I have always been in to fashion, looking good and making time to think about what I’m wearing but looking back, was I really? No, not really. I mean I tried to look good but nothing compared to the level that I go to now! I’ve experimented more this year with my style than in all other years of my life put together. It truly has paid off. This year has been a fashion journey through Savile Row to Brick Lane whilst scrambling through the internet and being spat out at say Notting Hill….yes all over the gaff.

 However I’m concerned it has now become an obsession. Why is that? And when did I change into being a fashion obsessed blogger? Over Christmas I had a bit of time to go through my old blogs posts and it is interesting to see how my style has changed.

I was much more of a dapper dresser earlier on in the year, focusing on formal wear with more traditional styles – I guess it helps owning a London shirt makers! Then during the summer months, I went totally casual and looking back wore some outfits that weren’t really ‘me’….I was just wearing stuff for camera and dressed too young.

Whereas later on in the year towards autumn/winter, I have really found my style which I feel is unique in the fashion menswear blogging world. I went back to what I was good at, formal, sartorial, dapper…but, yes a bit cliché, with a little twist. Classic tailoring, dressing my age and finding that balance between smart and casual. Accepting that not everything from Topman or ASOS will look as good on me as it does on a 20 something year old tattooed model.

I think the most important stylist tip for myself that I have learnt this year is just to be yourself, dress in what you feel most comfortable in…I say it all the time but obviously haven’t been listening. I guess when you are going out with a fashion blogger and therefore an #instagramhusband, you have to look good at most times. Seriously, have you seen Sophie’s ‘what is that shit you are wearing’ eye rolling face? Its demoralising…so best off getting it right first off!

2016 is going to be my year to engage more with my audience, more lifestyle posts that actually mean something rather than just outfit posts. I’m going to continue to redefine my style with small tweaks here and there. You’ll also find me adventuring more into men’s grooming and travel blogging so please continue to join me on this journey throughout 2016.