When searching for a luxury sock brand to stock at Hawkins & Shepherd, I wanted to take my time to bring you something a little bit different, yet would accompany my sartorial side.

There are some great British sock brands, all of which use quality materials - however they were all very same same or a bit too wacky for us. 

I came across CNYTTAN socks on instagram as their images stood out as exceptional, so I decided to dig deeper into this (at the time and for me) unknown brand.

Digging deeper I found out that CNYTTAN socks have been featured in editorials in GQ, Esquire, Arena, Men's Health and MAXIM magazines. If stylists are using this brand in their styled looks for all of these magazines then they must be exceptional quality and eye catching.

It feels great to bring this luxury, sartorial sock brand from South Korea into the UK via Hawkins & Shepherd. Their socks make a public statement rather than hiding behind impersonal anonymity.

For me socks are key to any outfit and especially formalwear. It is a small accessory which can transform an outfit effortlessly whether its bold colours, stripes or subtle tones. Their simple shapes, variety of attractive gentle hues, comfortable materials and classic designs together express the fusion of timeless and stylish values representative of our time.

What I love about these socks is the exceptional quality materials they use and the best quality build using hand linking. For those of you who are not familiar with that term, hand linking is a method of closing the toe seam by pairing together the stitches on either side, then linking them with a single thread to create a uniformly smooth and perfectly flat finish. The cheaper alternative is to overlock the seam which can often cause discomfort, particularly noticeable when a perfectly-fitting shoe is worn.

Knitted with the greatest care, CNYTTAN socks aim to deliver unequaled ingenuity and craftsmanship to discerning customers. The craftsmanship and constant attention to detail that is given to the product is never compromised and truly sets CNYTTAN apart in this day and age.