Men's Nighttime Skincare Routine

Men are starting to look after their skin a lot more and I think this shift is due to more products being available for the male/unisex market, more information on how to look after your skin and also a culture change in the habits of men theses days. I grew up in a time where everyone used either mousse or gel (which came in big tubs of green grease) when styling their hair and facial skincare was fulfilled by a tube of moisturiser you got from your nan for Christmas and would most likely gather dust on your shelf unused.

Times have changed and I'm now looking after my skin on a daily basis, although I'm still finding that most men only look after their skin during the daytime and neglect a nighttime routine. Having a nighttime skincare routine is just as important as your daycare one because at night you become dehydrated and therefore so will your skin. Drinking water prior to going to bed and using an overnight treatment is the way forward.

Pollution damage is something we also need to guard against for our skin, which is new for even myself. I found this Molecular Saviour - Toner Mist online at Cult Beauty which is a great website for you to learn more about skincare and of course shop the latest skincare products. This product repairs damaged skin and protects against DNA, oxidative, pollution damage. It also helps protect against UV radiation and reduces skin damage. The perfect product for anyone who dwells in city life.

Overnight I use the Allies of Skin Overnight Mask which refines and brightens the skin while we sleep, it protects against dehydrating conditions and restores nutrient-deficient complexions. This product is perfect for someone who loves to over indulge, maybe it is too much travelling, partying or just too little sleep.

If you are interested to hear more about how you can protect your skin better and maintain it's health, comment or message me and I'll make sure I'll reply to all messages. Have a great day.