How to Completely Renovate Your London Home in 6 Weeks


I've now finished my Asian tour and now back home in London as I'm missed my dog Charlie, family and home. Talking of home, I recently saw a 3D property scan by my friend and guest editor Pete Brooker from 3D Property Scanning.

After a quick chat we agreed it would make for an interesting feature on the blog. Rather than regurgitate everything that Pete and I spoke about, I wanted Pete to tell his own story on how he managed to completely revamp his 2 bed apartment in Chiswick.

Hi all. The flat was primarily sold to us on ideal location, close to where my girlfriend works in Chiswick. You can see in the before 3D scan, that there was a lot of work to be done.



We had a great team of contractors in and they noticed immediately that the Gas Boiler was buried in a cupboard, barely accessible in the kitchen. We had to raise that out of the floor and rehouse it directly above.

The kitchen had some hideous blue tiling, fit for a bathroom not a kitchen. We completely retiled the kitchen, added a breakfast bar and installed a dimmable helicopter.

(If you’d like to purchase any of these products you can find the links in the 3D property scan. For transparency I’m not affiliated with any of the brands and all the products were paid for, not gifted).

Yes it was a bit of a crazy idea, but we wanted the kitchen to be a fun place to be. The faux brick wall wallpaper was added, a slight homage to the last act in Skyfall. 


Don't throw anything out. We bought the wood for the breakfast bar and used the offcuts to make the shelfs above the sink. When we asked the builders if this was possible they had to go back to the skip and dig out the offcuts. Ask your builders and contractors to not throw any offcuts away without asking you first.


We got some bespoke mirrors made with concave framing to bring the illusion of space. The bed is an Ottoman from Dreams and I can't recommend these type of beds enough.

Perfect for storage and very accessible. We haven't had a chance to fit the blinds at the time of writing this, but have discovered that John Lewis are very competitively priced.


If you're mounting a TV in your bedroom, always check the bracket compatibility. If in doubt contact the manufacturer, we did. Also plastic boxes from Muji are perfect for storage in cupboards. They do multiple sizes.


We completely gutted the bath and installed a bespoke fitted shower. We put a mirror on the back wall again to offer the illusion of space. Also if there are two of you, extra mirrors and dual sinks are a must.

We also installed under-tile heating which will be perfect in Winter and for any household pets to lounge on. A heated towel rail is also very convenient, no more arguments over damp towels.


Get a shower douche. We didn't have no space for a bidet but a shower douche is the next best thing. The amount of time and toilet paper I now save is just unbelievable. Plus it's a nice feeling, down there.


We got a corner desk and married the wood close (but not exact) to the shelfs. You'll notice throughout the flat there is a running theme of dark wood, walnut or black trims. Such as on the dining lights or myriad mirror.

The myriad mirror by the way is fantastic. A real wow factor for the room and I can't recommend the customer service at Habitat enough. Ask for Dawn at Habitat on Tottenham Court Rd, she is fantastic.

The sofa bed is also convenient for guests that come to stay.


Don't be too precious in having all the wood matching. It was a big fear that the room would look naff with different wood themes. As long as they're closely matching in colour, it's not imperative to get matching wood.


This was the biggest challenge in many respects. We have a lot of storage space in the eaves so wanted to house a chest of drawers and have them accessible from the outside. The contractors were indifferent at first.

We went and secured the drawers cheaply and had them framed and put some good handles on them. Rather than hide them discretely, we made a massive feature and it works really well I think.

The dining furniture we sourced from Barker and Stonehouse. We really mix and matched all the furniture. I recommend you visit their store in Guildford and spend an hour or so in there. Don't be afraid to rearrange the furniture in the showroom. We did.


When shopping for furniture ensure that the delivery men are insured to deliver to a second floor flat. (If you're no on the ground floor that is). We had great issues with this from another buyer and it got quite ugly at one point.

The couch we sourced from DFS. We do love the couch but have had some issues with the customer service team. That aside, be sure to put the L of the couch in the best possible position so it can add flow to the room, rather than corner of any space that will see a lot of traffic.

The fireplace also made for a great feature. Be sure to do your research and read all the terms and conditions before buying. Warranty, delivery, installation etc.

