Top Places for Brunch in Canggu, Bali


Back in Bali people. That will be for sure, the name of my next coffee table book. It's my predictive text response for where people ask where I am currently. Admittedly it's been quite the tour. Hopefully my travel tips and Vlogs have been of use for anyone looking to travel to Sydney, Bali, Philippines, Singapore etc. 

Today I'm going to extend my travel advice in Bali, and give you all the best top places for brunch in Canggu. 


It's true what they say about Crate in Canggu, they really do have the fastest internet in town. An amenity not to be underestimated for a travelling blogger looking to upload his vlogs and insta stories. 

You'll look to pay 200k for 2 meals and 2 smoothies. (Just over 10 GBP which is more than digestible, pun intended).  

Great for INSTA photos, everything is presented like it was designed for a fitness magazine supplement. Extra bonus points for free refills (not sure if that was just for me) and for brewing your own brand of coffee. 


The most amazing smoothie you'll find in all of Bali can be sourced at Motion cafe. Go for the Banana Gluten free smoothie and pancake and thank me later.

The food is fresh, full of flavour, healthy and always filling! Places for parking the scooter are available. Might sound obvious but not all cafes in Bali offer this. 


The air conditioning inside is a God send. Especially for those just coming from a training session. (You may have seen me in boot camp a couple of times on my INSTA stories. I feel like I'm training to take on Drago out here). 

The prices are very reasonable and the location is just a stone's throw away from Batu Belig Beach.


Seriously recommend the smashed avocado on toast and ricotta corn fritters. It's great for people watching as you can sit outside and watch the world and his dog go by. 

Healthy and delicious and I found NUDE had the best service of all the cafes in Canggu. Remember to smile people, it doesn't take much. 


I found Oka's Bakery to be the best place for value for money. Generally eating in Canggu is relatively cheap. But if you're traveling on a real budget then this place is the best. Great espresso machine coffee, big portions of food and very delicious sweets like the snow balls. 

Recommend the breakfast wrap. 


Some of the best Vegan options in Canngu. Not exclusively Vegan however. I recommend the beetroot hummus, the best I had in Bali. 

It's a very popular spot and good for socialising if you're looking to share stories with fellow surfers, travellers etc. 



Healthy Appliances for Those That Can't Cook


Much like Robert De Niro says to his missus in Heat, "I am alone, but I am not lonely". Really sums up my current mood right now. I'm relying on some basic 'man alone' survival tactics to help me get through the festive season, notoriously the busiest time for bloggers.

The trouble with being on the move all the time is that your diet normally turns to crap. It can be so annoying when you train as much as I do, but then get subjected to the lack of optionality in the discount chains. Ready meal pizza's, microwave burgers, the crisp and cereal aisle alone compounded my decision to book a health retreat to Bali in January (which I’ve now had to cancel, I’ll explain another time).

However, I've put a mini listicle together for you, highlighting some tried and tested appliances that will help you stay on the right path.


A good friend once recently told me he survived 3 years living above a shop with no basic amenities. No shower, no kitchen etc. He told me that he bought a steamer on the first day of moving in and lived off a diet of salmon and broccoli and was the healthiest period of his life. 

Salmon is an excellent source of high-quality protein, vitamins and minerals (including potassium, selenium and vitamin B12) but it is their content of omega-3 fatty acids that makes them most renowned. Otherwise known as brain food. 

What is remarkable is that you don't need to be a decent cook to eat healthy. Though there are some steam food cook books available for the sake of variety. The Magimax is a great reputable brand and served my friend well for his insulated years. 


No better way to start the day. Also one of the best ways to ensure that no food goes to waste. I'm not suggesting you pull a Schwarzenegger from End of Days and start puree-ing last night’s left over pizza, moreover the fruit and veg that is on the turn. 

Also how many times have you bought fruit and veg from the supermarket in a bid to kickstart a healthy diet, but when it comes to preparing and actually wanting to put the damn things in your mouth the will immediately deserts you. 

The Vonshaf is a great bargain blender that creates minimum amount of clean up. It's also a blender, not a juicer meaning you keep the pulp and fibre that contains a lot of nutrients and bypass the immediate sugar hit found in citrus fruits. 


Popcorn Maker 

Look Dynasties just wouldn't be the same without being curled up with a bowl of popcorn. A popcorn maker just gives it that special cinematic experience and a great gift for someone with kids. 

