Best Dressed Men in Their 30's


What can you expect in your thirties that never happened in your twenties? You appreciate fully the unbridled sensation of dressing in a crisp white shirt. You realise you knew nothing in your twenties. The importance of being grateful. That sleep is precious and a decent mattress is essential. That sugar is less forgiving. Etc.

I'm sure I could do an entire blog. But one thing that I've paid attention to more in my thirties is not only how I dress, but the people around me dress. It really is something you never turn off. I even watch films and am taken out of the movie entirely if I can't hack if the lead male is wearing an ill-fitting suit.

Anyway, I'm going to be highlighting some gentlemen around me within my age bracket whose style speaks to me. I'll be starting by looking at men in their 30's.


Richard has an impeccable style. Has modelled for Canali, New & Lingwood, Hemingsworth La Perla and Chester Barrie so far. He's also done two collaboration with Stacey Wood over at King & Tuckfield.

A very rakish, classic look. Reminds me of Vincent Cassel and although his style is regal, he has a rebellious streak with his smoking and tattoo's. He's done great things for British Fashion and is incredibly approachable, sweet and unassuming.


If you stare long and deep enough into David Gandy's eyes, you'll be transported to a magical world where you ... wait sorry .. another story, another time.

David has little need for an introduction. He is regarded as the first male supermodel. Perhaps gaining an international recognition when he modelled for Paul Smith in the London Olympics 2012. His face and frame somehow tower majestically on every billboard overlooking the A40 on my way into Marylebone. 

Yet what I love about David most is his lack of fashion elitism. He never comments on trends he doesn't like. I don't think he even judges people on their fashion tastes. Just cracks on with his own wonderful style and manner. God love him. 


He's one cool cat out of the cockpit is Lewis. His legendary fashion 'tastemaker selective' often gets him into the arbitrary GQ and Esquire best dressed men listicles. He's forged great relationships with both Versace and Dolce & Gabanna over the years. However, his first collaboration of note has been under the Tommy Hilfiger label. The collection of athleisure is typical flamboyant Lewis. Vibrant and unabashed. Youthful and slim to skinny fit distressed denim. 


Madly tipped to be the next Omega brand ambassador, Richard has had a meteoric rise to fame since his appearance in The Bodyguard. His frame is not dissimilar to mine and compliments the modern tailored look. Slim lapels, nipped in at the waist. He reminds me of Orlando Bloom but with more promise. He looks too young to be in a suit night and day. As with men in their thirties you can tell when they'd rather be in a tee shirt jeans. A leather biker jacket is more becoming Richard than a Sexton lapel-esque Tuxedo. 


I've always thought Eddie had a great unfussy style. One of these cats that’s got effortless style. I remember hearing an interview with Chad McQueen when quizzed about his father’s style. He said 'I never found his Dad look twice in the mirror.' Meaning he'd throw something on and walk out the door. I have a feeling Eddie has a similar vibe. He's done some work for Burberry in the past. But he's due a decent movie. Nothing I'd go watch in the past 5 years. 


King & Tuckfield and Richard Biedul Reunite for SS19

King & Tuckfield and the statuesque Richard Biedul have joined forces again for a second collaboration. This much anticipated SS19 collection has only feathered the nest of affection I have for both Richard and King & Tuckfield, spearheaded by the irrepressible Stacey Wood. 

This latest collection has drawn inspiration from vintage postcards of weather worn British seafronts and has imbued a sophisticated yet playful collection of summer essentials, in a warm and uplifting colour palette. 

The collection offers an oblique rejuvenation into the deck chair stripe and a return of the high rise single reverse pleat denim trousers with exaggerated flared trousers that beautifully characterises the flamboyance of the brand, and the versatility of Richard. (I'd love to pull off a look like that). 

I was also privy to some of the mood boards into how the collection was annotated. What became clear to me instantly, was the domineering essence of vintage nostalgia. From the 60s-Era Porsche 911 Targa, to the wistful echoes of a British Summer along the Yorkshire Coast. 

