London Sock Company | Why these socks can make you cry

Believe me this is possibly the best gift you can send someone this Christmas. London Sock Company, a men's luxury fashion brand that focuses on creating beautifully packaged stylish socks and gift boxes, has now integrated an in-built audio-visual screen that plays a personalised message to the lucky recipient. 

I love this! Not only because you get to feel like Ethan Hunt being sent a Mission to accept, but it brings a little humanity back into Christmas.

Those little things that count for everything. When you open a gift and you know, someone has spent the time getting that, making that. There is thought, design, heart and time that has gone into that gift. Perhaps that's not something you necessarily associate with socks and accessories, but London Sock Company has completely changed the landscape on that. 

Your video can be up to 60 seconds long, and is simply recorded during checkout. (Full and easy step by step guide over on the website). 

Each box comes with 15 pairs of their most stylish socks, and if you're a bit camera shy then fear not worry, as model and investor David Gandy has already recorded a few words on there for you.

Not only does this inject emotion into a typically perfunctory present, but the recipient will also be able to brag about wearing the same socks adorned by a host of celebrity and high profile wearers such as David Gandy, Daniel Craig, Tom Hiddleston, The Rock, Samuel L. Jackson, to name only a few. 


*This sponsored post was created in collaboration with London Sock Company.