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January for most of us consists of looking for bargains in the SALE, doing dry January and saving your pennies for Valentines Day (check out my gift guide for her here). I however went on a bit of a spending spree, as remember my New Year starts from 1st Feb...last month was merely a trial month which has been well and truly ripped off my calendar and binned. Here are my best buys, all of which will be reviewed at greater depth in separate posts in the near future.



I'm starting to get a little collection of cameras now and I have added the Olympus Pen E-PL7 to my Nikon D5000, Canon GX7 and Panasonic DMC-GF6...time to sell one maybe, any offers!? I brought the retro silver and black style packaged with a pancake lens then brought an additional 45mm lens for exceptional blogging photos. I'll be reading the manual front to back all week and will come up with my beginners guide to blogging with an Olympus Pen E-PL7 very soon.


London's finest shirt makers, Hawkins & Shepherd have just brought out their first range of button-down and pattern shirts for this 2016 Spring/Summer season. Don't expect them to be in stores for some time, so get online and shop today, as this collection is limited edition and while stocks last. Check back in the next week or two for some styled looks with these shirts.


I have been a long admirer of Creed Fragrances and visited their Mayfair store last year (read the review here). I've been wearing the same old average, boring aftershaves for too long....you know the same ones that everyone has. I have been wanting a new fragrance for a while so splashed out on two of my favourite aftershaves by Creed. I'll be reviewing both fragrances soon an deciding on what will be my day and night scents.


I haven't exactly been doing dry January as I mentioned....actually the total opposite. I've hit a couple of cocktail bars recently who always seem to be serving their cocktail in copper mugs, a trend? Yes maybe but I'm a sucker for following the in crowd, so I brought some. Not quite sure why - but they are pretty awesome!!