How to wear a double-breasted blazer | Sizing Guide

The double-breasted suit or blazer is a timeless classic, although over the years has only really been worn by fashion forward individuals. Although I'm starting to see more gents opting for double-breasted styles and therefore a greater number of the high-street stores stocking a larger range. Great news for double-breasted fans like myself. I've been experimenting with this style of blazer for a long time and I think you'll find that the double-breasted jacket is far more versatile than you might expect.  

As I have mentioned, the high-street are bringing out a larger collection of this style (see below 'my picks') and not just in suits and also as a more affordable blazer only option. Style a double-breasted blazer with a pair of dark smart jeans or chino trousers for maximum sartorial effect. 

Some of us shy away from wearing double-breasted because they don't know how they should fit or because it is too hard to find the perfect fit. Tailoring a perfectly fitted DB blazer is more difficult than single-breasted as you have much more fabric around the chest, abdominals and waist areas and therefore small adjustments can make major differences in the fit. Picking a brand that understands this concept is critical.

As with any blazer getting your size right is the most important decision, although sizing on double breasted blazers can be much less forgiving than in their single-breasted cousins. Buy a size too big and the fabric will engulf your body and look terrible. Buy a size too small and the large lapels will bow outwards and the whole suit will not fit flush to your body as it should. Generally a double-breasted suit should be tailored slightly shorter than single-breasted blazers, something to note when trying them on. When wearing, you should do up the first useable button hole and leave the bottom button undone. Double-breasted blazers always look better done up and layer in winter months with a smart traditional overcoat.



Photography by Rebecca Spencer