Sands, outfit of the day I have kept things pretty simple with a pair of cropped skinny jeans with extreme rips in a light brown colour and white tee both from ASOS. As the jeans are cropped, they are perfect to be worn with a pair of white trainers or even flip-flops. These Adidas trainers in white and gold are from resole.co.uk my first point of call when I'm looking for some sneakers at a good price. To finish off the look I have accessorised with some Ray-Ban sunglasses that I got from the opticians and experts in eyewear David Clulow who have stores all over the UK and only offer the best designer frames. Finally, I'm a massive fan of watches that are slim and not too bulky and recently Rotary have designed their slimmest design ever which I managed to get my hands on. The design is classic with a white background and gold details and when you put it on it just moulds to your wrist. Being ultra slim in design you barely feel like you are wearing a watch.




Photography by Rebecca Spencer

London's Best Canal Walks

You might think of London's canals as a dumping ground for shopping trollies, domestic waste and the odd addicts needle here and there. Or that some parts of London's canal network run through quiet, un-lit, pedestrians paths in the middle of some of East London's notorious council estates, that you would probably want to avoid at night. Good points actually! However that aside, London's canal network can be perfect for a weekend stroll, cycle, dog walk, romantic date and of course a great blogging backdrop! So if you are a visitor to London or like myself, someone who should see more of our great city, then you should spend some weekend time along these waterways.

During this shoot I took Charlie for a walk along the part of Regents Canal that passes through Kings Cross with Kylie who took these photos of Charlie and I - so big thanks to her for having to deal with the two of us. Going on canal walks are a great way to see a lot of London that you most certainly would not see on the big red tourist buses. They are also especially great if you are into photography. If the sun is shining (big IF), you'll get some amazing shadows around the bridges. If you do take your dog on a canal walk, always keep them on a lead and remember to clean up after them, if your dog is as annoying as Charlie at producing wet, sloppy, number twos at the worst possible times...then just do your best! As you can see from the below, some dogs also might not like to walk along some of the bridges...but then again maybe it's just Charlie...he is my special dog. 

So if you are looking to explore some of London's waterways, here are a couple of options:


A nine mile waterway which slowly winds its way through London's, Regents Park, Camden, King Cross areas. Marvel at the colourful boats moored up in Little Venice Basin. Enjoy some street food and vintage shopping around Camden Lock. If its culture you are after, visit the London Canal Museum. There are also some amazing old English pubs and bars along the walk, explore and you'll find some of London's best hidden gems. 



Why not head over East to The Limehouse Cut, London's first navigable canal dug in London which was constructed in 1770. As you are in the area, also visit the mills by Bow Locks then moving north towards Hackney Wicks, you'll find the three mills green. You can then take a turn towards Victoria Park and along the Hertford Union Canal and finally head south along Mile End Park back towards Limehouse along the River Thames.

For us singletons out there, we are always looking for something different to do on dates. For the majority, it's fine to go to pubs, bars and maybe a quick bite to eat, however for that one that you are actually really excited about seeing, you may want to put more of an effort in. So maybe try going on an activity date to the Ginstitute in Notting Hill, maybe a climbing wall in Bermondsey or try one of these walks. Of course being a date, you want to look your best. In my look during this dog stroll along Regents Canal, I wore a short sleeved light grey shirt and grey overcoat both from allsaints. Then some skinny black jeans that I have had for donkeys years from Topman and finally some black brogue shoes from Hawkins & Shepherd. If I was going on a longer canal walk however I would probably change the shoes for converse trainers. I've also taken my Sandqvist grey backpack from ASOS, to carry some water for the dog, a blanket and maybe even a picnic and prosecco.


Photography by Kylie Eyra


I'm not much of a whiskey drinker, so what am I doing reviewing a new Highland Single Malt Scotch Whiskey, when terms like 'single malt' and 'scotch' are lost on me? Similar to when I was younger and tried my first olive, within a few minutes I wanted another, and another until the tub was full of sucked dry pips. I'm hoping I'll look back on this moment and say it was the AnCnoc limited edition whiskey that turned me into a sophisticated whiskey drinking gent. 

