Merging Seasonal Styles

What says 'transitioning between seasonal styles' better than a random walk through a corn field on the side of a country lane?! As we are transitioning between different seasons in the high-street stores currently, it is important to get ahead of the fashion curve and be first to wear and buy this seasons trends before your mates get in there first - otherwise you only have two choices. The first - just buy the same clothes as all your mates and look like a very co-ordinated boyband or two, buy something that no one else has (but is probably last seasons stock or just not that trendy!). So get shopping people.

Saying that, don't go binning (or giving to charity) all of your old Spring/Summer clothes just yet as the key when transitioning seasons is to use what you already have in your wardrobe but styled with a new jacket, jumper or coat from the new season collections - slowly migrating over to full winter style with big comfy knits when the time is right - I can't wait.

In this look I'm wearing all my summer favourites, the jeans, the trainers, the white tee and the tortoiseshell sunglasses however I've added this Hawkins & Shepherd 100% cashmere over coat which is lightweight and very warm, again perfect for the changeable weather days and nights.  

So before it is 'winter winter', start investing now in some keys pieces such as a classic overcoat, a new piece of quality knitwear or even a pair of brogue boots.



Photography by Rebecca Spencer