Two Sartorial Heavyweights | The Pin Collar Shirt & Double-Breasted Blazer

Dressing smartly, dapper, sartorial or formal is always much more comfortable and natural for me. It seems the older you get and the more grey you get the better you look dressing formal as apposed to casual wear and I'm at that cross-road right now. When dressing up I have some sartorial trends that I will look towards if I want to look a little bit different and extra special...for example the Pin Collar Shirt and the Double-Breasted jacket.

The pin collar shirt is an absolute classic, notoriously from the 1920's era, when all men knew how to dress. It's a trend that has been with us certainly for the last few years, pioneered by London shirt makers Hawkins & Shepherd who created a large range of pin collar shirts ahead of the fashion trend curve, which has now been replicated amongst most if not all of the high-street stores. A white pin collar shirt is a wardrobe staple which you should bring out on the specialist of occasions.

These pin collar types work extremely well with the double-breasted suit or blacker. These two heavyweight sartorial master pieces are available at Reiss & Hawkins & Shepherd - so go check them out in the shop the look section below.

I've finished off this look with my new glasses by Kite, black loafers by Donhall & Bell and a semi-skinny black tie by Hawkins & shepherd. Sorry for the short post today, although it is a Sunday and I have a roast dinner waiting for my down the local pub!! 



Photography by Rebecca Spencer