I've often been labelled 'too groomed' which I can understand but in all honesty my grooming regime is pretty much non-existent. I leave my eyebrows unkept, naturally bushy with their own personality to do what the hell they want...recently one single eyebrow hair decides to grow thicker and longer than the rest and I let it. Then there is my ear hair, which is fine right now so not a major issue but the main point here is that I cant see it, so don't really care. My nose hair I pluck with my fingers (gross I know) every now and then if I'm bored. As for skincare...ha...I wash my face with water only, moisturising is a once a year event and when on holiday I stare directly at the sun to soak up all it's rays!

So when asked by the lovely Facialist at Paul Edmonds Salon in Knightsbridge what my grooming regime was, I obviously lied - moisturising once a day after exfoliating during a warm shower  - see I know the spiel! 

Paul Edmonds - Facialist - Gene Tevari

Paul Edmonds - Facialist - Gene Tevari

Unfortunately my smug, confident aura soon dwindled when I put my head in to a skin analyser that scanned my face for dehydration, sun spots and signs of ageing. The analytics said that I have dark circles around my eyes, redness on the cheeks and dry lips.

For my first ever facial treatment, I was treated to a mild skin peel. Which I think took around 45 minutes, which included a relaxing shoulder massage and head massage. I could get used to this!

Feeling relaxed and with the skin on my face screaming "I've just had a facial" - I then headed downstairs to my hair appointment which is something I'm much more used to.

As soon as I sat down in the Senior Stylist's chair, I was offered a drink and GQ magazine...perfect! I was made to feel incredibly welcome and the hair stylist listened to my vague request of what I actually want done to my hair. I think it went something like this "Yeah...I normally have my hair swished back or to the side and shortish on the back and sides - so just do what you want"! Very me...a very wishy washy description! Yet I walked out of the salon with the perfect haircut, nice one.

Paul Edmonds - Senior Stylist - Siobhan Baynes

Paul Edmonds - Senior Stylist - Siobhan Baynes

On refection, I'm not getting any younger and need to start looking after myself a little bit better. I'm not saying to anyone to suddenly go and get their eyebrows threaded, back crack and sack waxed, weekly facials & epic haircuts. I think its something that you should phase in. If you don't have a grooming regime, start one, but start simple with a daily face scrub and moisturiser - then build on that. Right time for a pina colada...errrr I meant beer!

I purchased the below products from Paul Edmonds which I would recommend.

A special thanks to RKM Communications and Paul Edmonds for this amazing experience.