TONI&GUY Beard Grooming Heroes

TONI&GUY were kind enough to forward on some samples from their new grooming range, beard grooming heroes. With all the grooming products I've been sent recently, my beard would be forgiven for thinking it was growing residing on cheeks of the Sultan of Oman. It's getting spoilt, one day all the beard oils will dry up and we’ll look back to these salad days and say 'we never knew we had it so good'. 

Sorry I digress. Talking hair follicles Carl? I thought this was a serious blog?

TONI&GUY are looking to get out in front of current beard trends, considering not just the gentleman that like to grow full voluminous beards, but different styles and lengths. Second day stubble has been wildly overlooks as a demographic and now we're seeing more retro moustaches come into vogue.

The packaging

I'm all in favour of having different shaped vessels to differentiate the products. It's something of a bugbear of mine when I squeeze out the face wash expecting the face scrub, all because I didn't read the fine print. The pack leader in this field of terrible packaging is LQD.

The only thing I would say is that the product is a little black for a Spring/Summer launch. It's not offending my delicate sensibilities, and it is a stylish look, but it doesn't exactly liven up my shelf. On the flip side it is very masculine and I would be drawn to it on the shelves of Boots.  

The products

The beard oils come in Nourishing Premium Beard and Softening Premium Stubble. Both retail at £11.99, essentially one is a pre-shave, but both are designed to hydrate the hair follicles and soften the skin. Remember only use 2-3 drops and don't over saturate your beard. I can't say I noticed it being any better than recent oils I've tried, it certainly hasn't got the emollient qualities of an Acqua Di Parma Serum, but for the price point I wouldn't expect that. 

The Beard Foam, Shampoo and Balm each bring different qualities to the table. The Shampoo perhaps isn't going to be a repeat purchase for me as it's designed for longer or thicker beards. It feels slightly superfluous for me, however the Beard Foam lathered up nicely and was quite refreshing. 

I should say that these TONI&GUY products are exclusively available at Boots, but the Beard Foam one isn't currently online. The Beard Balm would appeal to someone like me as I have quite a frizzy beard. Although the changes were imperceptible, for the price point this is a decent introduction for anyone looking to get into men’s grooming. 

The moustache wax was a tough one for me to trial as my facial hair in this department isn't long enough to shape. 


Fairly tick the box stuff from TONI&GUY, perhaps an opportunity for innovation missed, but we have to look at what market of the industry they’re targeting. They’re not Aesop or Acqua Di Parma levels of luxury, nor do they pretend to be. Moreover, TONI&GUY have produced what the industry might call accessible products for the everyday man. And they’ve done so comprehensively.

Get the Party Look | How to Style Your Hair this Party Season with TONI&GUY

Party people, get prepared because this is December, which means it’s officially party season. It’s about the glitz and the glamour, the champagne cocktails, the welcoming magician, the photo booth, the sit down meal, the free drink, the boring speeches, the dad dancing, the ties around your head and maybe even a cheeky little flirt with the gorgeous girl from HR. Whatever party you are going to in the next few weeks, you’ll want to look your absolute best, your hair, your outfit and even your fragrance need to be spot on.

Today I’m going to be helping you get your hair styled ready for this party season with my personal, all time favourite hero product, the TONI&GUY Workable Matte Paste. This hair product is suitable for all hair types, which allows you to style and re-style throughout the night without having to reapply more product. It offers a textured and matte finish with long lasting hold, therefore making this product absolutely perfect for the rigours of which you’ll hair will go through during a party night out.

TONI&GUY x Carl Thompson.jpg

TONI&GUY are the perfect companion for any dapper gent, due to their devout love of fashion and British heritage. Their products are inspired by catwalk looks from London’s most stand-out fashionable designers, which is why you are guaranteed to keep on trend with your hair this party season. I want you to feel empowered and confident and I believe the best way to do that is in the way you present yourself.

Using the TONI&GUY Workable Matte paste, I’ve created two similar but different hairstyles for you to try, which are my go-to styles. The first is a rugged, messy, disheveled look and the second is a smoother, sleek, polished finish blow-dried for extra height on the quiff. 

To create my natural, disheveled style, follow the steps below:

1. Start by washing your hair with TONI&GUY Men Deep Clean Shampoo as I find hair is so much easier to style after a fresh wash and it removes any unwanted product build-up.

2. Warm a finger tip of TONI&GUY Workable Matte Paste through your hands to ensure maximum pliability, then massage deep in to the roots of your hair. You can use a hairdryer on medium heat to help dry and style your hair into the rough shape that you desire.

TONI&GUY x Carl Thompson.jpg

3. Once the hair is fully dry, apply another small amount of product to the hair. Pull the front of your hair out, work the product deep into that area. For a relaxed disheveled hairstyle, there is no need to add too much product at this time otherwise you’ll lose the natural finish to the hair.