Really go all out with that cinema experience by having your young nephew sat behind you and kick your chair every five minutes, similarly you can tut loudly and obnoxiously each time your girlfriend gets her phone out. 

Soup Maker 

This is soup season gentlemen. Those salad days are done and done for another 6 months so why not invest in a Phillips Soup Maker. It basically serves as a blender with an inbuilt  thermostat. The Z-shaped blade design together with the optimised heating profile allows you to create your favourite soups with the perfect texture in 18 minutes or less.

Healthy Grill Maker 

The biggest ball-ache of having to grill food is cleaning up the debris after. Now I'm very emotionally attached to my BBQ outside on my patio, it's been a terrific servant over the years and somehow buttresses my cave man stature. 

However, it's been raining solid here in London since, forever basically so I've since had to move my culinary efforts indoors. There are many healthy grills on the market, this Cuisinart can also double up as a sandwich maker and is discounted right now on Amazon. 

Try Protein Pancakes with Oppo Ice Cream this Pancake Day | The Healthier Option

For those of you looking for a healthier alternative option this Pancake Day, look no further, this recipe is not only a healthier option but it also tastes great too. I've been cooking these pancakes for years now, as a breakfast meal after the gym or some HIIT training and have adapted the toppings to suit my cravings today on Pancake Day. Although it doesn't have to only be eaten on this one day, its great as an after exercise meal, snack or dessert. It leaves you feeling full and fulfilled.

 Okay so here is what you'll need to make these epic pancakes...

2 x Eggs
Coconut Oil for Frying
Splash of Almond Milk
1 x Banana
Tablespoon of 0% Fat Greek Yogurt
1 Scoop of Banana Protein Powder
1 Scoop of Rolled Oats
1 Scoop of Oppo Ice Cream
Handful of Hazel Nuts (Optional Garnish)
Canadian Maple Syrup (Optional)

..and here's the instructions.

Put the eggs, almond milk, half of the banana, Greek yogurt, protein powder and rolled oats all in a blender and blend. I've used a Nutribullet for this as I find it mixes quick and you'll get a nice smooth creamy texture. The texture should be thick as these are American style pancakes and not thin such as French crêpe style ones. Heat some coconut oil in a frying pan on a medium/low heat them pour in the mixture into circles. You know that one side is cooked because you'll see a few bubbles appearing on top of the uncooked side, once you see this, turn them over and cook the other side. Once fully cooked, layer the pancakes on top of each other with sliced banana in-between a few layers (with the half you have left over), then add some maple syrup if required. Top off with Oppo Columbian Chocolate & Hazelnut ice cream, a handful of hazelnuts and any banana you may have left over. If you find that it is too dry, then add extra ice cream or a spoonful of Greek yogurt.


Try Oppo Ice Cream Today. They make a Great Taste Award winning ice cream with less than half the calories and sugar of regular ice cream.

The 10 Best Sunday Roasts in London

It’s that time of year when the air is fresher, cosy jumpers are on, and we all fancy an amazing Sunday roast at the weekend. There are loads of awesome Sunday roast pubs in London that are perfect for friends and family time, or to just get over the boozy night before! However as there are so many, how do you pick which one to head to? You may have already found your favourite roast dinner in London, but here are ten favourites to to definitely try (in no particular order):

The Hawksmoor - SW3

The Hawksmoor - SW3

1. The Hawksmoor (3 Yeoman's Row, Chelsea, London, SW3 2AL)

This one is all about is all about steak, so expect to sample some seriously delicious roast beef! They have a few different restaurants dotted about London, from Borough to Spitalfields. If you fancy a restaurant which has a great atmosphere, then their Knightsbridge venue is one to try. It has an open kitchen, leather furniture and is very chilled. You will need a big appetite for this one!

Price: £20 (slow roast rump)

The Wheatsheaf - SW17

The Wheatsheaf - SW17

2. The Wheatsheaf (2 Upper Tooting Rd, London, SW17 7PG)

The Wheatsheaf is an independent, local pub right next to Tooting Bec tube station (remember Tooting has been named one of the ‘coolest places to live on the planet’). It’s perfect if you are looking for one of those warm, friendly pubs to meet your friends. The Wheatsheaf is quite a large pub but has a real cosy feel. They use local producers and suppliers to create their Sunday roast, and their homemade Yorkshire Puds are particularly incredible.

