Introducing the F&F AW16 Menswear Collection

Convenience has become very much part of our everyday lives. I'm a prime example of someone who doesn't like to waste time, I love being busy and absolutely hate doing nothing. Today I was on a tube journey for 35 minutes, I walk down and up the escalators to save 20 seconds. If I hear a train pulling in to the station, I run down the escalator just to get that 50/50 chance it is going my way and hence saving 2 minutes waiting on the station for the next one to arrive. The journey between stations in the tunnels is time to write replies to all my WhatsApp messages and send them when connected to wifi at the tube stations...all because it's dead time otherwise. When getting on to tubes, I always make sure I get on at the point in which is the closest door to my exit. No-one who rushes around like I do wants to be stuck behind a couple of london tourists taking up the whole platform with their suitcases, walking at a snails pace leaving frustrated Londoner's queuing up behind. 

Anyway. My point being. The same applies with shopping, whether it's work, dating, children, family, girlfriends, boyfriends, sport, hobbies, drinking etc...we all have other stuff to do. Hence the rise of online shopping and convenience shopping.

F&F by Tesco offer convenience, combining food shopping, clothes shopping in-store or online, is it now the time to revisit this shopping trend? 

If I'm honest and I can be because this is my blog! My perception about clothes sold by our supermarkets was that they weren't particularly well made, designed and fitted poorly. Well I stand corrected, I take that all back as when trialling the new Autumn/Winter 2016 collection by F&F I was amazed by all of those points. Obviously the price is low but the quality of their denim, knitwear, casual shirts and tailoring range is actually very good and as you can see in my looks above and below, the fit is perfect.

In the above look, I've gone for my signature classic style. Navy on navy on navy! F&F navy t-shirt, layered with an F&F casual check shirt and finally the F&F navy overcoat. Pair these F&F classics with some jeans and brogue or desert shoes to complete the look.


Vintage formalwear with a touch of British practicality serve as the inspiration behind the menswear line; modern winter layering meets traditionally refined dressing. There’s a laid-back, slightly un-kept aesthetic to the new season. Cable knit jumpers in deep browns and cosy greys are given the impression of classic reliable favourites, called upon once again for the colder months. Simple jerseys receive an over-washed, worn effect for a paired back, casual quality. Weathered denim is introduced this season in clean shades of indigo, serving as a perfect base for the contrasting textures of the look. Waxed and coated cotton feature across outerwear and accessories, echoing back to the traditional British influence of the season. Chunky, rough textured knits in speckled yarns lend a hand-crafted feel to menswear.

In the look above I've worn the F&F knitwear and bomber jackets, as these are prominent to their AW16 collection. Start with the jeans from F&F, the pair I'm wearing are from their 'skinny' fit which if you are used to modern skinny jeans, these probably cut more straight than skinny, nice to know when buying online without trying them on. The jumper I'm wearing mixes 3 autumnal hues which makes it easy to style. The knitwear fabric is chunky and perfect for the colder days coming our way in the next few months, or sitting in front of a open wood-fuelled fire in an old'English pub. The bomber jacket compliments this outfit perfectly because the knit is so chunky, I didn't want anything too thick when wearing a jacket with this outfit and the F&F bomber is perfectly light weight.


Photography by Kylie Eyra