Lastly the TV, or as I call it 'the anti-gym' is a curved Samsung Tele 65" from Amazon. We shopped around for the best price versus quality and thought this the best. It does reflect quite a bit of light, but we only view in the evening with the blinds closed.


If you're having SKY TV installed, get friendly with the engineers and ask for what engineer discounts are currently on offer. We got the sports package the same day of installation much cheaper than if we paid for the package before or after.

Be sure to check out the video of the before and after renovation and if you need any advice or wish to discuss anything 3D property related I’m available on

Improving Your Home Ambiance With Indoor Plants

Indoor Plants L.jpg

There are many upsides to being a blogger and a founder of a successful e-tailors. However, the downsides for me have always been the long enduring days at home copywriting or painstaking editorials

I know, it's not a real job. I'm not digging trenches or laying brick in sub-zero temperatures, but it can get lonely as hell.

One trick I've employed this year is bringing a little culture within my working space. I've brightened up my working environment and treated myself to a couple of indoor plants from

I've even taken to naming and talking to the plants from time to time as it helps me unpack a few feelings, externalise, you know all that 'new man' stuff. I know what you're thinking, those poor plants.

It's not often I'm glued to the desk. The peripatetic nature of my job allows me to work wherever, so long as there is a good WiFi connection. But I can't recommend getting some plants to enliven your working space.

Sure, it's pretty fatalistic to surround yourself with things that will ultimately wilt and die in your presence, but they look fantastic and even purify the air in your home.

What kind of plants have health benefits? 

Currently I'm stocked up on Snake Plants. Yes, partly because having a Snake plant heightens my animalistic vigour (ego talking) secondly they look great and according to NASA it boasts a natural capacity to remove toxins from its immediate environment. And, while most plants take away oxygen at night, this one gives it off during night hours, making it perfect for the bedroom.

Other disciplines to work from home

It's hard right, you're just looking for an excuse to be distracted, jump on an email, check social media. I set real goals when I'm at home. Making sure that I spend no longer than one hour on any feature.

The One Hour Blog

It's not just the writing that takes time. The pictures, the editing, the uploading. Then you have to farm the article out on all the social media channels. Sure there's tools and apps that does that all for you but I prefer to do it natively.

Plus I blog every day and I appreciate not everyone will read the majority of my ramblings. So that's why I now give my self a curfew of one hour per blog. (Writing).

Times up

This one for example has taken me to the hour point. In summary my home now has a very lavish and welcoming feel. Be warned however, if you're a cat owner, do not get lilies for the home. Lilies kill cats, it's their kryptonite. Trust me.


Unique, Handcrafted Furniture & Interiors by Timothy Oulton

I’ve loved interior design for a long time now, I guess for a 37-year-old man who has his life in order it’s hard not to. For me home interiors are in the top 3 things I spend my money on, alongside holidays and fashion – so I’m forever looking for design inspiration and quality products to improve the comfort of my home. 7 Years ago I moved from Gravesend in Kent to Clapham in London, quite a difference in size, from a large 3 bedroom house into a small 2 bedroom flat. So I had to quickly learn how to reduce clutter, how to make the most of your interior space as well as investing in quality furnishings rather than quantity.

A couple of years ago I went through a breakup that shook me into making changes in not only my life but also changes to my home – a fresh start. A total renovation was needed. I started by removing all the old, dated furniture, keeping things to a minimum- holding on to only the necessities: a bed, clothes rail, work desk, sofa etc. Gradually (and only when I found perfect pieces), I would purchase them to improve the homeliness of my home. It’s been a long time coming, but I’ve been looking to renovate an area of my flat that I can call a relaxation area. I was thinking low lighting, candles, books and most importantly a relaxing lounge chair. Running a full-time business as well as being an editor for my own blog and the odd consultant day here and there, it can get quite stressful and overwhelming when juggling so many different skillsets. I wanted the space to be a cosy sanctuary where I could indulge in reading my magazines, newspapers and books. Somewhere where I could truly just lay down with empty thoughts if I wish and maybe the odd afternoon nap! 

