An Honest Look at Modern Watchmaking | Brathwait Watches

I believe that a good timepiece can truly show someones personality and lifestyle. I am a big fan of fashion, dress watches because they are versatile enough to look incredible with a well tailored suit just as well as a casual edgier look, say with a leather jacket. I have recently been wearing watches by Brathwait, which shows that a watch completes any outfit and more importantly, it doesn't have to be too expensive. I like a classic wristwatch to have a simple face paired with a leather strap and I think that it's best for a timepiece to generally be more simplistic which epitomises quality without having anything to prove.

Welcome to a new era in watchmaking, welcome to Brathwait watches, a brand dedicated to selling genuine quality at a great price. Brathwait define their watches as simple, achievable and luxury. They looked deep into the manufacturing process, doing away with short-cuts and cheap solutions, focusing on only using quality materials and workmanship that high-end designers use.

So how are they able to sell at a great price? Well. Basically. By being honest, not greedy and selling a product for a value of what it is actually worth rather than perceived worth. A value that I'm a major admirer of and one of the main reasons why I started Hawkins & Shepherd shirt makers. So many brands out there are relying on quality branding and marketing rather than a quality product that is worth the money you spend on it. I personality would rather spend money on product rather than brand, which is why I love Brathwait watches and their philosophy. 

I love how Brathwait watches highlight the actual costs of all the individual pieces that make up a watch, in an open and honest approach and that is very very welcome.

The inspiration for Brathwait came from an epic man of the same name, Richard Brathwait, the world’s first true gentleman and a poet from London. He changed the world in 1631 upon publishing “The Complete Guide to the English Gentleman.”

He who practiced Brathwait’s code of conduct and etiquette attracted the respect of royalty. As a token of their appreciation to the Brathwait legacy, their wristwatches have been created as a symbol of the modern man who practices the heritage of the Gentleman.

This is a watch that I'll have and enjoy wearing for a very long time, especially as you can also just purchase extra straps in different designs and colours and simply clip on and clip off in seconds.



Photography by Rebecca Spencer