Improving Your Home Ambiance With Indoor Plants

Indoor Plants L.jpg

There are many upsides to being a blogger and a founder of a successful e-tailors. However, the downsides for me have always been the long enduring days at home copywriting or painstaking editorials

I know, it's not a real job. I'm not digging trenches or laying brick in sub-zero temperatures, but it can get lonely as hell.

One trick I've employed this year is bringing a little culture within my working space. I've brightened up my working environment and treated myself to a couple of indoor plants from

I've even taken to naming and talking to the plants from time to time as it helps me unpack a few feelings, externalise, you know all that 'new man' stuff. I know what you're thinking, those poor plants.

It's not often I'm glued to the desk. The peripatetic nature of my job allows me to work wherever, so long as there is a good WiFi connection. But I can't recommend getting some plants to enliven your working space.

Sure, it's pretty fatalistic to surround yourself with things that will ultimately wilt and die in your presence, but they look fantastic and even purify the air in your home.

What kind of plants have health benefits? 

Currently I'm stocked up on Snake Plants. Yes, partly because having a Snake plant heightens my animalistic vigour (ego talking) secondly they look great and according to NASA it boasts a natural capacity to remove toxins from its immediate environment. And, while most plants take away oxygen at night, this one gives it off during night hours, making it perfect for the bedroom.

Other disciplines to work from home

It's hard right, you're just looking for an excuse to be distracted, jump on an email, check social media. I set real goals when I'm at home. Making sure that I spend no longer than one hour on any feature.

The One Hour Blog

It's not just the writing that takes time. The pictures, the editing, the uploading. Then you have to farm the article out on all the social media channels. Sure there's tools and apps that does that all for you but I prefer to do it natively.

Plus I blog every day and I appreciate not everyone will read the majority of my ramblings. So that's why I now give my self a curfew of one hour per blog. (Writing).

Times up

This one for example has taken me to the hour point. In summary my home now has a very lavish and welcoming feel. Be warned however, if you're a cat owner, do not get lilies for the home. Lilies kill cats, it's their kryptonite. Trust me.