Heath Grooming Products | Fighting the Urban Sprawl

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Back in the Summer I spoke about one of my hero finds, Heath Skincare and Grooming products. I appreciate the value of a working family relationship and knowing that Heath was is run by a father-and-son duo, only further enamoured me towards the brand.

A quick sidebar on the father son thing. Think on how many hours you spend a week feeding what I call the virtual farm. As a public figure I have to dedicate a fair slice of my diary keeping up appearances on social media. Posting, replying, commenting, retweeting, thumbs up etc 

Which is fine, I don't mind. 

But how about you shave just five minutes off that time, can give your old man a call. You never know a call could lead to something, an idea could snowball and who knows, you could both be launching your own version of Heath someday. 

I digress. 

In just a few short months, Heath have now expanded the range to seven products – Face Wash, Cream Shave, Post Shave Repair, Moisturiser, Hair + Body Wash, Rescue: Hair + Body Wash, and Hand Salve – all of which fit into the modern man’s daily routine. 

I've also been mindful of this dreaded Blue Light that has been keeping me awake at night. I wrote about the cause and effects of Blue Light in another article. With that in mind I was pleased to discover the Heath Moisturiser has been formulated with Soliberine® NAT to help protect skin from Blue Light.

As an antidote to the mundanity of city sprawl, us men often pursue more natural environments for our headspace, and this includes our grooming choices.

HEATH has been formulated with high potency natural ingredients and new-generation actives (derived from naturals) in a range that’s ideally suited to the daily skin concerns of the modern urban man.