Is it just me or does Movember seem to be fading a little this year? Its probably just me as I have been living in my little home office bubble and haven't got out much recently, but I havent seen many people sporting epic 'mos'. It made me wonder why? The only reason I could come up with is that the current facial hair trend has taken the spontaneity out of the fund-raising event. If you have spent months growing an epic beard - it becomes part of you - many name it and for that reason are less inclined to shave down the the skin. 

For those of you who have done the good thing and supported Movember this year - its now just over midway through your challenge and depending on your facial growth you may be at the 'slight stubble' phase or maybe the 'this is annoyingly itchy' phase or maybe even the 'acceptance' phase. Whatever stage you are at, it is probably time to start and properly maintain your new found facial hair.

I think Dickies Store blog has summed up some great 'Facial Hair Care Tips' and here they are:

I'm currently growing my beard for a December campaign and I'm going through the horrible stage of an itchy, unkept, bristly, mess! So I thought it was time to take my own advice and get shopping for some men's grooming products. Any product that can tame my thick curly beard will work wonders on yours.

My first stop (as I was in the area) was a newly opened barbers in Spitalfields market. 'Barber Barber' are not newcomers to the grooming industry as they already have had major success in Liverpool, Leeds & Manchester...and now London. Spearheaded by award-winning barber Johnny BaBa this store is a sure-fire success story especially with their secret downstairs 'relaxation' area. I'll leave the details for you to find out - head down there and take a look for yourself...it will be worth it! 

Whilst in the shop, I purchased this Beard Oil 'ZEUS' by First Olympian which was very pricy at £45 - you can also buy online here.

Next I needed some moisturiser...I wanted one that wasn't too thick, its needs to spread easily over my beard and still moistures the skin underneath. I found this daily mosturiser at the Dandy Lab by a brand called 'The Gentle-Man' and I also got an awesome moustache comb by 'Carter and Bond'.

I have always been one of those people who are a little lazy when it comes to beard maintenance, I wash it and leave it to do whatever it so wishes. After only two days of using the beard oil, I can notice the texture of my beard hair is softened, it now has a nice shine to it and smells much better than before! My facial hair is better kept and shaped due to the moustache comb and I find myself possibly over-combing it as it has become a comfort thing...all being said, it's most certainly an improvement on my old un-kept self.