Price: from £13 (nut roast) - £16.50 (aged beef rump)

The Camberwell Arms - SE5

The Camberwell Arms - SE5

3. The Camberwell Arms (65 Camberwell Church Street, Camberwell, SE5 8TR)

The Camberwell Arms is a relaxed foodies gastropub! Head there with your other half or a friend (who doesn’t mind sharing food) for some delicious Gloucester Old Spot belly, carrots, baby gem, roast potatoes at £15 each. Or even their Hereford sirloin, roast potatoes, bernaise and watercress for £23 each. They have some amazing wines to go with their dishes if you haven't had too much of a heavy night before. 

Prices: vary from £15 to £23 each

The Pig and Butcher - N1

The Pig and Butcher - N1

4. The Pig and Butcher (80 Liverpool Rd, London, N1 0QD)

The Pig and Butcher is an Islington institution. It has a laid back country feel. Now who doesn’t fancy relaxing in a country style pub in London on a Sunday? They use the best quality meat in the UK and their menu changes throughout the year. If you do like sharing they have dishes like their Hall Farm Special Reserve chicken crown & lemon & thyme butter for £17.25 per person. If you do not under any circumstances share food, then the pork shoulder, roasted leg of lamb or dry aged Hereford sirloin are for you!

Prices: from £16.95 to £19.50 depending on the meat you choose.

Jones & Sons - E8

Jones & Sons - E8

5. Jones & Sons (23-27 Arcola Street, E8 2DJ)

If you prefer a cool venue in East London, Jones & Sons is the place to go. It has that minimalistic style of an ex-warehouse space but is still very buzzy. For their roasts they use high quality meat which is served with massive Yorkshires. Their homemade horseradish cream is also a winner! If you are a Vegetarian, the Spinach, Mushroom and Ricotta Wellington makes a nice change from the usual nut roast.

Prices: from £13 (veggie option) to £27 (whole roast chicken to share)

6. Harwood Arms (Walham Grove, London SW6)

This one is for those special occasions! The only Michelin-starred pub in London is hidden in the back streets of Fulham. The Harwood has award-winning food in a casual and relaxed setting. Their Sunday roast is a generous portion too. This definitely isn't just your average pub lunch, as it has much more than just everyday classics. Enjoy the likes of beef rump with bone marrow and Yorkshire grouse or 55 day-aged rib-eye of Hereford beef with all the trimmings. The menu is seasonal and you probably should book in advance!

Prices: Set-priced menu for lunch and dinner, priced at £37.50 for two course and £46.00 for three courses.

Harwood Arms - SW6

Harwood Arms - SW6

The Avalon - SW12

The Avalon - SW12

7. The Avalon (16 Balham Hill, London, SW12 9EB)

This is a great local pub with an iconic English heritage. Their elegant dining room is stunning and the bar area has a wonderful cosy feel. It gets pretty busy but has a great atmosphere. They work with small producers and their chicken and pork are free-range. A perfect pub to meet up with your friends, chill out and enjoy a great quality lunch.

Prices: £13 (Nut Roast) - £15 (Roast Beef)

The Salt House - NW8

The Salt House - NW8

8. The Salt House (63 Abbey Rd, London, NW8 0AE)

Abbey Road isn’t just for tourists and fans of The Beatles. You can also find the Salt House, a warm and welcoming gem that offers a fine dining experience. The pub has a stylishly elegant feel with rustic charm, perfect for a cosy Autumnal date night. Head there on a Sunday for a roast served how it should be, with with carrots, greens, spuds, Yorkshire pudding & delicious gravy.

Prices: £15 (24hr Pork Belly) - £18 (Roast Beef Rump)

The Prince Bonaparte - W2

The Prince Bonaparte - W2

9. The Prince Bonaparte (80 Chepstow Road, Westbourne Park, W2 5BE)

Another gastropub on the list, The Prince Bonparte has a great Sunday roast menu. Not only will you find Bloody Marys and live music, but a there are choices of roast Norfolk chicken crown with pork stuffing, roast beef rump cap with horseradish cream or carrot and parsnip Wellington. The 1920’s decor makes it a very stylish place to have your roast too!

Prices: £15.50 (Veggie Wellington) - £17.50 (Beef)

Oslo - E8

Oslo - E8

10. Oslo (1A Amhurst Road, London, E8 1LL)

Not only does Oslo offer a delicious roast dinner, but they have amazing music sessions too. On Sundays they serve a roast rump of beef, half a chicken chicken or nut roast which all come with with roast potatoes cooked in goose fat, parsnips, Yorkshire pudding, kale, carrots and gravy. Oslo is a very cool venue and is perfect for a laid-back Sunday!

