Unique, Handcrafted Furniture & Interiors by Timothy Oulton

I’ve loved interior design for a long time now, I guess for a 37-year-old man who has his life in order it’s hard not to. For me home interiors are in the top 3 things I spend my money on, alongside holidays and fashion – so I’m forever looking for design inspiration and quality products to improve the comfort of my home. 7 Years ago I moved from Gravesend in Kent to Clapham in London, quite a difference in size, from a large 3 bedroom house into a small 2 bedroom flat. So I had to quickly learn how to reduce clutter, how to make the most of your interior space as well as investing in quality furnishings rather than quantity.

A couple of years ago I went through a breakup that shook me into making changes in not only my life but also changes to my home – a fresh start. A total renovation was needed. I started by removing all the old, dated furniture, keeping things to a minimum- holding on to only the necessities: a bed, clothes rail, work desk, sofa etc. Gradually (and only when I found perfect pieces), I would purchase them to improve the homeliness of my home. It’s been a long time coming, but I’ve been looking to renovate an area of my flat that I can call a relaxation area. I was thinking low lighting, candles, books and most importantly a relaxing lounge chair. Running a full-time business as well as being an editor for my own blog and the odd consultant day here and there, it can get quite stressful and overwhelming when juggling so many different skillsets. I wanted the space to be a cosy sanctuary where I could indulge in reading my magazines, newspapers and books. Somewhere where I could truly just lay down with empty thoughts if I wish and maybe the odd afternoon nap! 

Timothy Oulton was THE perfect place to shop as they have a complete uniqueness about their design and style, something that was very important to me. Timothy Oulton is a British furniture and interiors company that is known for its creative collections of handcrafted furniture, distinctive leather upholstery, unique lighting and home accessories. Their history dates back to 1976 with a small antiques shop owned by Tim’s father and with a deep love for antiques and an affection for British heritage Tim has created this authentic, visionary brand that I absolutely love.

I try to bring history and artistry to classic pieces, giving them a contemporary and modern feel. We have a point of view. There is character and soul to what we do. The materials we use, the link to heritage, the designs – that combination is unique.
— Tim Oulton

My home is very much the upside-down of my Instagram aesthetics, quite dark in interiors but with as much natural light as possible. Think exposed brickwork with tonal greys throughout and styled with copper finishing’s.

The first product that I needed for my ‘relaxation area’ was a side-table. I chose the Timothy Oulton TRAPT side table because of the phenomenal table top, which is a mix of see-through acrylic and wood. When projecting low light from a copper lamp onto the surface of this stunning table it really brings out the colours of the wood. The Trapt collection features hearty beams of exotic African balsam wood in a stunning natural palette of honey and chestnut browns, juxtaposed against a stark metal frame. During the craftsmanship process, the timber planks bond with the resin as it hardens, making it incredibly durable, perfect for the rigors of daily use. The resin seeps into every crevice in the wood, and the surface is then polished to a silky and almost aqueous finish, like rainwater running over branches.

I’ve actually left the hero piece until last, my relaxation chair and I’m going to spend a lot of time on it. As it perfectly complimented the dark and amber wood tones of the side table, this post-industrial chaise longue was the one. It’s the Timothy Oulton BILBAO chair, which has been made by hand using time-honoured techniques and the leather which the company is renowned for undergoes several stages of complex hand-finishing to achieve their distinctive look and feel.

I’m extremely pleased with the result that I’ve achieved with this simple transformation and it just shows that if you invest in unique, quality furnishings you can really create something beautiful for the home. It would be great to hear your interior design plans and if you would like any design tips, just comment below it will be good to hear from you.

You can view the Timothy Oulton furniture collection online or head over to one of their London stores at Harrods or Heals.

*This sponsored post has been created in collaboration with Timothy Oulton.