Autumn trends | The new Hammond & Co. collection by Patrick Grant

Who else loves autumn? Crisp mornings that make the London Underground bearable, in fact you become grateful for the warmth given off by the close proximity of the person next to you! Autumn also brings a turn in seasonal menswear trends for us to buy into. Debenhams and the new Hammond & Co collection by Patrick Grant have brought out a stylish range for AW16, consisting of beautifully cut suits, formal clothing and stylish casual wear bringing the essence of Savile Row - the epitome of men's tailoring to their new menswear collection.

Every good collection has something for every consumer spanning formal, casual and different age ranges. So from this collection, I have tried to style a casual outfit targeted at a younger audience as well as a more sophisticated look for the mature reader.

In my first look above, I've taken the dark grey tipped bomber jacket and created an outfit around this one item. I always find the bomber jacket works so much better worn with a longline plain tee underneath rather than shirts, as I find the crew neck tee and the curvature of the bomber jacket collar create a flowing clean line around the neck. Simply wear with a pair of dark navy or black jeans. Trainers work best with this look and I think any colour would work, especially whites, blacks and the burgundy ones that I'm wearing in this look.

Moving on to my second look, a complete contrast to the first but as I mentioned - from the same collection. All the pieces of clothing in this outfit are made up with products from Hammond & Co collection and accessorised with other items from my wardrobe.

When styling this outfit, I wanted to focus on a smart, formal, country look. Think classic tailoring meets country walking. So I have picked pieces with classic autumnal hues such as the dark tan fabric in the overcoat, the subtle brown weave in the grey check blazer and finally finished off with a pair of tan leather chelsea boots. Although these autumnal tones are quite dark, so to really make this outfit pop you need a touch of white, which I have added via this classic formal shirt - a wardrobe staple. I love how the double-jacket layered combo works perfectly for the autumn weather. Take the overcoat off and the outfit takes on a new personality.



Photography by Rebecca Spencer