Lord Timepieces Review | British Watch Brand on the Rise

Today I'm going to wax some serious praise on Lord Timepieces. They were kind enough to send on this exquisite Chrono Rose Gold Black watch for me to review. 

Firstly, the pictures don't really do it justice. Entombed in a rose gold bezel sits a perforated dial face, intersected with 3 dial faces, each with their own design. 

It has an aviator quality to it. Handsome, sleek and elegant. What's great when I created this Lord Timepieces review is how it really catches your eye, without being overly showy. It's a 45mm so doesn't come across too muscular. It's a chunk of money at £145, but in the grand scheme of things and compared some branded dress watches it's very evenly priced. 

Other watches from the website I have my eye on are thee Sport Black Silicone, the Sport Gold and the Chrono Gold Black. 

The Sport Gold Black Silicone has a dialled-down dial face that looks very rugged. Quasi-retro but at the same time, I can see Christopher Lambert rocking this in some prison Sci-fi film set in the year 2047 when all the cars look terrible and the only stylish thing left is this watch!

The Sport Gold is undoubtedly a more bling take on the Black Silicone. Not my usual go-to style but I do like to mix things up every now and then. This would be perfect for that upmarket urban night out. When you're wanting to get that little extra attention in the club or bar. 

This Chrono Gold Black Lord Timepiece is the inverted version of the Chrono Rose Gold Black watch I was sent. A very 'dressier' style than I'd usually go for but after showing the page to some other friends, it was this one that came out top. 

More reasons to love Lord Timepieces 

Have a nose around their site I'm sure you'll find at least one piece that will grab you. Great news if you're a student as Lord Timepieces offer 10% to all students

They ship internationally for FREE, although check the customs and import charges if you're buying outside the UK. 

It's a London based brand. 

*This sponsored post/review was created in collaboration with Lord Timepieces.

Top 10 Men’s Affordable Fashion Watches

Top 10 Mens Fashion Watches.jpg

I’ve accumulated a fair number of watches over the years and have become somewhat of an expert in this field. When shopping online for a watch it is hard to compare the differences as you’re cross-referencing written facts. When you physically have a collection side by side and you’re holding one watch in one hand and another in the other, it becomes somewhat easier to pick a favourite.

Today I’m reviewing Men’s Fashion Watches and ranking them from 1-10 in order of preference. A fashion watch is something affordable, retails from approximately £50-£250 in price and therefore you may have more than one in your watch collection. Swapping them out depending on the style and colour of your outfit.

1. Rotary Rose Gold Cambridge Gents Chronograph Quart Watch - £249

2. Fredrick Jackson Tailor Mustard Watch - £135

3. KARTEL Watches - £75

4. Rotary Tradition Men's rose gold Swiss Watch - £229

5. Brathwait Watches - £145

6. Rotary Oxford Silver Stainless Steel Quartz Watch - £149

7. McCabe Heritage Watch - £220

8. OWL Rose Gold & Dark Grey Watch - £135

9. Rotary stainless steel skeleton watch - £249

10. CIRCULR C3D Navy Watch - £39.99

Introducing Kartel Watches Latest Men's Collection

I've had the pleasure of sampling quite a lot of fashion watches around the £100 mark, over the last few years and one brand that sticks in my head for offering the best value is Kartel Watches. Kartel are always bringing out new strap designs and different colour combinations to keep their brand on-trend and contemporary. 

Retailing at around the £100 mark, these are a great buy. Kartel have managed to get the perfect balance between cost, quality and design. Pick up one of their watches and they feel well-made, they have a medium weight and each component has a certain quality. I've owned many Kartel watches and never had any problems with the watches that I have owned. What I love most about owning these watches is that the designs tend to be very minimalistic so they become collectable - wearing a different Kartel watch for each different outfit you wear throughout the week.

I've owned a few other brands who operate in this price bracket and they feel very lightweight and plastic. So if you are after something fashionable, wearable and affordable - look no further than Kartel watches.

Their new men's collection focused on minimalist colours and colour combinations whilst sticking to it's core contemporary design.

So if you like any of the above watches that I have styled, you can shop them below. You can also have the back of the watch engraved for free.

