For years I have heard the media and brands themselves suggest that clothing retail is moving more and more online for the convenience of the customer and partially due to rising rents in the capital. In some respects this is true, however it has also opened up an opportunity to redefine retail and how we shop. It has allowed creativity to enter the market and to find new exciting ways to make shopping an experience not just a chore. Luckily for myself and all other men out there The Dandy Lab has done just that.

The Dandy Lab, as the name suggests not only combines technology and fashion but also brings out the social side of shopping. It also gives the smaller British brands a retail space to showcase their products.

When visiting the 'Lab' the interior design is white minimalistic with a variety of vibrant coloured products. Being a geek myself, I was interested in how they have integrated technology to enhance the retail experience. Two of the technological practices that were very impressive were the 'learning' and the 'styling' areas. The Dandy Lab stocks UK brands and would like you to know everything about the products before purchasing, so each product has its own swing-tag that you can scan.  This then brings up information on the product and the brand prior to purchasing. Then there is the 'Styling' section. Say you are wearing a green jumper and would like a jacket to wear with the green jumper but are unsure what colour or style of jacket would work well. You can scan in your green jumper and the system will use its complicated algorithm to pick colours and products that you can wear with your green jumper. 

Co-founder, Peter Jeun Ho Tsang said, “The shop is packed with innovation, but it also caters for those who like quality products, value British design and want more from their shopping experience. It’s great to bring this all together under one roof.”

The Dandy Lab is a new lifestyle concept store enhanced by technology launched in Spitalfields, London this summer championing British Craftsmanship and personalised shopping. The men’s emporium marks a “UK first” in British retailing by fusing fashion, lifestyle and technology to create a one-off retail destination. You can visit them at 73 Brushfield St, Old Spitalfields Market, London, E1 6AA.