Lord Timepieces Review | British Watch Brand on the Rise

Today I'm going to wax some serious praise on Lord Timepieces. They were kind enough to send on this exquisite Chrono Rose Gold Black watch for me to review. 

Firstly, the pictures don't really do it justice. Entombed in a rose gold bezel sits a perforated dial face, intersected with 3 dial faces, each with their own design. 

It has an aviator quality to it. Handsome, sleek and elegant. What's great when I created this Lord Timepieces review is how it really catches your eye, without being overly showy. It's a 45mm so doesn't come across too muscular. It's a chunk of money at £145, but in the grand scheme of things and compared some branded dress watches it's very evenly priced. 

Other watches from the website I have my eye on are thee Sport Black Silicone, the Sport Gold and the Chrono Gold Black. 

The Sport Gold Black Silicone has a dialled-down dial face that looks very rugged. Quasi-retro but at the same time, I can see Christopher Lambert rocking this in some prison Sci-fi film set in the year 2047 when all the cars look terrible and the only stylish thing left is this watch!

The Sport Gold is undoubtedly a more bling take on the Black Silicone. Not my usual go-to style but I do like to mix things up every now and then. This would be perfect for that upmarket urban night out. When you're wanting to get that little extra attention in the club or bar. 

This Chrono Gold Black Lord Timepiece is the inverted version of the Chrono Rose Gold Black watch I was sent. A very 'dressier' style than I'd usually go for but after showing the page to some other friends, it was this one that came out top. 

More reasons to love Lord Timepieces 

Have a nose around their site I'm sure you'll find at least one piece that will grab you. Great news if you're a student as Lord Timepieces offer 10% to all students

They ship internationally for FREE, although check the customs and import charges if you're buying outside the UK. 

It's a London based brand. 

*This sponsored post/review was created in collaboration with Lord Timepieces.