Renovate your home with Homesense

A home is not a home without adding your personality into it and I feel that mine was very much a boring show home with no personality at all and I wanted to change that. Although Charlie my French bulldog uses the sofa more than myself, I still wanted to give it some TLC. Right now, the sofa is plain and bare but not only that but I have nowhere to put a cup of tea, except on the floor if I’m having a Netflix Sunday afternoon of relaxation. My goal when shopping at Homesense was to find a one off quirky side or coffee table and also some cushions for the sofa, lets see how I get on.

Soon after arriving at Homesense, I managed to find this unique side table, small enough to fit into the corner of my front room and quirky enough to be a talking point of the room. The copper and brass hues in the design match everything else in my room perfectly and the craftsmanship that has gone into this star shaped table is stunning.  Match the quality against the £39.99 price tag and it offered exceptional value. As it was a one-off piece of furniture in the store, I had to have it. In true Homesense style, after basketing this table, I decorated it with a couple of everyday essentials including a Cognac & Amber scented candle and a new set of whiskey glasses.

Not only am I looking for great design features but I’m also after true value in the products I buy…doesn’t everyone? You’ll never see a sale at Homesense because their retail model is to always offer great value with savings of up to 60% compared to the RRP. So you are safe in the knowledge that Homesense products are real genuine value rather than a sales push.

If you read my recent blog on how to interior decorate your dog’s area of the home, you would have noticed this 100% soft wool throw has already been used for that. However much Charlie thinks the throw is his, it isn’t as it is such a versatile piece of textile - use it as warmth in the winter or how about using it as a picnic blanket in the summer? Looking back at all of the products that I have brought from Homesense over the last few weeks, it makes me realise 1. How diverse they all are .2. What great value it been shopping there and .3. Not one of my friends or family has the same unique furniture in their houses as I now have and I cannot wait to go back next month to see what new items they have for sale.

I loved adding a little bit of colour to my sofa with a few cushions selected from a massive range of different colours, sizes and materials – so there is something for every taste. But would you have done it differently?  If so, it would be great for you to also share you own Homesense finds and join the Homesense sharers by posting your unique finds or interior design using the hashtag #HomesenseFinds.

Homesense are part of the TK Maxx family so if you have already shopped at TK Maxx Home you’ll absolutely love Homesense and you can find the nearest store to you here.

*This post was created in collaboration with Homesense, part of the TK Maxx family.