Goodwin Smiths New Collection | Men's Style Edit

Today I'm finally going to let rip and tell you all about the wonderful and prestigious Goodwin Smiths New Collection. My Instagram posts have been littered with style edits, many of which have been centred around these sumptuous Goodwin Shoes.

I consider Goodwin Smiths to be one of the best kept secrets in the shoe industry, which is astonishing considering they've been designing and manufacturing quality footwear since 1928. 

They manage to offer a great accessible price on their shoes by selling exclusively online. As much as I'm a fan and proponent of bricks and mortar, I'm also a huge proponent of free enterprise. (And not averse to saving £200 on a pair of high quality shoes, which is what you'd expect to pay in big brand department stores). 

These shoes are also awesome for this inclement weather. (Yes I use the word inclement like everyone else because I hear it 20 times a day on the London Underground). The durable anti-slip TPR sole unit with leather welt detail is key and beautifully enshrined with handmade Italian leather uppers. 

I have two shoes from Goodwin Smith, an eager beaver might spot the Sherwood Bordo brogue boot I've been sporting these past couple of weeks. 

However, this Linton Brown boot, (also available in Tan) is a premium buff calfskin leather, which has been primed to accept the unique colouration applied by our master craftsman. 100% chromium free. 

Why is Chromium bad? 

Chromium has been identified as the 4th worst pollution problem in the world! When your feet get wet your shoes can react to the solvents and the glues found in certain boots and shoes. Not good news for your feet, or your partner who is also subjected to looking at your feet when it's feet up time for Match of the Day. 

Invest in the best

Overall these boots feel fantastic, the leather is supple and my step is confident and assured. The price has even been reduced online so it's a great opportunity to treat your feet this Winter. (How about that as a tagline?)