Photography by Ella H

Kartel Watches | The New Collection

Before I get onto talking about watches, let's talk about Christmas and New Years! I mean seriously why does Christmas seem to fly by in a flash. I say that because I've had such a great time and finally a few days where I just relaxed with family and friends without thinking about work, blogging, Instagram or twitter much at all - a rare occurrence for me! I hope you all have also had an amazing Christmas, eating and drinking an obscene amount of food and drink. Now it's the day after Boxing Day and I'm back, refreshed and raring to make the most of 2016 whilst looking at my plan of attack for 2017. 

This shoot was taken during a cold winter morning around St Paul's in London, styled and photographed by the incredible Ella H - with thanks to singer Seljan Nasibli for putting up with me during this shoot!

Today I started browsing online to spend my Christmas present money as I just couldn't face the crowds of Oxford Street or any of the major shopping centres like Bluewater or Westfield. If like me, you are looking to purchase a new watch, take a look at Kartel watches. The watch faces are very classic, simple and uncluttered in design yet with incredible style and very trend focused.

In the first look, shown above, I'm wearing the Kartel KT-HUME 40MM-CVSB-R, but that sounds more like a Starwars robot, so here are a few more friendly details about the watch. As with all Kartel watches, they are totally affordable with this watch retailing at £75.00. The watch strap is black woven nylon which matches nicely with the black watch face, whilst the watch trim is in silver which gives a nice clean contrast to the style. I would wear this watch with anything monochrome, black ripped jeans, leather jackets and white t-shirts.

Moving on to my second watch, which is at a slightly higher price point at £85 - but what you'll get for that extra tenner is a leather strap and a functional watch with small date detail on the watch face. Is is quite similar in look to the first, although rather than silver dials and rim we have a rose gold design. When styling this watch, I would wear it with greys, navy blues and autuminal colours.

Finally you have the premium Kartel fashion watch at £110 featuring an incredible hand woven, genuine Harris Tweed strap. Totally unique and I love how they have used a dark green Harris Tweed yet kept the watch face plain white, rather than showcasing the watch face - this time the watch strap takes centre stage. Clean and crisp, I would wear this watch with a outdoors style, Im thinking quilted jackets, dark leather boots or knitted jumpers.



Photography by Ella H

An Honest Look at Modern Watchmaking | Brathwait Watches

I believe that a good timepiece can truly show someones personality and lifestyle. I am a big fan of fashion, dress watches because they are versatile enough to look incredible with a well tailored suit just as well as a casual edgier look, say with a leather jacket. I have recently been wearing watches by Brathwait, which shows that a watch completes any outfit and more importantly, it doesn't have to be too expensive. I like a classic wristwatch to have a simple face paired with a leather strap and I think that it's best for a timepiece to generally be more simplistic which epitomises quality without having anything to prove.

Welcome to a new era in watchmaking, welcome to Brathwait watches, a brand dedicated to selling genuine quality at a great price. Brathwait define their watches as simple, achievable and luxury. They looked deep into the manufacturing process, doing away with short-cuts and cheap solutions, focusing on only using quality materials and workmanship that high-end designers use.

So how are they able to sell at a great price? Well. Basically. By being honest, not greedy and selling a product for a value of what it is actually worth rather than perceived worth. A value that I'm a major admirer of and one of the main reasons why I started Hawkins & Shepherd shirt makers. So many brands out there are relying on quality branding and marketing rather than a quality product that is worth the money you spend on it. I personality would rather spend money on product rather than brand, which is why I love Brathwait watches and their philosophy. 

I love how Brathwait watches highlight the actual costs of all the individual pieces that make up a watch, in an open and honest approach and that is very very welcome.

The inspiration for Brathwait came from an epic man of the same name, Richard Brathwait, the world’s first true gentleman and a poet from London. He changed the world in 1631 upon publishing “The Complete Guide to the English Gentleman.”

He who practiced Brathwait’s code of conduct and etiquette attracted the respect of royalty. As a token of their appreciation to the Brathwait legacy, their wristwatches have been created as a symbol of the modern man who practices the heritage of the Gentleman.

This is a watch that I'll have and enjoy wearing for a very long time, especially as you can also just purchase extra straps in different designs and colours and simply clip on and clip off in seconds.



Photography by Rebecca Spencer