Decorating their stand as a cricket pavilion was the perfect tribute to England retaining the Ashes from Australia and their collection for SS16 was as spectacular as England's bowling attack in the 4th Test. Their collection focused on window pane checks and double breasted suits along with their all year around wardrobe staples such as their tweed jackets and navy blazers.


The brand with a story was once again 'the one to watch' after another successful second season at Moda Gent. Their shirts are all handmade and crafted with the upmost attention to detail and fine fabrics, using Egyptian cotton and mainly twin 140 yarns. Hawkins & Shepherd have striped back shirts that have been over engineered to the basics of exceptional tailoring. Their SS16 range included a mixture of bold and fine checks in pinks, blues & purples whilst also showcasing an eye-catching monochrome AW15 range of shirts from London's best shirtmakers.


A brand that prior to Moda, I wasn't too familiar with however now its one that will be on my shopping list for years to come. With a price point on the premium side I was interested to find out more about the build and the fabrics which were of top quality. What stood out for me was the print fabric on the underside of their suit jackets, which gave the pieces a classic 'without prejudice' stamp of quality design. 


I'm a big fan of anything Nordic and especially when it comes to men's style and fashion. Many of my favourite menswear bloggers are from Sweden, Denmark and Norway as their style is impeccable. Again it was not a brand I was aware of but they stood out as a brand that I pretty much liked everything. From leather jackets, knitwear and formal suits...Bertoni had it all. The monochrome stripe bomber knitwear was my favourite piece of the whole Moda exhibition, now I just need to buy it!