The brainchild of menswear designer Ross Barr-Hoyland, his knitwear collection only launched last year but already has LCM and British fashion ambassador David Gandy as a wearer of the brand. When you get up close and personal with these chunky knits, you can immediately see the highest standards of craftsmanship and feel the quality of the materials used, down to the buttons and even the thread used. The Spencer is their signature knit, chunky, double-breasted with a shawl collar and is perfect for so many occasions, walking your dog, worn underneath tweed at Goodman's Race Circuit or any horse racing event or maybe even just worn when you want a cosy night in. British design, British wool, British craftsmanship.


A brand that has grown fast in the 3 years since launching, and now regarded as one of London's finest shirt makers, taking on the traditional shirt makers of Jermyn Street and holding their own. Focusing on the highest craftsmanship of shirt tailoring, their shirts are always handmade and using the finest fabrics. When you buy a Hawkins & Shepherd shirt, you will never go back to the large shirt brands. Their signature shirt is the Pin Collar, of which they have the largest range found anywhere in the world. The brand has now expanded into Suits and Coats for AW16, so watch this space. 


Founded 1919 by John White when he crafted his first pair of shoes in a tiny shack in Northamptonshire and still today all of their shoes are handmade in England. They have four collections. Impregnable - welted shoes, Boots and Blake stitched soles was named after HMS Impregnable during the years of WWII where John White was the primary footwear supplier to the troops on the front line and the RAF. Lime Street, which is the entry price point collection into their brand. Church Street, modern classic style with true elements of distinctive traditional values such as Tassel Loafers and Double Monks, using the finest grade materials. 1919 Collection, All '1919' shoes are made in England with top grade calf, hand stitched craftsmanship of Goodyear construction.


My evolution of jean wearing has been a bit like this. I only ever used to wear costly Diesel jeans, then I had a stage of wearing only cheap disposable jeans from Topman & ASOS and now in the present time, I appreciate the both price points but have added MAC Jeans to my wardrobe. Their jeans tend to be slightly stretchy which makes it incredibly easy to find the perfectly fitted pair, the materials used are clearly of high quality and not only do they fit perfectly but they are also the most comfortable jeans I own. Their range is extensive, if you like skinny jeans - no problem or if you have thighs of a rugby player - again fine, they have a pair that will fit.


Gibson London is renowned for authentic British menswear rich in heritage and style. I don't think you'll find a brand that focuses as much on the design and detail of their garments at a very affordable price point as Gibson's. Sixties music and the modernist era helped to define the ethos of the brand. This can be evidenced in every cloth we use, every lining, every button and every stitch - clothing which has a soul and means more to the wearer than just the sum of its parts. They remain true to their heritage in continually striving to craft garments of exceptional taste and individuality which are above all pleasing to wear and firm favourites in the wardrobes.


A family heritage business of 8 generations! You have to respect a brand that has survived the last 200 years, it really is impressive. Just look at their latest collections and they speak for themselves. The brand focuses on outerwear, knits, jackets, chunky socks, scarves etc. 




Decorating their stand as a cricket pavilion was the perfect tribute to England retaining the Ashes from Australia and their collection for SS16 was as spectacular as England's bowling attack in the 4th Test. Their collection focused on window pane checks and double breasted suits along with their all year around wardrobe staples such as their tweed jackets and navy blazers.


The brand with a story was once again 'the one to watch' after another successful second season at Moda Gent. Their shirts are all handmade and crafted with the upmost attention to detail and fine fabrics, using Egyptian cotton and mainly twin 140 yarns. Hawkins & Shepherd have striped back shirts that have been over engineered to the basics of exceptional tailoring. Their SS16 range included a mixture of bold and fine checks in pinks, blues & purples whilst also showcasing an eye-catching monochrome AW15 range of shirts from London's best shirtmakers.


A brand that prior to Moda, I wasn't too familiar with however now its one that will be on my shopping list for years to come. With a price point on the premium side I was interested to find out more about the build and the fabrics which were of top quality. What stood out for me was the print fabric on the underside of their suit jackets, which gave the pieces a classic 'without prejudice' stamp of quality design. 


I'm a big fan of anything Nordic and especially when it comes to men's style and fashion. Many of my favourite menswear bloggers are from Sweden, Denmark and Norway as their style is impeccable. Again it was not a brand I was aware of but they stood out as a brand that I pretty much liked everything. From leather jackets, knitwear and formal suits...Bertoni had it all. The monochrome stripe bomber knitwear was my favourite piece of the whole Moda exhibition, now I just need to buy it!


Dressing for an interview is not the time to start experimenting.
— Carl Thompson, Founder Hawkins & Shepherd

Interviews and important meetings can be a very stressful time wether it is getting your presentation right, making sure your voice doesn't get that embarrassing shaky tone or what to wear to make the best impression.

Although I'm a dab hand at PowerPoint, I'm probably best qualified to help you out on the styling aspect and leave someone else to deal with the other stuff!

Firstly the most important thing is that you dress in something which you are comfortable in both physically and mentally. So pick a shirt that fits you well, not too small that the buttons are screaming out for extra stitching or the shirt is cutting off your circulation under the arms. What I mean by dressing comfortable mentally is just dress in something that doesn't make you feel anxious. Wear something you have worn before and liked what you felt and looked like. An interview is NOT the place to start experimenting with different colour combinations. Focus on whats important, which is getting that job!

Don't go over the top. Choose a plain Navy/Grey suit or if you are fashion forward maybe opt for a subtle window-pane or Prince of Wales Check suit. You should avoid bold tones, black or brown suits, as these can be seen a depressing colours.

Saying that, you need to stand out. So you can best do this with either the shirt or the accessories. In this look, I have gone for a gingham check red and navy extreme cutaway shirt which is bold however I have kept the tie simple with a knitted navy design and not worn a pocket square.

Do not over accessorise. There are many options when accessorising your formal look. Pocket squares, socks, tie bars, flower lapels, ties etc. Do not over use all of these accessories and do not match the colours as it can be too over powering.

Be yourself and be confident, now get out there and smash it!



Hawkins & Shepherd Shirt | Suit Supply Suit | Gibson London Tie | Hawkins & Shepherd Socks | Dune Shoes | Tie Bar by Stytched

Photo Credit Sophie Milner


When choosing fabric and designing the Hawkins & Shepherd Spring Summer 2015 collection, I wanted to go bright and bold to accompany their popular yet safe essentials collection.

Bold stripes and gingham checks are what I decided to focus on and will be THE designs to have throughout SS15 and even AW15. Although they are beautiful shirts, they are also hard to style correctly and therefore often avoided and instead opting for the bog standard whites and blues.

Well today is lesson one in how to style them. It is important to match bold colours in particular stripes with a block colour and in this case I chose navy. Try to keep the small details small and not over used or over powering. In this look I have gone for Hawkins & Shepherd Red wool socks but thats it with the red accessorising. It would be too much to then add a red pocket square..its one or the other.

Other than the coffee, which was awesome by the way; thanks The Chelsea Quarter Cafe on Kings Road - the only other accessory I have worn is a navy tie pin with palm tree details by stytched.co.uk. The worst sin when wearing a tie bar is if the tie bar hangs over the edge of the tie and with this particular bar being 1.75" in length is it perfect for semi-skinny and classed width ties.

Where to position your tie bar? Divide your tie into thirds. The bar should be pinned one third of the way down from your knot.



Suit Supply French Navy Suit  | Hawkins & Shepherd Shirt | Gibson London Tie | Hawkins & Shepherd Socks | Black Brogue Shoes