4. Finally mould your hair into shape with your fingers to complete the styled look  do not use a brush as we want the finish to be quite natural. At this stage if you feel you need to add a little bit more product for extra texture, hold and for reworkable control throughout the night do so, but ad a small amount at a time.

Carl Thompson Men's Lifestyle Blogger.jpg

To create my smoother, sleek, polished hairstyle, complete steps 1-3 above and then move on to step 5 below:

5. Using a hair-dryer on a medium heat, brush your hair backwards in a pompadour style starting with the crown moving forward towards the quiff. Wrap the quiff around the brush and blowdry in an upwards and backward motion to gain height and body to the hair. Finally apply one final small amount of product to the hair for that sleek, smooth finish.

TONI&GUY Workable Matte Paste.jpg


*This post was created in collaboration with TONI&GUY Products.

National Grooming Day Essentials | Men's Edit

National Grooming Day

To all the gentlemen out there, it's 2017 so there is no excuse for an unkept unruly beard these days - the stigma around men's grooming has well and truly dissipated. With National Grooming Day actually 'a thing' it aims to raise awareness and ultimately educate men on how to look after themselves better. Skincare and haircare are the main two areas of which small changes to your daily men's grooming regime will make major improvements. Here are my top male grooming products which have all be tried and tested by myself.

Jo Malone - Lime Basil & Mandarin Shower Oil

£32.00 for 250ml - A soft shower oil which leaves your skin feeling soft and aromatic.

Heath - Hair & Body Wash

£8.00 for 250ml - Made in England this affordable option is enriched with ginseng and caffeine to provide an immediate power boost. 

Kiehl's - Nourishing Shampoo & Conditioner

£19.50 for 250ml - The masculine scented product removes hair product buildup whilst hydrating the scalp.

Jo Malone - Geranium & Walnut Body Scrub

£42.00 for 200ml - A unisex product that for a body scrub is gentle on your skin and therefore usable for frequent use. The scent is incredible.

Clinique for Men - Charcoal Face Wash & Face Scrub

Face wash £18.00 for 200ml / Face scrub £21.00 for 100ml - Best used together, firstly with the face scrub followed by the face wash. Revitalises and smoothes your skin.

LAB Series - Multi-Action Face Wash

£19.00 for 100ml - Being 100ml and multi-action makes this product perfect for travelling. The cream is foamy and leaves the face extremely conditioned.

Harry's - Shave Gel & Razor

£24 for the set - The shave gel is easy on the skin and allows the razor to glide along effortlessly. German blades, precision shaving.

Remington - Barba Beard Trimmer

£29.99 - The godfather of all beard trimmers, this little beauty is robust, affordable and does exactly what you need it to do, no gimmicks no fuss.

LA MER - All skincare products

The LA MER product range is unbelievable, you pay for what you get. The LA MER moisturising matte lotion is £180 but you'll be able to tell the difference immediately between this and a cheaper entry level moisturiser so if you love to indulge in the best, these products are it.

Tom Ford - Conditioning Beard Oil & American Crew Beard Serum

In my opinion these are two of the best beard oils on the market. The Tom Ford, is infused with their private blend scent and slightly lighter than the American Crew version which is better for shorter stubble.

Guerlain - Super Aqua Crème Day Gel

£83.00 for 50ml - This luxury face creme protects your face during the day whilst wrinkles and fine lines are smoothed out.

Dr Sebagh & Estée Lauder - Eye Serum

These beauties are great for making the eye area look smoother, younger and more vibrant whilst reducing dehydrated dark circles. Use Dr Sebagh during the day and the Estée Lauder serum during the night.

Clinique for Men - Maximum Hydrator

£34.00 for 100ml - Lightweight is weight but a heavyweight in stature this is a new product from Clinique for Men. This water-gel formula intensely hydrates the skins moisture over a 24 hour period, perfect to take away on holiday when your skin is over exposed to the sun and other elements.

TONI&GUY - Hair Products

I only use the best hair products and these are the TONI&GUY for Men range. Developed specifically for men their range is extensive and can cater for all type of hair and all styles.

Jo Malone - Oud & Bergamot Cologne Intense

£112.00 for 100ml - Beautifully intense with notes of precious Middle-Eastern oud combined with the sweet citrus bergamot and cedarwood.

Tom Ford - Private Blend Fragrances

The godfather of fragrance, only the finest ingredients are used and you can smell evert single, perfectly put together notes. Two of my all time favourite fragrances are Tuscan Leather and Tobacco Vanille, whilst Oud Minérale is new to the party.

4 Men's Hairstyles for Curly or Wavy Hair

If you are like me and have struggled for years wondering what to do and how to style your thick curly or wavy hair, then here are 4 ways to style your hair with the same haircut. After years of keeping my hair short, so that the curl would be controlled - I have learnt to embrace the curl and style my hair in ways that does just that. In all looks, I'm using TONI&GUY products which can all be found here.