Timothy Oulton was THE perfect place to shop as they have a complete uniqueness about their design and style, something that was very important to me. Timothy Oulton is a British furniture and interiors company that is known for its creative collections of handcrafted furniture, distinctive leather upholstery, unique lighting and home accessories. Their history dates back to 1976 with a small antiques shop owned by Tim’s father and with a deep love for antiques and an affection for British heritage Tim has created this authentic, visionary brand that I absolutely love.

I try to bring history and artistry to classic pieces, giving them a contemporary and modern feel. We have a point of view. There is character and soul to what we do. The materials we use, the link to heritage, the designs – that combination is unique.
— Tim Oulton

My home is very much the upside-down of my Instagram aesthetics, quite dark in interiors but with as much natural light as possible. Think exposed brickwork with tonal greys throughout and styled with copper finishing’s.

The first product that I needed for my ‘relaxation area’ was a side-table. I chose the Timothy Oulton TRAPT side table because of the phenomenal table top, which is a mix of see-through acrylic and wood. When projecting low light from a copper lamp onto the surface of this stunning table it really brings out the colours of the wood. The Trapt collection features hearty beams of exotic African balsam wood in a stunning natural palette of honey and chestnut browns, juxtaposed against a stark metal frame. During the craftsmanship process, the timber planks bond with the resin as it hardens, making it incredibly durable, perfect for the rigors of daily use. The resin seeps into every crevice in the wood, and the surface is then polished to a silky and almost aqueous finish, like rainwater running over branches.

I’ve actually left the hero piece until last, my relaxation chair and I’m going to spend a lot of time on it. As it perfectly complimented the dark and amber wood tones of the side table, this post-industrial chaise longue was the one. It’s the Timothy Oulton BILBAO chair, which has been made by hand using time-honoured techniques and the leather which the company is renowned for undergoes several stages of complex hand-finishing to achieve their distinctive look and feel.

I’m extremely pleased with the result that I’ve achieved with this simple transformation and it just shows that if you invest in unique, quality furnishings you can really create something beautiful for the home. It would be great to hear your interior design plans and if you would like any design tips, just comment below it will be good to hear from you.

You can view the Timothy Oulton furniture collection online or head over to one of their London stores at Harrods or Heals.

*This sponsored post has been created in collaboration with Timothy Oulton.

Creating the Perfect Working From Home Environment

Working From Home is great. Firstly you get to avoid the horrible commute into work everyday and for anyone living on the Northern Line between Clapham South and Clapham North will be as grateful as I am to be WFH. As much as I miss waiting for 6 trains to pass by every morning at 08:15 until there is finally space for me to board - only to be squished up against the tube door or even worse, some girls soaking wet hair slapping me in the face as the tube rumbles along it's tracks (true story, not pleasant). Secondly, you don't even have to shower, get changed or presentable if you really don't want to...whose there to judge, no-one! And don't get be started on all the procrastination and life admin that you can get done in-between work of course.

Saying that, there are some very major drawbacks for a freelancer working from home. The first would have to be the loneliness. I used to work in an 9-6 office environment which was very fast paced and social so working from home is a major difference to this. In an office environment you have everything you need such as stationary, stocked up magically for you to use for work (*and personal) reasons. Not only that, the coffee machine is free (if it isn't it should be) and the amount you save on this is ridiculous. It can also be quite annoying when the postmen knows that you are always home, so you end up being the receiver to all of your neighbours parcels. Finally when working in an office and you have no toilet roll at home - come on who's going to admit to sneaking a roll or two into their bag?!

It is so important to stay motivated, strict and busy when working from your home because it is very easy to slip into doing household chores or even a lunchtime nap. I've found the best way to do this is to create the perfect working environment, which has to be functional, comfortable and have easy access to the coffee machine.

I've recently purchased a new desk, which is much bigger than my last one making it much easier to work as the small desk was so crammed I was forever getting stressed because it was so untidy. It is also very important to have good lighting. The photos above were taken last night which is why there is no natural light. However it is important to situate your working from home desk in a well, naturally lit room as well as having enough light via lamps in the evening when working long hours. Personally I have my desk setup in the front room, dining and kitchen open planned area, as my spare room is too small and doesn't get the best light during the day, plus it would just feel very dull and uninspiring to work in a bedroom. Of course you need a comfortable chair. I have a pair of chairs one for myself and one if Im having a meeting at home. Mine are more dining room table chairs as I wanted them to be easily tucked in tight to the desk to save space. For comfort I've got a couple of cushions that I use. 