Prices: £14 - £15

Now which one to pick first?

Home Cooking Made Easy

P6180142 copy.jpg

I know everyone works hard and think they work harder than the next person and I'm no different. I've spent my whole working life being a grafter, I would prioritise working hard, putting in the hours and building relationships ahead of academic qualifications, rightly or wrongly thats just playing to my strengths. Mix in a hectic work life with dating, spending time with friends, family, fitness classes and of course watching Love Island and you are left with frankly no time at all. On a mission to gain back as much free time as possible, I signed up to Hello Fresh.

Hello Fresh is a weekly subscription service that delivers fresh produce including meat, fish, vegetables, herbs etc to your door. Not only that but you'll receive healthy recipe cards to assist you in cooking the meals with all of the ingredients that you have been given. The convenience is what appealed to me, shopping done on my behalf, recipes laid out with easy to follow instructions and all of the recipes that I have tried so far have taken no longer that 30 minutes to prepare and cook. It does help if you have some good equipment to speed things up. I got my hands on Japan's finest knife the Yaxell Chefs Knife and if it is good enough to finely slice some tuna sashimi it's certainly good enough to be in my kitchen!

A couple of years ago my kitchen was full of equipment and utensils that were about 10 years old, pans that have lost all of their non-stick about 7 years ago but still going strong. Knives that you had to pierce tomatoes with the tip of the knife before you could attempt to slice it...don't even get me started on how difficult it was to cut through butternut squash! Slowly I have been upgrading, new knives & forks, new pans and this month was the time to invest in this glorious new set of knives that I brought from Steamer Trading Cookshop, who are exclusive retailer in the UK for Yaxell knives.

So what do you think of my first Hello Fresh stir fry? These are my next weeks recipes:



To celebrate National BBQ Week, I have put together this Men's Everyday Essentials video on how to cook the perfect steak at home.

In the video, I explain:

  • Choosing the pan. You need a pan with a thick base, which will allow the pan to take on more heat and therefore better for cooking steak. Use a thick griddle pan as the best option.
  • Choosing an oil. It is important NOT to use butter because butter will burn when using high heats to cook the steak. Instead use an oil that can withstand the high heats such as groundnut or olive oil. Place a tiny bit of oil on both sides of the steak...not in the pan.
  • Seasoning the steak. Use only salt and pepper because you still want to taste the actual meat! When seasoning the steaks, do not season them too early as the salt will draw moisture from the steak. So crack the salt and pepper onto a plate, then dip the steaks in and cover both sides just before cooking.
  • How do you like you steak? In the video I'm cooking a 200g fillet steak, rare. However there are many ways to cook a steak which are Blue, Rare, Medium-Rare, Medium, Medium-Well and Well-done. Refer to the video at 1:00 which explains an easy way to tell via touch how much your steak is cooking.
  • Cooking times. When cooking a steak the cooking times will vary depending on the thickness of the steak, your personal choice on how you want it cooked and also how high you have your pan. You may also want to cook different cuts of beef differently. For example, with a fillet steak, I should always have it rare because there is little fat and it will melt in your mouth. However for a sirloin or rib-eye I would have it medium-rare or maybe even medium because you want the fat in the steak or around the steak to marble - giving extra taste to the meat. In the video, I cooked the steak for just over 2 minutes each side.
  • Leave it to rest. Yes I know its hard. You just want to get the steak in your belly! But this is the most important part. You should allow your steak to rest in room temperature for approx 5-10 minutes. This is to allow the juices to get reabsorbed back into the meat. Giving you a juicier, melt in the mouth steak.
  • Red wine. While your steak is resting. Choose a red wine. For me I have gone for this amazing Italian red given to me by a friend of mine Vince, check him out at - the wine came for a region of Italy near where his parents live and it is perfect to drink with red meats.
  • Plate up. With the steak rested and the wine flowing...its now time to plate up. With any sauce you wish to have with your steak, always have it in a pot on the side rather than over your steak. This is because the sauce will continue to cook your steak if it is smothered in sauce and we don't want to ruin the hard work we have put into cooking the perfect steak! Serve with chips or fries, sauce and salad.
  • Tuck in. Yep and finally eat up and enjoy!