American Crew Matte Clay Review | Hair Products for Men

American Crew, the official supplier to men, introduces new matte clay the latest addition to the brands clay family. This was a product that felt like it was ergonomically designed for my hair length. Sometimes I can get a bit overwhelmed with the amount of hair products on the market, so knowing this one designed for shorter to medium length hair, with workable hold, got me really excited.

About American Crew

The American Crew family of grooming products delivers everything needed to create and care for men’s styles including products in the hair body shave style and fragrance categories. 

The American Crew Matte Clay is presented in a cylindrical vase, with the signature American Crew burnt orange label and branding logos. 

How to use Matte Clay

Let's dial it back a notch and first ensure we're applying the clay correctly. 

Dip your finger and grab a healthy pea-size amount, work with slightly damp hands before you apply it to your hair so the clay can distribute evenly. 

The clay is a creamy texture, like putty. For my money you should always go for a matte finish. Be sure to prep the hair before application.

I simply gave my hair a quick wash, towel dried and then shot the hair drier around the roots for about 30 seconds. 

When using the American Crew Matte Clay be sure to warm the product up by rubbing around your palms for a short spell. 20 seconds should do it. This heats the clay ensuring there are no lumps or bumps. The clay can then be distributed evenly through your hair. 

Depending on your hair style, you can now blow-dry your hair again on a cold heat to create your perfect finish or alternatively use your fingers to complete the style.

The Result Carl?

I was really impressed. Firstly, I felt the clay could really work with my coarse hair. It has a workability, it can fix to a decent finish with the required matte finish. 

Whilst other products in this field that I've tried make the hold effort-FULL, this felt like it delivered a shape that was effort-LESS. (Thanks, that's why I get the big bucks).

Ideal if.. 

So simply look at my pictures. If you have medium-short, coarse hair like mine that needs a bit of engineering, then this is certainly worth a try. If you're typically used to a more hardened wax and get a bit tired of the constant maintenance. This American Crew Matte Clay could be a more manageable everyday alternative. 

The Matte Clay is available at selected retailers nationwide at £15.20

Key Features: 

Matte finish. High Style. Build-able mouldable texture. Increased volume with a workable medium hold. Ideal for short to medium length. 



How I style my hair this season using TONI&GUY products

Throughout our lives we change our hairstyles on many occasions, comparable to the trend led, seasonal, fashionable world that we live in. For me personally I’ve come a long way from my early twenties of having a ‘short back & sides’ to these days refining my hair style based on what trends come directly out of the catwalk. Of course you need to work with what you have been given, straight hair, curly hair, wavy hair, long hair, short hair but my top tip is to use men’s catwalk hairstyles as inspiration and then adapt to your own personal preference and style.

When styling my hair, using the best hair styling products is absolutely essential. Use a brand whose product ranges are forever evolving, never stagnant and commits to formulating new products to meet our fashionable needs. The British heritage TONI&GUY are my go to for hair styling products and right now I’m styling my hair using their TONI&GUY MEN range of products. Fusing a reworkable shape, flexible hold and a matte finish is exactly my style and this range is all about letting you express your style tribe with ease. This product gives you free reign and put you in control of your look.

Being more specific, I currently use the TONI&GUY Workable Matte Paste tin from the MEN range in a relaxed pompadour hairstyle, where I let my natural waves give some personality to the hair whilst the product gives it a slight shine and rework potential. Choosing a matte finish for a guys hairstyle offers a great everyday look, from day-to-night you’ll still look your stylish best. It offers long lasting texture with a cool matte effect that does not compromise your hair’s flexibility.

Here are my 4 Simple Steps to create my look:

1. Wash your hair with the TONI&GUY ‘Intense Softness’ shampoo and conditioner. My hair is always easier to style exactly how I want it if it’s freshly washed. Build-up of hair product can make you hair harder to blow dry, style and your hair will not fall naturally in the relaxed style that I want to achieve with this look.

2. Warm a small amount of TONI&GUY Workable Matte Paste through your hands to ensure maximum pliability. Make sure all areas are covered then massage deep in to the roots. Slowly dry the hair with a medium heat hairdryer, brushing the hair in a pompadour style. You’ll find that this product will add texture to layers, waves and shorter styles which is why it’s perfect for styling your hair like mine.

3. Once the hair is fully dry, work the product between palms and apply to style. Pull the front of your hair out, work the product deep into that area. For my relaxed pompadour hairstyle, there is no need to add too much product at this time.

4. Finally mould hair into shape with your fingers or comb for medium hold throughout the day, as using your hands and fingers to complete the styled look will ensure that the finish will be quite natural. If you have wavy hair similar to mine, this is extremely important as using a brush will straighten out the hair a little and this look is all about letting your natural waves fold over each other. At this stage if you feel you need to add a little bit more product for a little bit of extra texture, hold and for reworkable control throughout the day or night do so.

I hope you like my pompadour hair style using the Workable Matte Paste product, a must-have to create this bold slicked back look! I hope it inspires you to try something a little bit different with your own hair by try different types of TONI&GUY products and experiment with how you style your own hair.



Photography by Ella H

*This post was created in collaboration with TONI&GUY Products*