Making your home office aesthetically pleasing is a major part of being more productive, I actually wrote a piece a while back about how plants can transform your wellbeing at home and bring your home to life. So decorate your home office with plants, posters, pictures of family - basically whatever makes you feel relaxed and inspired. I've opted for some inspirational posters which reminds me of holidays and therefore pushes me to work hard to be able to go on my next one. Of course it wouldn't be an office without a coffee machine and I have the ultimate, self cleaning, bean-to-cup automatic machine from KRUPS (reviewed here). 

Working from home or flexible working is a major trend in the UK and growing. Companies are realising that if managed correctly, they can actually get a better output, results and a longer-term relationship from their employees by offering flexible hours, working from home or both. Personally when working from home, my productivity is much higher and the hours of work are longer too and that is mainly down to creating the perfect working environment in the home.



Renovate your home with Homesense

A home is not a home without adding your personality into it and I feel that mine was very much a boring show home with no personality at all and I wanted to change that. Although Charlie my French bulldog uses the sofa more than myself, I still wanted to give it some TLC. Right now, the sofa is plain and bare but not only that but I have nowhere to put a cup of tea, except on the floor if I’m having a Netflix Sunday afternoon of relaxation. My goal when shopping at Homesense was to find a one off quirky side or coffee table and also some cushions for the sofa, lets see how I get on.

Soon after arriving at Homesense, I managed to find this unique side table, small enough to fit into the corner of my front room and quirky enough to be a talking point of the room. The copper and brass hues in the design match everything else in my room perfectly and the craftsmanship that has gone into this star shaped table is stunning.  Match the quality against the £39.99 price tag and it offered exceptional value. As it was a one-off piece of furniture in the store, I had to have it. In true Homesense style, after basketing this table, I decorated it with a couple of everyday essentials including a Cognac & Amber scented candle and a new set of whiskey glasses.

Not only am I looking for great design features but I’m also after true value in the products I buy…doesn’t everyone? You’ll never see a sale at Homesense because their retail model is to always offer great value with savings of up to 60% compared to the RRP. So you are safe in the knowledge that Homesense products are real genuine value rather than a sales push.

If you read my recent blog on how to interior decorate your dog’s area of the home, you would have noticed this 100% soft wool throw has already been used for that. However much Charlie thinks the throw is his, it isn’t as it is such a versatile piece of textile - use it as warmth in the winter or how about using it as a picnic blanket in the summer? Looking back at all of the products that I have brought from Homesense over the last few weeks, it makes me realise 1. How diverse they all are .2. What great value it been shopping there and .3. Not one of my friends or family has the same unique furniture in their houses as I now have and I cannot wait to go back next month to see what new items they have for sale.

I loved adding a little bit of colour to my sofa with a few cushions selected from a massive range of different colours, sizes and materials – so there is something for every taste. But would you have done it differently?  If so, it would be great for you to also share you own Homesense finds and join the Homesense sharers by posting your unique finds or interior design using the hashtag #HomesenseFinds.

Homesense are part of the TK Maxx family so if you have already shopped at TK Maxx Home you’ll absolutely love Homesense and you can find the nearest store to you here.

*This post was created in collaboration with Homesense, part of the TK Maxx family.

My London Flat Renovation | Including Home Tour

Finally it is finished, my London flat is at last fully renovated to my own individual taste and style. For 6 years I have lived in this 2 bedroom flat in Clapham South without doing a single thing to it and it looked tired, dated and in dire need of an interior design make-over. Working on a budget, I couldn't change everything - so I had to pick and choose what changes would make the biggest impact and what I could get away with keeping. The last few rooms to get some love were my open-planned front room, dining room and kitchen and as you can see from the below it was a 'tad' cluttered, dark and the walls looked tired.

Unfortunately I didn't get many photos of the actual work however as you can see, I repainted throughout in white and with a teal feature wall replacing the dated brown hues. The floor stayed and I tidied up all the electric speaker wiring that was all over the place before. Once all of the major work was complete, I pretty much replaced all of the furniture other than my dinner table and my office desk. 