King & Tuckfield modern elegance nods respectfully at a young 1950's gentleman, appreciative of the detail and craftsmanship of that era an antidote to today's throwaway culture. 

The brands signature materials palette of quality denim, merino and twill is accented with playful deck stirpes and vintage textured suits. King & Tuckfield continue to focus strongly on sustainable, ethical and responsible manufacture, incorporating quality denim, merino and even reworking classic deckchair fabrics from the 1950's. 

You can also be a apart of the King & Tuckfield journey as they are looking to crowdfund capital to take the brand to the next level. Check out their Crowdcube campaign here. 

As a side note I also enjoyed listening to Stacey Wood talk to my friend Peter Brooker over on the Menswear Style podcast about how the brand got started and her working relationship with Richard. 

This limited edition 8 piece capsule will be (in part) available for pre-order at from November, and from selected stores including Liberty and Fenwicks from early 2019.

Please note that the full King & Tuckfield SS19 collection is available to view by appointment at their showroom (92-96 De Beauvoir Block, De Beauvoir Road, N1 4EN). 

King and Tuckfield Release the Richard Biedul Collection

I've always said of Richard Biedul, he makes fashion look annoyingly-easy. He has an utterly beguiling, insouciant way about him that just makes your eyes gravitate towards him. His flare, his wire brush hair, and when he smokes he embodies the signature look of a Parisian 60's-beat poet. 

He was born in London and signed as a model in the summer of 2013. Richard made an immediate impact in London, Paris, Milan and New York walking for and shooting with some of the world’s leading fashion brands including Armani, Canali, Davidoff, Dunhill, Etro, Hackett, J Crew, La Perla, M&S, Oliver Spencer, and Paul Smith.

I loved the New & Lingwood Edmonton Linen cream suit that he wore to the St James Catwalk at London Fashion Week Men's. On day 2 he pulled out all the stops wand rocked an indigo pleated trouser and matching bomber jacket. These were some of his own designs produced in collaboration with King and Tuckfield. 

They have now launched their British Heritage inspired AW18 micro-collection. This limited edition 6 piece capsule is now available for pre-order.

"It's created in a way that you can wear every item together. It’s about comfort, function and formality. It's not one above the over we wanted to create a symbiotic relationship between the two."  - Richard Biedul

King & Tuckfield’s signature aesthetic fuses a distinctly British 1950’s feel, with sharp contemporary styling inspired by the colourful stories of founder Stacey Wood's family history.

"Nowadays we buy a top for £15 and forget about it. People from our parents and our grandfather’s generations would wear their clothes and cherish them, even hand them down. We need to get that back." Stacey Wood, Designer.

The design team draw daily inspiration from the way in which tradition and modernity meet on those bustling Spitalfields streets, where vintage memorabilia shops are juxtaposed with smart new sneaker stores. The brand is passionate about quality, favouring materials and craftsmanship that will endure for decades and contribute to the evolving narrative.

Jim Chapman said in the video profiling the collection "They are a good way for a guys to get away from jeans and these are colours that people need all the time."

This season’s stand out fabrics are a unique rippled corduroy in an inky navy, a steely blue moleskin and a beautiful dense twill with a combining colour palette of warm golden chestnut, rich indigo accented with bright forest green highlights.

New styles introduced include a relaxed chino, trench coat and a boxy 1950’s over-shirt. Signature pieces such as the pleat front trouser in denim, and the exquisite merino knitted polos return in new fabrications.


My thoughts on the King and Tuckfield project. 

It's been quite hard for me to divorce myself from sentiment as I've met Richard a few times now. But his collaboration with Stacey has ticked every box for me. It oozes class, it defies current disposable trends and you can tell there has been a lot of heart and soul poured into these clothes. 


Stand out piece? 

The ribbed collar bomber jacket. Looks great over a textured polo, tailored from double dyed rich indigo slub denim using traditional denim detailing. Beautifully styled with the roll back cuffs to accentuate the casual element, finished with the dual button down breast pockets. Salute.