My Spring Style by House of Fraser

I may have my heating on indoors right now as I type this but thats the unpredictable nature of our spring weather for you. What is predictable is that we are all looking forward to warmer days (and nights), a summer holiday, planning a wardrobe refresh and what to wear for this season we are in and the one coming up. In fact I've actually tried to write this opening to this blog for about 25 minutes now and just keep procrastinating by clicking on the tab next to this one 'summer holiday breaks' or playing a game where I spin my mini-globe which is on my work desk and randomly point to my next holiday destination. My last spin landed bang smack on Hong Kong (bit far for a mini-break)...okay one more spin and I'll carry on with this blog, it was Abidjan in Ivory Coast (weirdly I've already been there!) so we'll play again later on.

It's kind of a sad scenario for me not to have had a holiday for about 9 months now, as in the past I was the sort of person that would be out of the UK almost every other week either working or on holiday. Before I worked in fashion, I used to work for an Oil company for 13 years, working in almost every major city around the world as well as a ton of small, unique places in the middle of nowhere. Working abroad for so much in my twenties was incredible and gave me a massive insight into different culture, fashion, architecture, language and life. Some of which must have moulded me into how I am today and the lifestyle choices that I have made. 

Back to the globe. Okay this could work, I just picked Greece and Boston, USA...tempting.

My life right now is fashion and I love it, it is an industry of incredibly creative and gifted individuals and those at House of Fraser are an inspiration. We all know who House of Fraser are don't we? Exactly. It's because at some point in our lives, we have shopped either in one of their many UK stores or online. It's a department store that stocks it's own brands such as Linea as well as many other well respected menswear brands. It makes the store a one-stop, convenient shopping experience which is exactly what I wanted when putting together a spring outfit for this blog post. 

When putting together this outfit, I was thinking about clothes that would span spring and summer, at home or abroad. So I stuck to basic colour palettes, touching on the importance of fabrics. For example the trousers are linen, a light breathable fabric and these trousers could be worn simply with a shirt, t-shirt or even layered with a jumper, cardigan or lightweight jacket. I've paired these with a plain oxford white shirt, a wardrobe staple. The cotton oxford weave in shirts irons fantastically and is durable, so you'll get plenty of wear out of it. Roll the sleeves on warmer days to expose the contrast patterns of the cuffs. Knowing that I would photograph this outfit on the streets of London rather than Marbella, I had to layer with a jacket. As the rest of the outfit was very pastel and light in colours, I needed something that could be a bit of a statement piece and I found this suede trucker jacket again from House of Fraser. It is not padded, so layers well for SS17 and the soft suede give the jacket a luxurious feel when wearing it.

If you like it, shop it, just click on the images below:



Photography by Ella H

*Monetary compensation was provided by House of Fraser for the creation of this post.