Hairstyle 1 - The Curly Look

  • Wash hair with conditioner.
  • Pat-dry your hair with a small towel.
  • Apply 4-5 sprays of the TONI&GUY High Definition Spray Wax & massage into roots.
  • Use your fingers to twizzle and define the curls in all different directions.
  • Use a fingertip of a matte paste product and apply to the crown, sides and back of you hair.

Products used in this style:

Hairstyle 2 - The Slick Pompadour

  • Wash hair with conditioner.
  • Pat-dry your hair with a small towel.
  • Apply 4-5 sprays of the TONI&GUY High Definition Spray Wax & massage into roots.
  • Use a Denman brush and hairdryer and start brushing back the hair starting from the crown.
  • Work you way towards the fringe.
  • To give volume to the pompadour hairstyle use the brush and your fingers to give lift.
  • Use the TONI&GUY Stick it up gum to style the hair to give volume, hold and a shine finish.

Products used in this style:

Hairstyle 3 - The Side Parting

  • Wash hair with conditioner.
  • Pat-dry your hair with a small towel.
  • Apply 4-5 sprays of the TONI&GUY High Definition Spray Wax & massage into roots.
  • Use a comb to find your natural side parting.
  • Use a Denman brush and hairdryer to brush the hair away from the side parting.
  • To style this hairstyle I used the TONI&GUY Styling Putty for a sleek and smooth finish.
  • Apply hairspray for extra hold.

Products used in this style:

Hairstyle 4 - The Messy Look

  • Wash hair with conditioner.
  • Pat-dry your hair with a small towel.
  • Apply 4-5 sprays of the TONI&GUY High Definition Spray Wax & massage into roots.
  • Blow dry the hair by using a Denman brush in a downwards side by side motion.
  • Then blow dry using your hands and style the hair into a slick back style.
  • Use your fingers to separate the hair into a rugged wavy finish.
  • Use a matte paste for reworkable hold throughout the day.

Products used in this style:

*Where I could not find the specific product online, I've substituted with similar products.

How I style my hair this season using TONI&GUY products

Throughout our lives we change our hairstyles on many occasions, comparable to the trend led, seasonal, fashionable world that we live in. For me personally I’ve come a long way from my early twenties of having a ‘short back & sides’ to these days refining my hair style based on what trends come directly out of the catwalk. Of course you need to work with what you have been given, straight hair, curly hair, wavy hair, long hair, short hair but my top tip is to use men’s catwalk hairstyles as inspiration and then adapt to your own personal preference and style.

When styling my hair, using the best hair styling products is absolutely essential. Use a brand whose product ranges are forever evolving, never stagnant and commits to formulating new products to meet our fashionable needs. The British heritage TONI&GUY are my go to for hair styling products and right now I’m styling my hair using their TONI&GUY MEN range of products. Fusing a reworkable shape, flexible hold and a matte finish is exactly my style and this range is all about letting you express your style tribe with ease. This product gives you free reign and put you in control of your look.

Being more specific, I currently use the TONI&GUY Workable Matte Paste tin from the MEN range in a relaxed pompadour hairstyle, where I let my natural waves give some personality to the hair whilst the product gives it a slight shine and rework potential. Choosing a matte finish for a guys hairstyle offers a great everyday look, from day-to-night you’ll still look your stylish best. It offers long lasting texture with a cool matte effect that does not compromise your hair’s flexibility.

Here are my 4 Simple Steps to create my look:

1. Wash your hair with the TONI&GUY ‘Intense Softness’ shampoo and conditioner. My hair is always easier to style exactly how I want it if it’s freshly washed. Build-up of hair product can make you hair harder to blow dry, style and your hair will not fall naturally in the relaxed style that I want to achieve with this look.

2. Warm a small amount of TONI&GUY Workable Matte Paste through your hands to ensure maximum pliability. Make sure all areas are covered then massage deep in to the roots. Slowly dry the hair with a medium heat hairdryer, brushing the hair in a pompadour style. You’ll find that this product will add texture to layers, waves and shorter styles which is why it’s perfect for styling your hair like mine.

3. Once the hair is fully dry, work the product between palms and apply to style. Pull the front of your hair out, work the product deep into that area. For my relaxed pompadour hairstyle, there is no need to add too much product at this time.

4. Finally mould hair into shape with your fingers or comb for medium hold throughout the day, as using your hands and fingers to complete the styled look will ensure that the finish will be quite natural. If you have wavy hair similar to mine, this is extremely important as using a brush will straighten out the hair a little and this look is all about letting your natural waves fold over each other. At this stage if you feel you need to add a little bit more product for a little bit of extra texture, hold and for reworkable control throughout the day or night do so.

I hope you like my pompadour hair style using the Workable Matte Paste product, a must-have to create this bold slicked back look! I hope it inspires you to try something a little bit different with your own hair by try different types of TONI&GUY products and experiment with how you style your own hair.



Photography by Ella H

*This post was created in collaboration with TONI&GUY Products*