Jo Malone London Blossoms: Bloomin’ Marvellous

I might be on the other side of the world right now, but that doesn't stop me waxing lyrical about Jo Malone London and their latest release, Blossoms

As a proud UK Ambassador for Jo Malone London I'm fortunate enough to get exclusive access to their pre-releases and a direct feed to their news desk. In this article I'm going to give you the low down (is that what the kids say?) on what they have coming out this month. 

When I first saw the press release for Jo Malone London Blossoms, my mind immediately turned to impressionism. A romantic era where Art allowed invited people to use their imagination. To be transported to an otherworldly realm steeped in colour and vivid expressionism. 

The new blossoms collection, available for a limited time only, really encompasses the romance of Spring. Embraces the conviviality of what fresh light and hope can bring. 


This is not what you call an evergreen article. This is a here and now message, these scents are only available for a limited time from April 2019. 

Carl, tell us about Jo Malone London Blossoms

Dressed in a rainbow of ombré designs, the line-up is comprised of longed-for Star Magnolia and Silk Blossom, long-loved Orange Blossom and the radiant new Frangipani Flower.

You might remember I've written about layering scents before on the blog. In case you need reminding, Jo Malone London fragrances can be worn alone or layered with another to create a unique combination.

When it comes to the Jo Malone London Blossoms collection here are two pairings that are truly mesmerising. 


Frangipani Flower Cologne with Orange Blossom Hair Mist

A warm oral scent, radiant with frangipani as shimmering orange blossom flows through your hair.

Silk Blossom Cologne with Star Magnolia Hair Mist

An uplifting oral scent with vibrant silk blossoms softened by the gleam of star magnolia in your hair.

The Jo Malone London Blossoms collection includes:

  • Frangipani Flower Cologne 30ml and 100ml – £49 and £98  

  • Silk Blossom Cologne 30ml and 100ml – £49 and £98 

  • Silk Blossom Home Candle 200g – £49 

  • Star Magnolia Cologne 30ml and 100ml – £49  and £98 

  • Star Magnolia Hair Mist 50ml – £44 

  • Orange Blossom Cologne 100ml – £98 

  • Orange Blossom Hair Mist 50ml – £44 

  • Orange Blossom Diffuser 165ml – £65 

Join the Club 

Just as a caveat to this blog, I'm thinking of hosting a fragrance night round mine when I get back from traveling.

I'll set up the camera and people do one minute vids on what they think their favourite fragrance is and why, then I'll upload it to my YouTube channel

I'll get the BBQ going, stick on Goodfellas, get the poker chips out, you know make it less like a scene from Sex and the City. What do you think? DM me on Instagram or in the comment box below if you think this is a decent idea. 

Introducing Paco Rabanne Pure XS Fragrance for Men

With so many fragrances coming out this side of Christmas it wouldn't be possible to write about every single one. So I only review exceptional fragrances that I truly believe are great enough to become classics; ones that men would choose to wear year-on-year as their signature scent. Scent memory triggers an area of the brain that compares a particular scent with a certain memory. That could be the scent that your girlfriend wore on your first date, it's memorable, it's something that will live with you forever. So when choosing a fragrance, it has to turn-heads, it has to be memorable, it has to be bold, sexy and give you confidence. PureXS from Paco Rabanne is one of those fragrances.

Paco Rabanne XS was originally launched back in 1993 and then in 2005 they launched Black XS. Each of these fragrances were designed for the man who loves excess in every form of their lives. Today in 2017 Pure XS has taken this energy to another level for a man who oozes sex appeal, charisma and confidence. The fragrance is fresh and smouldering, an explosion of freshness with an overdose of almost icy ginger. Then you'll get your second excess of a spicy sin with cinnamon followed by a surge of power with deep, noble vanilla infused with leather-liquor-musk inflections. Finally, sink into the pulsing warmth of myrhh dusted with sweet sugar. A sensation to spark those scent memories from today and long into the future.

Every exceptional fragrance has to have a bottle design which is a work of art and compliments the fragrance perfectly. This weighty bottle with a zippo style opener is reflective of a luxury whiskey glass; it's pure excessive indulgence of exceptional design.

You can find the fragrance sold nationwide at The Purfume Shop at £64.50 for 100ml.

Paco Rabanne Pure XS Key Notes:






This week I was invited along with some other exceptional bloggers, celebrities and fragrance experts to celebrate the launch of Paco Rabanne Pure XS, which started off at The Ned which has never smelt so good. If you haven't been to The Ned, you need to, located at 27 Poultry, close to Bank underground station. It's a historic building reborn in the heart of London City. Set in the former Midland Bank building, The Ned hosts 252 bedrooms, 6 event spaces, 9 restaurants, a men's grooming space and other membership benefits such as a gym, rooftop pool, Hamman and late night lounge bar which is situated in the banks original vault! 

The day was #PureXS dining at The Ned for lunch before having a grooming refresh and down-time using the relaxing facilities. In the evening we headed off for dinner and whiskey tasting with all the most stylish men in the UK in attendance who were all shooting the next day at The Worx Studio with epic photographer Joseph Sinclair

Carl Thompson x Paco Rabanne 1.jpg



Studio Photography by Joseph Sinclair

#EXCESSIVEME #PUREXS @pacorabanne @pacorabanneparfums