Carl Thompson: All the Stats from my Blog Revealed

I was recently asked in an interview where will I be in 5 years. Currently I'm writing this on a retreat in Bali, with no return ticket, with no plans or agenda. The blog is a great platform for me to empty all my thoughts on men’s lifestyle. 

It's sometimes cathartic, sometimes a chore. But it's become an extension of me and I was thrilled to get nominated last year in the Top 6 UK Men’s Lifestyle Blogs by Vuelio. Today I want to share a couple of facts, stats and behind the scenes trivia. 


I normally get up at the crack and meditate on a particular subject or campaign whilst out walking Charlie across Clapham Common. By the time I return to the desk I hammer out 300 words, just empty my head and then leave it. That takes about 15 minutes. When you do this for as long as I have you realise that writers block is a myth. No one is going to read every blog, or every word in that blog. (I'm amazed you're still with me right now). 

I'll then come back to the article later in the day, mid-afternoon or dinner. Do a quick edit, fact check, tweak and post. All told I make sure that a blog never goes past the hour mark. 


I'm very pleased to have such a wide demographic of people that are tuning in to the blog. Naturally my audience is hugely UK and London centric. With over 73k users finding their way to my site I'm pleased to have developed a large contingent in the US, India and Canada. 


This is a very interesting one, and not uncommon in the male blogging industry. Women are tuning into my blog as well as men. I'm very pleased that women are reading my posts, finding style and gifting ideas for themselves or their partners. 

I read plenty of women blogs and tune into discussion lead podcasts myself.

The age range is very much my own, written by me for me I guess. But an undeniable peak of the 25-34 range. 


That's right, I've been burying the lead. The bounce rate on my blog is the statistic that I'm most proud of. What is a Bounce Rate? 

From Google 'It is the percentage of visits in which a person leaves your website from the landing page without browsing any further. Google analytics calculates and report the bounce rate of a web page and bounce rate of a website.' 

In other words, people are coming to the site and having a mooch around. They haven't come there by mistake. They've not been put off by my mug and ran to the hills. 

According to an article by Go Rocket Fuel the most common bounce rate for blogs is between 35% - 40%. Anything above 70% is disappointing. 


So a genuine quick thanks for everyone that reads and visits my blog. (Still reading this? Oh you are a saint, you know that you've just notched up my retention stats so thank you).

DISCLAIMER: All statistics are genuine screenshots from Google Analytics for the date range 01/01/2018 - 31/12/2018. My blog talks about everything men’s lifestyle.

Merging Seasonal Styles

What says 'transitioning between seasonal styles' better than a random walk through a corn field on the side of a country lane?! As we are transitioning between different seasons in the high-street stores currently, it is important to get ahead of the fashion curve and be first to wear and buy this seasons trends before your mates get in there first - otherwise you only have two choices. The first - just buy the same clothes as all your mates and look like a very co-ordinated boyband or two, buy something that no one else has (but is probably last seasons stock or just not that trendy!). So get shopping people.

Saying that, don't go binning (or giving to charity) all of your old Spring/Summer clothes just yet as the key when transitioning seasons is to use what you already have in your wardrobe but styled with a new jacket, jumper or coat from the new season collections - slowly migrating over to full winter style with big comfy knits when the time is right - I can't wait.

In this look I'm wearing all my summer favourites, the jeans, the trainers, the white tee and the tortoiseshell sunglasses however I've added this Hawkins & Shepherd 100% cashmere over coat which is lightweight and very warm, again perfect for the changeable weather days and nights.  

So before it is 'winter winter', start investing now in some keys pieces such as a classic overcoat, a new piece of quality knitwear or even a pair of brogue boots.



Photography by Rebecca Spencer


I have always been in to fashion, looking good and making time to think about what I’m wearing but looking back, was I really? No, not really. I mean I tried to look good but nothing compared to the level that I go to now! I’ve experimented more this year with my style than in all other years of my life put together. It truly has paid off. This year has been a fashion journey through Savile Row to Brick Lane whilst scrambling through the internet and being spat out at say Notting Hill….yes all over the gaff.

 However I’m concerned it has now become an obsession. Why is that? And when did I change into being a fashion obsessed blogger? Over Christmas I had a bit of time to go through my old blogs posts and it is interesting to see how my style has changed.

I was much more of a dapper dresser earlier on in the year, focusing on formal wear with more traditional styles – I guess it helps owning a London shirt makers! Then during the summer months, I went totally casual and looking back wore some outfits that weren’t really ‘me’….I was just wearing stuff for camera and dressed too young.

Whereas later on in the year towards autumn/winter, I have really found my style which I feel is unique in the fashion menswear blogging world. I went back to what I was good at, formal, sartorial, dapper…but, yes a bit cliché, with a little twist. Classic tailoring, dressing my age and finding that balance between smart and casual. Accepting that not everything from Topman or ASOS will look as good on me as it does on a 20 something year old tattooed model.

I think the most important stylist tip for myself that I have learnt this year is just to be yourself, dress in what you feel most comfortable in…I say it all the time but obviously haven’t been listening. I guess when you are going out with a fashion blogger and therefore an #instagramhusband, you have to look good at most times. Seriously, have you seen Sophie’s ‘what is that shit you are wearing’ eye rolling face? Its demoralising…so best off getting it right first off!

2016 is going to be my year to engage more with my audience, more lifestyle posts that actually mean something rather than just outfit posts. I’m going to continue to redefine my style with small tweaks here and there. You’ll also find me adventuring more into men’s grooming and travel blogging so please continue to join me on this journey throughout 2016.