Are Alcohol Free Beers Good For You?


Q. What is the healthiest alcohol free beer to drink? 

A. Nanny State by BrewDog is known as having the lowest calories per bottle, approx. 26 calories! A perfect option for those looking to tackle Stoptober head on. 

With StopTober on the horizon I wanted to do some research and ask, Are Alcohol-free Beers Healthy? I'm seeing a lot of non-alcoholic beers in the supermarket, I want to know if my body is going to reap the benefits. 

I've spent the morning researching whether Alcohol-free beers are good for you or not. And also, a recommendation from those non-drinkers as to which beers to try., 

Alcohol Free beer is not a recommended substitute if you’re trying to give up alcohol for good. From my research and looking at comment threads, people are resorting back to normal beer after not getting a proper 'fix'. 


Good to have after the gym

Alcohol free beer still has the hops, it's only the alcohol that has been removed either by vacuuming, reverse osmosis or boiling. 

The hops is apparently a health benefit if you're looking to recover from any exercise exertion.

Good for you and you want hops to sleep, alcohol free beer can help your recovery from gym. I've heard the same about Guinness also because of the Iron content. 

Low on Sugar

Alcohol-free beers are the healthiest drinks in a pub unless you're having water. Which will probably cost you around the same amount as a normal beer.

Many soft drink alternatives are usually high in sugar and caffeine, plus the sugar free alternatives are usually high in aspartame. 

Aspartame is a very controversial sweetener, you can find out more about that on a blog by EcoWatch

craftbeerhops (1).jpg

Will I lose my Beer Belly? 

According to an article on Beer Fattening by Micro Brewery, the beer belly is not the result of beer, but of the beer-drinking lifestyle.

Think on all the poor decisions you've made after having a few beers. The greasy takeout’s, the lack of exercise the next day due to fatigue, it's a slippery slope that culminates into inevitable Dad-Bod. 

Non-alcoholic beer good for the blood? 

Some people drink non-alcoholic beer every day for health. Research suggests it lowers the white cells which is good for people with lymphoma. (*non-scientifically backed). 

Something new I learnt

Alcoholic calories are used by the body first – they are not stored and converted into fat. Alcohol is processed in exactly the same way as beer but removed by a second heating process. The boiling point of alcohol is lower than water at 78 degrees Celsius. 


Top 5 Popular non-alcoholic beers 

To get you through Stoptober you might want to take a look at these alcohol free beers, recommended by various users.

  • Zero Zero

  • Nanny State

  • Patronus Weissbier

  • Heineken 0.0

  • Becks Blue