I took the above photos at about 8pm on a weekday night when I had nothing planned and could sit down on the sofa to enjoy the whiskey at my leisure. All I needed was a rustic log fire and things would have been prefect. I tried the anCnoc whiskey with a splash of water and two ice cubes and during my first anticipated sip I was met with a serious number of flavours I have never come across when drinking whiskey. For my palette it was hard to pick what the flavours were, but it was sweet yet bitter and fruity - bloody nice I might add.

When buying alcohol, yes it is about taste of the product, personal taste but also some customers (myself included) look at the design of the bottle. Does it stand out from the others? What can I do with that bottle after I have drunk it all? So it doesn't surprise me that anCnoc have collaborated with fashion designer Patrick Grant who is the creative director of Savile Row tailors Norton & Sons and a judge on BBC2 show The Great Sewing Bee. Blas, translated as 'taste' in Gaelic, is presented in a specifically designed bottle by Edinburgh-born Patrick Grant. Patrick spent over a year designing the bespoke print, which is inspired by the brand, flavour notes of the limited edition liquid, and the time-honoured production methods used at the Knockdhu distillery.


In appearance, Blas is golden and honeyed. On the nose it is densely sweet and fruity with notes of lemon and candied orange peel. Tone of bitter chocolate and vanilla add complexity and weight. To taste, Blas is full bodied and oily, leaving a lasting impression. This limited edition has been matured in American oak barrels and Spanish oak butts. Chosen at its optimum level of maturation by their blender, Mark Williamson, it has been bottled at 54% and in its most natural state, neither chill filtered nor coloured.

I spent a lot of time at Knockdhu not only taking in the landscape and surrounding areas, but getting to know the people that work there and the methods that they use. Everything in the print is from the hill, the village of Knock or within the distillery itself and tells the story of the making of Blas. I’ve tried to interpret anCnoc’s history and tradition in a modern way, and hope this is translated through the aestetic of the bottle.
— Patrick Grant

The Patrick Grant Limited Edition, Blas, retails at £50 for 70cl and is available from independents and specialist retailers throughout the UK.



IMG_2159 copy.jpg

January for most of us consists of looking for bargains in the SALE, doing dry January and saving your pennies for Valentines Day (check out my gift guide for her here). I however went on a bit of a spending spree, as remember my New Year starts from 1st Feb...last month was merely a trial month which has been well and truly ripped off my calendar and binned. Here are my best buys, all of which will be reviewed at greater depth in separate posts in the near future.



I'm starting to get a little collection of cameras now and I have added the Olympus Pen E-PL7 to my Nikon D5000, Canon GX7 and Panasonic DMC-GF6...time to sell one maybe, any offers!? I brought the retro silver and black style packaged with a pancake lens then brought an additional 45mm lens for exceptional blogging photos. I'll be reading the manual front to back all week and will come up with my beginners guide to blogging with an Olympus Pen E-PL7 very soon.


London's finest shirt makers, Hawkins & Shepherd have just brought out their first range of button-down and pattern shirts for this 2016 Spring/Summer season. Don't expect them to be in stores for some time, so get online and shop today, as this collection is limited edition and while stocks last. Check back in the next week or two for some styled looks with these shirts.


I have been a long admirer of Creed Fragrances and visited their Mayfair store last year (read the review here). I've been wearing the same old average, boring aftershaves for too long....you know the same ones that everyone has. I have been wanting a new fragrance for a while so splashed out on two of my favourite aftershaves by Creed. I'll be reviewing both fragrances soon an deciding on what will be my day and night scents.


I haven't exactly been doing dry January as I mentioned....actually the total opposite. I've hit a couple of cocktail bars recently who always seem to be serving their cocktail in copper mugs, a trend? Yes maybe but I'm a sucker for following the in crowd, so I brought some. Not quite sure why - but they are pretty awesome!!


Looking back at 2015, which has been my first full year of menswear blogging, went so much better than I ever imagined. I love looking back through my early blogs and compare how I'm improving all the time. I take so much time planning outfits and most importantly writing engaging written content. I hope you have enjoyed the journey as much as I have...here are my top posts of 2015.
















There is so much more to come in 2016 with continued style posts, more brand collaborations, I'll also be posting more Travel Blogging and lifestyle articles and reviews. Please follow me on this journey. 


Many men may think they can put together flat-packed furniture without reading the manual or instructions but sometimes we have to bite the bullet and admit we can not do everything! 

There are a few things that every man should know how to do and here are some of them.