I replaced the dark brown blind with a typical white plantation shutter which gives the room a much lighter appearance and the large slats allow so much more light in than the previous blind did. The hideous radiators have been covered up with some made-to-measure white radiator covers, taking up a tiny bit more space than just having radiators but allowing you to decorate the room better by putting 'stuff' on top. I was going to buy a new coffee table, however decided against it in favour of keeping the room as open and uncluttered as possible. So instead I brought a vintage side table. 

I'm pleased with all of my buys but especially this light grey sofa from Loaf...I opted to change my old L-shape one with a single 3-seater, again opening up the room much more. With Charlie dog banished from the the entire back of the house due to new carpet going down - I wanted to keep 'his' space open! I then got a single reading chair from Swoon Editions for the corner of the room then a new media unit for all my audio visual equipment. 

The final touches to the living room were a antiqued brass mirror from John Lewis, a copper Etch ceiling light and floor lamp by Tom Dixon adding some amazing mood lighting at night when I'm just chilling out watching another box-set.

Only a few changes were done in the kitchen, mainly because I ran out of money! Other than the radiator cover, I've changed the tap to a French style brushed copper design which works well with the other copper touches around the flat. I then changed all of the crappy broken bar stools with these epic antique looking adjustable stools. I was not going to do any more changes but I then got given a new kettle and toaster from Morphy Richards and I couldn't be happier as the unique design is perfect for what I want and fits in with the rest of the kitchen.




Clapham in Summer is great, single in Clapham in Summer is even better! So the rush is on to get the flat ready for the inevitable Giggerlum after parties, although shoes off please! If you haven't already read the first part of the renovation, which was my bedroom and the hallway, you can view it here. During the last month, I have been decorating the spare bedroom and the bathroom. The spare room was quite easy, as it just required a bit of paint and new interiors however the bathroom was a major project - ripping our old tiling, flooring and starting from pretty much scratch.


Since I moved to my Clapham flat about 6 years ago, I have always rented out the second I haven't had time to decorate it at all but now it has been empty for a while so finally its time to spruce it up a little. I started off by removing all of the furniture, put some carpet down and painted the walls.

The theme that I have gone for in this room is modern copper and grey tonal colours with geometric prints. The only thing I've reused was the silver framed mirror (left hand mirror in the below picture) this was from Ikea, but now discontinued. After lot of searching, I managed to find this copper bed frame from Dreams which was reasonably priced at £299. The copper geometric bed covers are handmade from America via Etsy by a brand called Saudade Prints. Pillows are from John Lewis as well as the grey herringbone throw.

I've used the same style blind as I did in my bedroom, which are made-to-measure from Next. One of the hardest items to source was a vintage wooden side table, but I wanted it to have copper and grey hints to it...luckily I stumbled on this antique reclaimed table from Little Tree Furniture, they create one off pieces of up-claimed furniture. The lamp shade was again from John Lewis. Finishing off the copper theme, I found an amazing copper round mirror from a local shop in Clapham Old Town called Places & Spaces. My favourite piece is the Tom Dixon Bell Copper Lamp, perfect design and highly polished copper so reflects the light in the bedroom perfectly - giving the illusion of making the bedroom larger.




Prior to this decorating of the bathroom, I actually thought it wasn't that bad. But now comparing the old to the new was awful. Brown plastic flooring, cream walls that are only at home in a 40-a-day smokers living room and grotty peeling paint work - how did I live in this squaller! 

Things are taking shape. The three major purchases for the bathroom were 1. The builders costs .2. The Tiles and .3. The under floor heating. So spending all of my budget on these items, I decided to utilise the bathroom suite that I already had. My favourite purchase by a mile were the Silver Antiqued Natural Stone Floor Tiles from Topps Tiles. Because the rest of my house has been quite tonal, I wanted a big contrast in the bathroom, so I opted for dark grey/black wood effect tiles for the walls.

Underfloor heating going down...things are starting to take shape!

Finished! What I tried to do is make the bathroom seem as large as it could, so I removed all bulky cupboards and have opted for baskets to store my bathroom things. The towels, floor mat, bin and baskets are from Ikea and the mirror is from Loaf.




After some pub conversations, spring seems to be the season of change, wardrobes, relationships, jobs and careers - everyone seems to at it. I moved to Clapham South from Northfleet, Kent in 2010 when I needed change in my life, I guess I was running away from a failed relationship, as it was easier for me to deal with. Little has changed in 2016 and after another failed relationship, this time rather than running away to a different part of London - I've decided to renovate my home, a fresh start, a project to focus my mind on rather than focusing on self pity and the inevitable hurt and pain that comes with a break-up.


This room had a huge built in wardrobe that took up the whole one side, it was massive and made the room look small. So the first thing I did was remove this wardrobe to make the room more roomy. This exposed a pretty horrendous looking wall which I planned to get bricked up to make a feature wall, New York loft apartment style.

Because my room is not the biggest, I wanted to save every inch of space, so rather than using normal bricks to make the wall, I found these slim bricks. Slim bricks are about 2cm's thick and they are the front of normal bricks wire cut off to make them slim. You can then just use adhesive to stick them to plaster board then grout them as you would tiles or normal brickwork. For my feature wall I brought the reclaimed vintage bricks.

I then got the walls patched up and freshly painted using Johnstones Manhattan Grey, sticking to the New York theme! Carpet laid. The light was changed from a silver 3 pronged light to a brass one with 5 light bulbs. The blinds have been changed from dark brown wood to white gloss with grey fabric details. The dark brown was making the room dark and small but with the new Next Made to Measure white blinds they reflect the light better.

Now the fun begins with the furnishing of the room. I wanted a space that wasn't cluttered so I brought these gas pipe clothes rails from Ziito, the key is to keep them spacious and don't over clutter them with clothes, so I went through all my clothes and sent about 10 black sacks worth to charity. A London flat wouldn't be complete without some radiator covers! These are great because they hide my crappy looking radiators plus they give you extra space for photos etc to put on top. There are lots of companies out there offering made-to-measure radiator covers, although they are expensive, so I shopped around and found these from screwfix. They look great, they offer various sizes so you should find one that fits perfectly and they are also very easy to put together and install.

My chest of drawers is from Swoon Editions and reclaimed pine/elm with brass handles, it took quite a long time for delivery as they are all made to order, but was totally worth the wait. I then swapped my tiny Samsung TV with a new Samsung curved TV, ready to have a Netflix box set session on chilled out Sundays.

All good interior design is down to the finer details, the small touches that give the interior character. A friend of mine introduced me to Tom Dixon and I have become completely obsessed with their amazing designs ever since. Established in 2002, Tom Dixon is a British product design brand. With a commitment to innovation and a mission to revive the British furniture industry, the brand is inspired by the nation’s unique heritage and produces extraordinary objects for everyday use.

My first Tom Dixon purchase for this room was this copper vase (shown below), from their Tank range, mouth-blown glass with precious copper bowl detailing, perfect for single stem flowers. I've had quite a few mandles in my time but this Oil Candle is perfect in design and smell. 

My final two purchases to complete the renovation of my first bedroom was a copper vase by Tom Dixon (again!) which I potted some miniature cacti and this industrial table lamp by Cargo Home Shop



The second room to renovate is the hallway. It already had a lovely brick wall but the paint work and carpet had seen much better days, so a quick inexpensive face-lift is all that was needed here. 

I wanted ceiling lighting that would project an awe-inspiring pattern of light onto my natural brickwork and sticking to my Tom Dixon copper theme, I decided to get these geodesic etch shades. This pendant light has a detailed pattern which casts a mass of intricate shadows when lit. A quick paint with the same light grey tonal colour as I used in my bedroom and carpet laid, now all that is left is to move in some furniture.

The signature piece of furniture for my hallway was this reclaimed wine rack by Little Tree Furniture. I used another one of the Tom Dixon vases and a Tom Dixon copper table lamp to showcase on top of the wine rack. My final touches for the hallway are copper polished light switches and again another white radiator cover from screwfix. A mirror placed on the wall above the radiator gives the narrow hallway a larger feel.


Special thanks to Tom Dixon.